Season 3 Episode 9

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 06, 2006 on HBO

Episode Recap

The guys are hanging out at home and Turtle is talking about a deal where Vince can get $100,000 just to show up at a party in Vegas. Seems like a hard deal to pass up, and following Vince's negative statement to all of Hollywood reciently, everyone thinks it is in their best interest.

At first, Drama is considering to stay home because he starts filming his pilot soon and he wants to stay rested. However, once Vince reminds Drama of his favorite masseuse, Ken at the Hard Rock, Drama breaks down and decides to join them. Everyone gives Drama a hard time for letting a man give him a massage, but Drama states that a real massage needs real stronge hands and isn't sexual at all.

A quick call to Ari, the boys not only try to pass off a quick road trip to Vegas, but they want him to come with ("we could use a chaperone"). Despite Ari's plans to go to the theater with his wife and his mother-in-law, he quickly decides to go to Vegas instead.

As the boys pull up to the Hard Rock, Ari is on the phone with his wife stating he was kidnapped. His new partner, Barb, also gives him a call and a hard time about not treating his clients right by running off to Vegas. Ari plays it cool, stating that Vince is a high priority.

Walking onto the casino floor, Drama is quick to hand Vince five bucks. This is a tradition that everytime they boys went to Atlantic City, they used to start the day by placing five bucks on red. Winning means they will have a good weekend. Losing... well.. Vince never loses. The tradition holds true as red 16 comes in. Hearing of Vince's lucky ways, Ari decides to go "halves" on his stack today.

Only a few steps away, they guys run into Seth Green and his entourage. A quick round of introductions, and Seth is quick to ask E how Sloan is doing. Seth askes for a favor of Eric, to tell Sloan "What up?". Eric agrees and the boys go their separate ways. On the way to the room, Eric is complaining about Seth's continual mentioning of Sloan everytime they bump into each other. The boys are trying to tell Eric he is just a jealous guy, but Eric only denies it.

Entering the room, the $100,000 is setup just like Turtle's deal promised. However, it seems there's more to it than just showing up at a party. There's drinks with contestants and duties to judge a beauty contest, "Queen of the Strip." Eric and Ari go out to check on the beauty contest, while Drama changes into a robe for his massage.

Vince and Turtle head down to the blackjack tables and Vinny decides to turn the entire $100,000 into chips, giving ten percent to Turtle for commission.

E and Ari find the "Queen of the Strip" contest, and it turns out to be a stripper contest. Ari may be concerned with hurting Vince's image, but that doesn't stop him from getting a cocktail.

Drama has found his way to the RockSpa and compliments Ken on losing a few pounds. Drama also has a package of California almonds for Ken, remembering from last time he was in town that Ken said he couldn't find a "decent almond in the desert." Ken is amazed Drama remembered the detail, but Drama claims he has an elephant's brain and remembers everything.

A quick update on Vince and Turtle shows Vince is gambling like the chips mean nothing, as both of them seem to be rolling in winnings as the large crowd behind them cheers as another hand is dealt. E and Ari continue to check on the strippers, and Eric gets a text message that Vince is up $2500. Ari offers to buy another round of drinks, since he's up $1250.

Drama is mid-massage, and his complimenting Ken on his great work. He tells Ken he wants to lock him down for the rest of the day, and tells Ken it's "cause I don't want these hands touching anyone but me."

Another update of Vince shows a much different scene. The crowd is gone, along with the stacks of chips in front of Vince. Eric and Ari catch up with them to inform them that Turtle has signed Vince up for a stripper contest. Turtle's excited, but Ari and E suggest he cancels by giving back the money. Problem is that Vince has already lost the money. This comes as a concern to Ari since he's in it for half, but this only reminds Vince he's only down fifty grand. Turtle is up $1200, stating he's hoping to get up $2000 to get a "high class ho." Vince reassures Ari that it's not a loss until you leave Vegas and tells Ari that he'll win it back soon enough.

On the way to the meet-and-greet with the strippers, Seth Green makes another appearance. He's asking E if he's forwarded his message to Sloan yet. E tells him he hasn't yet and blows him off. This sparks a conversation over drinks as to what Seth is trying to say. Eric thinks Seth is claiming to have slept with Sloan before, despite Eric feeling assured he knows everyone Sloan has been with. Eric and Sloan have exchanged "lists," but this doesn't convince Vince because he thinks that everyone leaves some people off their "list." (Well, except Eric). Eric runs off to call Sloan.

Ari is only concerned with getting his money back and wants Vince to get back in the casino. When the strippers do show up, Ari quickly gets Vince to step out, leaving all the strippers with Turtle.

