Season 3 Episode 9

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 06, 2006 on HBO

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    I liked seeing our boys in Vegas, I think that Vegas is the perfect town for some of the things that the guys get into. I loved the fight scene at the end, with Drama coming from out of nowhere and simply knocking heads across the Vegas room floor.

    The scenes with Eric + Vince were good, taking an episode off from Vinces carrer seemingly going nowhere at the moment. Ari at the blackjack tables stole the episode, like he always tends to do in most of the season 3 episodes. Turtle scenes were actually not bad this episode - with him making plans with several of the strippers that Vince had to judge. Dramas small part with his massage guy was horrible, but the ending made it all worth the while. Fantastic episode of Entourage overall, the best since the first two episodes of the season.