Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to the Jungle

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 17, 2007 on HBO
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A behind-the-scenes documentary about the filming of Medellín in Bogota, Colombia. Billy and Eric clash on the set about keeping the film on track. Billy becomes attracted to an actress which ends up disrupting the production. Drama tries to get Billy to give him a part in the film.moreless

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  • Season Four Starts off slow...

    The last time Vince did a big film we skipped the entire duration of his filming. When he was having problems doing one movie we got to see them acted out of the screen. In this episode the ten week production of his new movie was shown in a documentary style with behind the scenes interviews with problems from the set with Billy Walsh and all that. It was a different, change it up style, but it didn't work for me. I thought some of the interviews felt forced, like no one would have ever question about certain things. The show wasn't really funny. Drama continues to be the same, boring character he has always been. Always asking for a job and never getting someone to give it to him. Reminds me of Lucy from 'I Love Lucy' which is not why I turn to watch Entourage when it comes out on DVD. I have heard season 4 is by far the worst season ever and this is a pretty rough start though I'm trying to be as objective as possible.moreless
  • Filmed as a documentary while Eric attempts to produce Medellin battling against Billy Walsh's stubborn attitude and hopeless crush

    The boys are back! Well kinda as this episode focuses not on the boys traditional return to LA but in Colombia where they are filming Medellin. Since this show is supposed to be about an actor it always seemed a little odd (though understandable) to never see Vince actually film anything. The documentary style of the episode was great in allowing us to fly through the 6 months of production seeing all the drama and none of the boring stuff!

    Things I liked:

    Eric producing- he fit really well into the role

    Ari's commentary from the safety of his office

    Turtle being "Vince's Assistant"

    Drama managing to get into the movie's final scene whilst still being successful back home

    The fact that Billy didn't actually manage to sleep with the girl- was a lot less clichéd.

    The movie scenes were amazing. It would be an excellent movie if it was real!

    Nicky Rubenstein arrested for trying to smuggle cocaine into Colombia

    Things I didn't like:

    I'm not a huge Billy Walsh fan so having him dominate the episode wasn't the best for me

    Vince's costume just looked ridiculous

    Not enough Turtle and Dramamoreless
  • Medellin? Do your homework, please.

    I’m a big fan of Entourage, please keep that in mind.

    Anyway they get it all wrong this time, no research, no investigation, all they know about Medellin and Escobar seems to be that Escobar used to live in Medellin.

    OK, Vince seems like Escobar, so the make up was great, but what about the little town? It looks like a ghost town from Mexico or something… You can ask yourselves this question: Why a man with all that power and money will live in a town like that?

    Just use google search for images about Medellin or Bogota (where the movie was “Filmed”) and you will see great cities, filled with cars, buildings, shopping malls, highways, etc. and no horses or other animals hanging around.

    I had the pleasure to know these two cities, and for sure I’m disappointed with their point of view about them.moreless
  • Not what you'd expect from an otherwise high-quality tv production as Entourage.

    This has to be one of the oldest and most widely used cliches in Hollywood. You would think that by now writers and studios would stop using it. When supposedly filming in Colombia, this episode shows what can only be described as a third-world hellhole, a country living in the dark ages, with streets full of peasants walking barefoot, dirt, and old beat-up cars. Not only is this a gross misrepresentation of 1980s and early '90s Colombia, but also a historical inaccuracy from the point of view of the Pablo Escobar story.

    On the other hand, Entourage does try to portray modern-day Hollywood. Having said that, it is not surprising that this episode contains such a historical aberration. However, you would have expected a litle more research and work from the Entourage production team. I am surprised that Sofia Vergara participated in this.moreless
  • Awesome start on the 4th season!

    After watching season 3 - which was awesome - I found it hard to see how season 4 should follow up on it. But after watching the season premiere I am very positively surprised. It was great to see Billy taking a bigger part in an episode and I think it was interesting to see so much from the set - compared to how little we saw of Queens Boulevard.

    I am not sure if I liked the documentery-thing, but I can live with that and maybe more Ari would have been nice - but I'm sure we will see more to him in the upcoming season. Jeremy Piven for the win! ;)

    Anyways, great start and I am looking forward to the rest of season 4 - even more than I expected.moreless

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    • This is the first episode in the history of the series to have a cold opening.

    • Although credited, Perrey Reeves does not appear in this episode.

    • Music: "Asi Son Mis Dias" by Control Machete; "Oye Mami" by Malverde; "El Basito" by Los Corralles; "Mi Placa" by MC Azucar; "The Voice" by Harry Gregson-Williams; "Apertura" by Gustavo Santaolalla; "Lima" by Gustavo Santaolalla; "No Pregunten" by TNS; "En Baranquilla Me Quedo" by Joe Arroyo; "Song for Jordan" by Del Castillo; "De Mis Huella" by Incantation; "Suave Bruta" by Joe Arroyo; "La Salida De Lima" by Gustavo Santaolalla; "She Loves Everybody" by Chester French

    • Debi Mazar no longer appears in the opening credits.

    • This is the first episode that Perry Reeves appears in the opening credits. She is now a series regular.


    • Title: The title of the episode also comes from a movie called Welcome to the Jungle, which also goes by the name The Rundown, made in 2003, starring The Rock. It is about a tough aspiring chef hired to bring home a mobster's son from the Amazon but becomes involved in the fight against an oppressive town operator and the search for a legendary treasure.

    • Title: "Welcome to the Jungle" is the name of one of the most revered hard rock hits of all time by the group Guns N' Roses, and it appeared on their 1987 album Appetite for Destruction. It was written by Axl Rose and Slash in Seattle, and describes Los Angeles, though the inspiration came from an event in New York City. According to Rose, he and a friend were hitchhiking and a homeless man tried to scare them by saying "You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby, you're gonna die!"