Season 8 Episode 4

Whiz Kid

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 14, 2011 on HBO

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  • Whiz Kid


    After last week's ending with Ertz's suicide Vince is wanted to take a drug test to prove he wasn't using anything on Ertz's premises. As it turns out they may have a problem as Vince took a few puffs out of a joint a few weeks ago to test if he was an addict and proved to himself that he wasn't so now they have to find a way to detox him otherwise he'll more than likely go to jail or rehab again. Ari continues his romance with Dana Gordon and does a scumbag move of going to the restaurant owned by the guy who is seeing his wife and Dana says that she has never regretted being with him until just then. Ari also screws up couples therapy for his wife and himself by being late and she leaves him there for a change. Mrs Ari is jealous when she finds out that Ari was seen with Dana Gordon and reveals her suspicions of their involvement even to when they were still together. Vince seeks out Billy's hope in lieu of his impending drug test at his parole officer's behest and Billy gets him set up with a fake penis that pours out clean urine from it to fool the drug administrator. In the end Vince passes the drug test without fail and E played Papa Eric and chided Vince for resorting to "bad choices" but now they can get back to worrying about Drama's now set up tv movie and Vince's next movie or whatever.

  • too short


    only 25 minutes..no wonder fanof thought it flew by..this episode was written by turtle with help from doug ellin..does anyone else besides me think doug ellin and his protege ally mousaka are getting it on..most definitely..the fake pee instrument is so 10 years ago..what is last decade called..we got the 60's,70's,80's,90's..what is this decade called, the teensies?..well at the end all is good in entourage world..where do they go from here..is dice clay comming back to johnny bananas

  • 804


    Probably the best episode of the season thus far, because they actually got me to laugh at a line during the broadcast. Johnny got me when he said that he took steroids for wrestling, just to beef up for the tryouts.

    For the most part it was the same old Entourage, but the episode seemed to fly by and they actually had an interesting storyline with Vince using a prosthetic organ to pass his drug test. Not exactly the most moral thing, but these are not exactly your regular TV heroes.

    Ari's marital troubles are really not interesting me at all though. That's an arc I would love to see the show cut down on.

    But Entourage, I have to admit, you really were not bad tonight.