Back to Drama mid-massage, Drama is asking Ken about his girlfriend while Ken is working Drama's leg.

Ken breaks the news that she just moved out. Drama says he has just the thing for him: Guys Night Out. Ken says he doesn't usually socialize with clients, but Drama is offended because he hoped Ken considered him more than just a client.

On the phone with Eric, Sloan tells him that Seth is "so annoying." She claims that they were on a teen tour together and that he was obsessed with her. When asked if they dated, she clearly says "no."

Turtle is with the strippers poolside, telling the contestants that his vote is 100 percent for sale.

Vince continues to gamble and continues to lose. He decides to stop because you can't force the cards. Ari and Vince are now down $110,000.... each. Vince tells Ari to try for awhile and to not go too crazy because he doesn't want to lose more than 500 grand today.

E, Vince and Turtle are back at the hotel room and Eric is telling them what Sloan said. Vince and Turtle are surprised that Eric is so calm with Seth, saying that "the old E" would have gone after Seth by now.

Drama returns from the massage and tells the boys that Ken will be joining them for dinner. Turtle says he's starting to worry about him because he doesn't wanted strippers around because of his "gay masseuse." Drama stands up for Ken, stating he's not gay and would make a run at the strippers if so allowed.

Next we see Ken, Drama and Turtle at the party, and Ken describes how he still dreams to make it into the NFL. Drama then tells Ken's story of how he was superstar at U of A, second round draft pick, and rattles off numerous football stats about him. Ken blew out his knee and hasn't played since. Ken is further amazed at Drama's memory of him.

The strippers show up to the party, followed shortly by Seth Green and his crew. Eric says he's still cool, and he continues to be.

An update of Ari at the blackjack table shows him cursing out the cards and asking for another marker.

Back at the party, Ken is finishing off a story about him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and a line he used on a girl. Once he excusing himself, Turtle admits to Drama that Ken's a cool guy. E and Vince head to the bar and bump into Seth Green once again. Seth again asks Eric about the message for Sloan, which Eric responds that she says "What up" back. Seth seems shocked that she didn't say anything else, and asks E to say "What up" back. Eric is clearing getting annoyed with the game, but continues to play cool. Drama askes if they're going "to battle," but Eric assures him they're not going to battle.

With this, Drama is getting a kink in his neck and is thinking about getting Ken to work out the tension. Turtle warns him that he better hurry up because Ken is seen working the shoulders of some girl at the party. Turtle tells the guys the girl is Amber, and that he has a deal with her if she wins the contest. Vince warns Turtle he can't vote based on deals he made with certain girls, but Turtle informs them he has a deal with all of them.

Drama goes up to Ken and breaks up his rub down he was giving Amber.

The rest of them go out to meet Ari, who is a gambling wreck. Vince and him are now down $270,000, but Vince is confident he'll win it back. Vince asks for another $100,00 marker.

Drama and Ken are heading back to the spa, only to find it closed for the evening. Ken recommends they just meet up in the morning, but Drama insists he needs a rub down and suggests going back to his room.

At the blackjack table, Vince is dealt 8-8. He splits his $75,000 bet, making a total bet of $150,000. Another 8 falls, causing Vince to split a second time. The hands fill in with an 18, 17, and 11. Following good blackjack strategy, he double-downs the 11, making the total wager of $300,000 after all splits and doubles. The only other player at the table decides to split his K-K, and made two sets of twenties. Turns out to have been a good idea because the dealer would have made blackjack after showing 11. Instead, a three and then a ten falls, causing the dealer to bust and paying out $300,000 to Vince.

Back at the hotel room, Ken reminds Drama that he doesn't have his massage table with him. Drama says that it's ok and they can just use the bed. When Drama goes to get changed, Ken is clearly confused at the signals that Drama has been giving him. After some mental debating, he decides to strip off his clothes and jump into Drama's bed, thinking Drama is looking for some "action." Drama comes back and is dumb-founded. Ken tells Drama he's never thought of a man this way, but if this is what he needs, fuck it. Drama storms out of the room.

The "Queen of the Strip" contest is about to begin and the guys are still riding their high from the blackjack earnings. Once again, they run into Seth Green and his crew. When asked about the "What Up" messages, Eric is clearing fed up and tells Seth that once was enough. Eric tells Seth that he doesn't want Sloan thinking that he's still obsessed with her anymore. Seth tells Eric that it was the other way around and that Sloan was obsessed with him. After a smart ass Jackson Pollock reference, Eric has had enough. Drama throws the first punch and an all out fight breaks out between the two crews. Ari comments to Vince that this should be good for his image.
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