Season 4 Episode 6

The WeHo Ho

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2007 on HBO

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  • Providing a sweet contrast between the usual predictable, and the unpredictable predictable.

    Just as with most episodes, we can divide this one up in two parts. The E and Vince half, and the half with Turtle and Drama. And a little part with Ari. Kinda like South Park's half man half bear half pig. That's one and a half of content. Turtle and Drama's role was predictable as usual. Turtle has a business venture, Drama tags along. Eventually Drama gets carried away by Turtle's enthousiasm and they both lose. Doesn't really matter cause they seem to have an endless flow of cash, even though Vince is not the wealthiest of men, not in recent times.

    Then there's E and Vincent. And Walsh. And Medillin. And Lost in the Clouds. All the usual jabba jabba where Walsh and E have their little pissing contest to see who's best, and Vince ends up going with what he feels is the right choice. Which obviously isn't. We all know Medillin is going to suck and Vince is going to go downhill. What fun would a show be with a sucesful star? A lot of fun, but I don't think the top boys at the network realize this.

    Loved Ari's scene with Lloyd and his boyfriend though. I somehow have the feeling something like this has happened before, but I can't exactly remember when. Might have been a deja vu. Loved it, especially the way he lied his way into getting Lloyd back.

    Great episode. Nothing original, but Entourage doesn't need that lame word to make it enjoyable.
  • Billy Walsh Die. Plz?

    I still hate Billy Walsh. Not even worth talking about at this point. This show always seperates into three parts - Drama and Turtle go off to try and buy an expensive investment which turns right around and blows up in their face like we have all come to expect when either of those two does something that seems like a "good idea". Ari and Floyd made this episode really good. Those were the funniest moments of the episode for me and I love watching the two of them on camera. Ari helps Floyd get back on the job after his boyfriend breaks up with him. Vince and Eric have an altercation that breaks up the dream team that we had in the last episode but instead of Billy Walsh being on the outs Eric is now on the outs. I don't think that the new movie is ever going to be made so I'm not worried about having to go through Walsh as a director again.
  • A great episode with some interesting and funny moments.

    This episode is what I will call average - for this show. And by this show I mean, is that the average standard is a bit higher than normal. Once again Entourage manage to deliever great entertainment. I am huge Ari Gold fan and I think this episode means a lot in the relationship between Ari and his wonderful assistant - Lloyd. It is nice to see that Ari cares for Lloyd even though it is mainly because he needs his assistance at work - but still nice to see Lloyd is important to him!
    Drama and Turtle's crazy adventure of this episode is not that great though. I saw it coming all the way. Drama is trying to be the wise man by not going in on the plan, but can't stand the temptation and end up wasting a lot of money while Turtle and his cousin gets out of it. Anyways, this episode is decent and I think it was nice to see Billy as a reasonable and normal humanbeing.
  • Lloyd's a cheater!

    Ari and Lloyd definitely made this episode, even though the other storylines were progressed along nicely. For the first time, Ari shows that he actually cares about Lloyd, and will go to ends to make sure he stays as Ari's assistant. Great character development, and it made for an interesting, humourous storyline. Billy and E make up, if you can call it that, and helps Vince's storyline progress, as we finally get insight into his next picture, while still keeping us on the wait to see how Medellin favours. The conflict between E and Vince on the final product of Medellin creates an atmosphere of suspense, as it keeps viewers attentive for the moment they can see who was right about the quality of the film.
  • Ari tries to help Lloyd while Eric has problems working with Billy.

    It was really great to finally see Ari at his finest when he has been quite absent from a lot of the episodes this season. Him helping out Lloyd with his relationship was absolutely hysterical. I really love the whole Ari Lloyd dynamic it cracks me up. I definitely don't like the way Eric is acting. His job is to help Vince and he is too worried about himself to do that. While I may agree that Billy could have already peaked, it is up to him to make that a rational decision and not one he is making because he and Billy don't get along that well. I think that Eric being so persistantly negative about Billy is going to come around and bite him in the end.