Season 2 Episode 7

The Sundance Kids

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 17, 2005 on HBO

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    Vince and the gang arrive at Sundance, eager to see the final cut of "Queens Boulevard" as well as to convince James Cameron to cast Vince in Aquaman. A chance encounter between Eric and Harvey Weingard, a studio big wig leads to an offer for Vince that is a safe alternative to "Aquaman," but Vince instead decides to take his chances and go for the superhero franchise. Although Cameron only sees about ten minutes of "Queens Boulevard," he decides to slot Vince in as his leading man. The episode started off very slow but finished strong with a deal with Vinces life of movie stardom finnaly being made.Vince is going to do Aquaman after a 7 episode story arch that had him going though so much. I wonder how they are going to do it this time - if we will see him making the movie or if they will skip foward the time a couple of months like they did the last time. For all we know the deal is going to fall apart in the next epsiode - who knows at this point. Either way I was glad to see them out of LA for a change and the epiosde did get comical after the first 10 minutes, which was very veyr boring. Solid episode from Entourage, exactly what you would expect to see from the show.
  • One of the best episodes of Entourage!

    This show is just going from strenght to streght. It was nice to see E take a chance and chuck the Australian flick with Aquaman.
    Ari was as good as ever, with awesome one liners and a snowball fight thrown in. It was great seeing the guys away from LA, and in the frigid Utah weather.
    The end sequence on the snowboards was perfect, unbridled joy.
    I hope we see some more development of the Aquaman plot, as well as some more of Shauna!
    Seeing the chemistry between the guys was amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Drama does in his audition with the Spanish Spielberg.
  • About time Aquabat got some action!

    Where did my heart go? Anyone see my heart? I think someone just stole my heart. (Corny, I know.) I can so totally not blame Turtle and Drama for trying to hit on the blonde chick from the Peace Corps. I\'d hop on a plane and go to Sudan if it meant I could spend one day with her. No joke.

    Seriously, Entourage episodes are too short. By the time the episode has ended I\'ve already forgotten about it because it\'s just too short to keep my thoughts focused. the only thing I remember afterwards are the childish jokes and the hot wimminz. I know that\'s sad.

    This episode scores a fat 8.9 on my cool spectrum, and you know why? 8 big points because the Aquabat plot has gotten some pepper thrown in his eye, and it\'s up and bouncing around! I hope the next, what, seven? episodes are centered around this, because the lack of a real plot is annoying me. Ghetto guy from Queens making it in the biz isn\'t what keeps me glued to the tube.
  • Proof of How Much I Dig This Show

    I am overjoyed for an actor that doesn't exist getting chosen for a movie that isn't being made.

    It's great to see a show that actually gives the characters what they want rather than building drama and comedy through with-holding and adversary.

    There was just so much to like about this episode. Even the easy-and-overdue Harvey Weinstein slap was passable in an episode with snowball fights, swords crossing (not only was that funny, but it's a perfect symbol of the amount of success and independence these characters have. The chicks fight over Vince, Eric gets the still-super-hot loser, and Drama and Turtle have to share a chick), and James Cameron.

    Oddly enough, I find that most of the show's tension comes from my anticipation of a shoe that probably won't drop. With other shows, its a given. Here, it's reflex and I just enjoy the relief of Vince getting the project instead of losing both the Australia flick AND Aquaman as well as Vince not getting injured on the slopes. Entourage is a show that knows itself so well that it doesn't have to become Greek tragedy because "hey, wouldn't that be neat".

    Now that Vince has Aquaman, the question now becomes, "what are they going to do with the six remaining episodes of this season?"

  • An important episode to Vinnie and the gang. Great visuals in the episode, and an important plot point revealed!

    Vinnie and the guys arrive at Park City for the Sundance Film Festival--where everyone has a screening of Vinnie\'s indie movie as the pivotal point in their future. The episode portrays everyone--from Vinnie to Eric to Ari and surprisingly, even the indie director--as calm but nervous. Then Eric bumps into someone important in the bathroom who eventually offers Vinnie a sure-fire thing.

    This person is a mirror image, surely, of a very familiar (and same-named) Hollywood big shot. This helps the episode to stay the course in skewering Hollywood personalities.

    Jeremy Piven again is given a chance to show off his acting abilities (as silly as they can be), where so far this season he has been somewhat limited in.

    Kevin Dillion again shows us how great he can be as an arrogant and off slightly stupid Johnny Drama: he attempts to play geography teacher.

    Turtle and Drama have a classic run-in that will surely provide some great laughs throughout the episode.

    The episode provides a bit of stress, a bit of warmth (Ari and Vinnie bond a bit, although indirectly) and of course keeps to its comedic and sarcastic roots.

    One of the best things about this episode is the producer\'s use of the environment: Park City is a great, beautiful little town, and this is reflected in this episode beautifully. Most startlingly is the end of the episode in which the use of the clouds--hanging below the mountains--helps inspire some awe (a metaphor, perhaps, of what occurs at the end of the episode).

    A great episode, that seals up a plot threat but reopens another. Piven gets to get back to his character\'s season 1 adolescent behavior, and Dillion cashes in another great performance.