Season 4 Episode 6

The WeHo Ho

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2007 on HBO

Episode Recap

The morning after "The Dream Team," Ari is talking to E as he is driving to work. E tells Ari that he and Vince don't want to do the movie with Walsh directing. He tells Ari to find a new director, but Ari says that he sold the studio on the "Medellin Package" and that if they say one part of the package is bad, the studio might question the merits of Medellin. E gets back to Drama's condo, and while he, Vince and Drama are eating breakfast, Turtle goes to the guys asking them if they want to drive out with them to see his cousin Ronnie about a business venture. When they were growing up, Ronnie was always the first on the block with new luxuries, but E and Vince are skeptical since Ronnie has had problems with the IRS. Turtle assures them it was because he didn't pay his taxes, but E and Vince decide to pass. Drama decides to go with Turtle, but to not expect him to part with any money. Ari arrives at the office to find a distraught and distracted Lloyd, whose boyfriend Tom has recently broken up with him. Lloyd's job performance is quite lacking; he misplaces a fax from Dana Gordon with Vince's offer on it, and forgets to tell Ari he had a meeting with Billy Walsh. In Ari's office, Walsh wants to know about the specifics of Ari representing him, but Ari tells him he needs to squash his beef with E first before they can proceed. When Walsh tells him E isn't picking up his calls, Ari has Lloyd call E and tell him to bring Vince to the office for a meeting; Lloyd is so distraught he can't even dial the phone. E and Vince get to the office; when E sees Walsh, he isn't very happy. However, Walsh confesses that he is there to call a truce. Apparently, after Walsh's editor posted a video of his girlfriend onto a pornographic site, she retaliated by posting the Medellin trailer to YouTube. He also says that he loved Lost in the Clouds, having read it four times, and that he would turn it into a great movie. He asks E if they can squash their beef, and although E is visibly unsure, he agrees on behalf of the movie. Ari then jokes with Lloyd, telling him to join their "group hug", but this send Lloyd over the edge. He breaks down, telling Ari that he needs to take a leave of absence. Ari is shaken, shouting to Lloyd "What will I do?!" as the elevator doors close on him. Meanwhile, Drama and Turtle are bickering on their way to Cousin Ronnie's. Drama's skepticism isn't helped when he sees the rundown hotel where Ronnie is staying. Once they get there, Ronnie explains his plan. He needs $50,000 to buy an authentic Sandy Koufax jersey because he believes the acclaimed pitcher is about to die. However, he can only raise $30,000 because the IRS has frozen his accounts. Turtle agrees to join his venture, but Drama is unsure. E, Vince, and Walsh are shown waiting for Dana Gordon in her office. Walsh is telling the two about some of his ideas when Dana's assistant comes into the room. She says she called Ari's office and asked if the meeting could be pushed back, but apparently the message was not received. Walsh becomes surly towards the assistant, but E is calmer and decided to call Ari to find out what happens. At Ari's office, Ari is displeased with his new assistant, who cannot even spell Murphy (E's last name) and forgot to tell Ari that the meeting was pushed back. Ari is so displeased that he decides to go get Lloyd back himself. Drama and Turtle, meanwhile, are still bickering on the way to the auction. Drama cannot fathom doing what Turtle is doing, but Turtle cannot turn his back on Ronnie because he has helped his mother out in times when even his father could not. Dana finally arrives at her office. Though she is apologetic, Walsh is still boorish and rude. They discuss the preliminaries of the movie; Walsh takes issues with what he believes is a low budget and says that he will write the script himself. He is also proclaims that he and Vince will take home Oscars for Medellin, as well as needles E. While he is using the bathroom, Dana reveals that she thinks he is rude and arrogant, but that she "kind of likes him". Ari gets to Lloyd's condo and pleads with Lloyd to come back to work over the intercom. Ari tells Lloyd the best way to get over a breakup is to throw himself into his work, but Lloyd reveals work was the reason Tom broke up with him. However, Lloyd is still devastated and says that he will go back to work only when Tom comes back to him. At the auction, Drama is now on the fence about the idea. He asks Turtle is he can hold the bidding paddle, but Turtle refuses, since Drama doesn't want in on the venture. Drama changes his mind and decides to get in on the plan. However, Ronnie, after speaking with his father (the one who told him that Sandy was dying) has a change of heart and decides to leave the auction. Drama decides to pick up Ronnie's original share in the plan. After the meeting, Walsh, E and Vince decide to go their separate ways, but not before Walsh gets a last dig in at E. Vince notices that E is upset, and E tells him that he really doesn't want to do the movie with Walsh. Ari goes to Finish Line to try and convince Tom to take Lloyd back. However, Tom drops a bombshell on Ari, telling him that Lloyd cheated on him, and that was the reason for him being dumped, not his work hours. Ari decides to cover for him, telling Tom that Lloyd was with him on the night in question at the Bourne Ultimatum premiere. Tom is relieved at this news. However, Ari is upset at Lloyd, but tells him that he will stick to the story if Lloyd gets back to work. Drama and Turtle are shown to have won the auction, although they paid $12,000 more than they had planned. As they go to pay, they find out that it is not Sandy isn't the one who is sick, but his dog. Drama tells Turtle that he is going to kill Cousin Ronnie. Lloyd is seen back at the office, talking to Tom tenderly on the phone. In Ari's office, Ari is berating E for advising Vince to walk away from the movie. E decides not to produce and will just go back to managing; however, as Vince's manager, he feels Vince shouldn't do the movie. He thinks Walsh's best years are behind him and that he messed up Medellin. Vince thinks about it and decides he will in fact do the movie. As Ari celebrates, Vince tries to talk to E, but the latter is still upset.