Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 9

Escape From the Orange Valley

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 03, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Sticks knocking out Toa and taking Marty back to his cell. Back at CDF headquarters, Kelly briefs Chief Gibson on the situation: the CDF will block off every road and inspect any vehicle that goes to and from the Iron Tower. Back in Orange Valley, the leader defeated by George laments over Toa's defeat and is being carried off by some of the other bikers and the Bullybots. The bikers discover the Bullybots' true identities, and the Bullybots impede the bikers' advance and escape by throwing Toa toward them. At one of the blockades, the CDF forces stop an oncoming truck and prepare to inspect it when they are ambushed by some ninjabots. Thanks to some axe fighter bots and Black Beauty, they are able to crush the CDF forces and get past the blockade. Back in his cell, Marty tries to activate the Fist of Eon's power and have him transform. He partially succeeds in getting the Fist to cover his arm but does not do any more. He then gets a surprise visit from Orange Mama and her guards. She compliments him on having very good fighting skills and leaves Marty shivering. Marty decides to follow them via the ventilation shafts. As Marty is about to drop down, he overhears a conversation between the ring announcer and the Orange Mama. Orange Mama then gives instructions to turn Marty and the gang over to von Rhymer and make sure to take the Fist off Marty's arm. When Marty hears this, he gasps in horror and decides to make his move to escape from Orange Valley. Meanwhile, Ally asks Jenny about the battles and hears that Marty might be dead after this final battle and Ally begins to worry about finding a way to escape. Meanwhile, Marty decides to make his move soon so he can free Ally and Buttons and escape but then is interrupted by the guards escorting him to the waiting room. As they walk, Marty gets a survey of his surroundings and begins to formulate a plan to escape. While Ally, Buttons, and Jenny are playing hide-and-seek, the ring announcer talks to Tony about the battle with Marty but is freaked out by his aggressive behavior. In the waiting room, Marty patiently waits for his time to escape while Tony is already in the ring. While Marty waits, he hears water dripping from a sink. After the third drop, Marty takes out the guards in the room and readies himself to face the electric guardbot. He waits for the guardbot to make its move and successfully short-circuits him by smashing the faucet and opening a jet of water. Marty successfully escapes and begins his search for Ally and Buttons. Meanwhile in the ring, the ring announcer gets worried about the crowd, and Orange Mama sends her guards to find him and bring him to the ring. Marty makes it to Orange Mama's quarters and hears Buttons' voice. Ally sees Marty and proceeds to tell Jenny to be IT in hide-and-seek. While Jenny is counting, Ally and Buttons leave the room. Sticks sees the waiting room in a mess and the guards split up. Marty, Ally, and Buttons successfully escape Jenny and begin to find the exit. Ally leads the way there while Jenny realizes that Ally and Buttons escaped and goes to look for them. Marty and the gang find the exit underground and try to escape but are spotted and stopped by some guards. They run around the underground hallway and get stopped at a dead-end. They manage to hide by the door and get away unharmed. The Orange Brother that knocked out Marty and the gang reprimand the guards and begins to search for Marty himself. He hears Marty and Buttons talking and proceeds to capture them after Buttons insults him. They manage to trip him, and a chase ensues. Marty decides to isolate the guards after Buttons draws them to where he wants them. As the guard approaches and releases the gas, Ally turns on the fan and sends the gas back, blinding the other guards, which gives Marty enough time to knock out the guard with one punch. Back in the ring, the battle is called off, but Tony does not accept it and decides to look for him. What is Marty going to do when Tony finds him?