Season 3 Episode 9

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 06, 2006 on HBO

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  • Vince and the gang head to Vagas for a 10,000 dollar promotion

    I thought this episode was hands down the best of the season, Its about time they do a Vegas Episode! everything in this episode was just really funny!
    Drama and his little incedent with Kent was classic! Thats something The gang will never let him live down and The fight in the end!! Kevin Dillon actually broke his hand shooting that scene!
    I do think that the show should start focusing more on Vince getting a new project, right now it seems like his Tom Cruise, just hated by everyone in Hollywood. And When are they going bring back Turtles rapper?
  • Vince and crew (including Ari) go to Vegas on a Wednesday. Drama has a man-crush on his male massuese. Turtle judges a stripper contest. Ari has a gambling problem. E is irked by Seth Green vis-a-vis Sloane. Vince, as always, is cool cucumbers.

    In a typical "Vegas" episode, there's glitz and glamour to distract from the absence of soul. There's a lot of T&A from the stripper contest. There's a fight. And there's gambling. The only worthwhile thing is Johnny Drama and his man-crush on his massuese. Ari isn't funny in this episode (he usually is). There's no real tension, character development, or plot. I dig Entourage as a series, and liked the last episode, but this Vegas episode is a clear miss.
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    I liked seeing our boys in Vegas, I think that Vegas is the perfect town for some of the things that the guys get into. I loved the fight scene at the end, with Drama coming from out of nowhere and simply knocking heads across the Vegas room floor.

    The scenes with Eric + Vince were good, taking an episode off from Vinces carrer seemingly going nowhere at the moment. Ari at the blackjack tables stole the episode, like he always tends to do in most of the season 3 episodes. Turtle scenes were actually not bad this episode - with him making plans with several of the strippers that Vince had to judge. Dramas small part with his massage guy was horrible, but the ending made it all worth the while. Fantastic episode of Entourage overall, the best since the first two episodes of the season.
  • To escape the image problems Vinny faces in Hollywood, the gang decides to "kidknapp" Ari and take off to Las Vegas. Turtle has also booked Vince a gig during their stay in Vegas; along with $100,000, the gig has great benifits.

    This episode was long awaited for me, I love to see the guys kicking back and having a good time. And what better place to have this episode than Las Vegas. The job Turtle has booked Vince, quickly becomes the focus of the episode, especially since the job is to judge a "beauty contest" called "Queen of the STRIP"...you make the connection. Ari and Eric split from the crew to go...let's say "check out" to show and eventually decide to tell Vince to cancel. Little effort was made in order to convince Vinny to actually cancel though, Vinny quickly lost the $100,000 at the blackjack table and that means bad news for Ari. When the boys first got to Vegas, Ari and Vince entered into a gambling partnership which left Ari responsable for 50k.
    Seth Green makes a re-guest appearance with a much larger role this episode. Seth Green, remember asked Eric "how Sloan was" by the pool at Tori's Hotel, again asks Eric if he talked to Sloan for him. Even after Sloan says they have never dated, Seth still tries to imply that Sloan and himself had an intimate relationship.
    Drama made the entire trip to Vegas solely with intentions of getting a massage from his "great maseusse". Ken, the maseuse, ends up coming to dinner with the guys. This episode concludes with all three mini-storylines coming together with a fist fight at the bar the striping contest is being held.
    This episode was great and I really enjoyed seeing Vince relax for a change. It seems like he has been under an insange amount of stress since the opening of Aquaman. Eric gained alot of respect this episode, but not as much as Drama did with that right jab he through at Seth Green and his friend. The Drama-Ken dynamic was hilarious and the entire episodes soundtrack was off the hook.