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Eon Kid not airing on 4Kids TV

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    [1]Jun 30, 2008
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    Because of the Kids' WB!/CW4Kids dropdown, I checked 4kidstv.com, for CW4Kids shows, and Eon Kid was nowhere to be seen, looks like the only CW4Kids shows will be: Chaotic, Ninja Turtles Fast Forward, and Yu-Gi-OH GX, I hope in mid-season they put Eon Kid in.
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    Well, the CW4Kids is still running, just that it's 4Kids! TV is doing their programming. I think Eon Kid may air its final episodes after the summer promotion for "The Dark Knight" because when Kids' WB! became the CW4Kids, the CW4Kids inherited the contract that Kids' WB! had originally with Manga Entertainment allowing the airing of Eon Kid, but we will see. Hopefully if I find any updates I will post it here. Meanwhile, if you really love Eon Kid, there's a DVD coming out mid-August of this year with the first 5 episodes of Eon Kid (not what I was expecting but it's better than nothing).
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