Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 5

Ally's Secret

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 13, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The leader of the bike gang that Marty and George give a poster of the wanted kids to another bike gang. They reprimand the leader for not being able to hold their own territory. Then the other bike gang members get ready to ambush Marty and the gang. Meanwhile, Marty and the others get the boxed off George, but he is injured very badly. Ally removes a wire in his knee safely and temporarily repairs George. When George asks her where she learned to do that, she keeps it a secret. Meanwhile, Gaff has returned to the Eon Family training dojo and falls into a trap. He removes the trap and unlocks the dojo with his sword. Back to the General's forces, Dr. Chen is not very happy about Black Beauty's failure. Scar confronts her and almost begins a fight, but Dr. Chen stops them, telling them that Marty's capture is the first priority. Back at the truck, Marty and the others stop for the night and everyone but Marty falls asleep. Marty has a flashback about what Charlie said when he looks at what he gave to Marty. Ally then awakens and reveals information regarding Duke von Rhymer. Meanwhile, von Rhymer arrives at Area 17 and proceeds to take a look at the progress of the revival of the Gigantor. Von Rhymer is impressed at the progress but gets angry upon hearing Ally's name. Morning arrives and the Bullybots spot Marty. George leaves the truck and looks on Marty and ponders his destiny when the bike gang arrives to take them down. They surround the truck and surprise Ally and Buttons. George takes off while Marty hangs off the ruined building. While some bikers chase the truck, the leader of the bike gang that was defeated by George chases Marty up the ruins, and Marty is able to escape after sending the leader down. He slides down a ruined pipe and takes out 2 bikers on his landing. The gang escape and Marty takes out some bikers, first by detaching the last cargo hold, then jumping over a rock bridge, and then using a rope to send bikers back. Buttons begins to get worried and Ally manages to close the hatch, leaving just enough time for Marty to get in, but Buttons bites his hand. The other leader tries to trap them at the bridge leading to Orange Valley, but George manages to get it over just enough for them to get off safely. The other bikers chasing them leave the scene while the others look on. Suddenly a yellow mist appears on the ground and the gang gets knocked out. Marty finally sees the Orange Brothers before getting knocked out. The robots leave George behind and put the kids in a cell in Orange Valley. Buttons awakens to see a leash on him. Marty manages to free himself from the chains with his strength and then frees the others. Meanwhile, Orange Mama relishes over the capture of the kids but refuses to hand them over for the gil. Back at the cell, Marty manages to break down the door to see some security robots. Marty manages to take them out, but Orange Mama sends Spark, and it stuns Marty, knocking him unconscious. They separate him and Orange Mama decides to put him in the competition, spicing up the days of competition with Marty's special powers. Orange Mama begins sulking over von Rhymer's taking some parts of the desert and vows to get back at him for taking her property.
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