Eon Kid

The CW (ended 2008)


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  • This is a pretty good action-adventure show with good action scenes and interesting plots. The only problem with the show is the rather slow pace.

    I think this is a highly exciting action-adventure show, third in quality on Kids' WB only to Legion of Superheroes and The Batman. The plots and story arcs the show goes through are, at the very least, interesting, and it never feels repetitive or full of lame jokes. While the fight scenes are awfully slow, it manages to entertain with its plot development, always a tie-in to the episodes of both the previous and following weeks. It is much better then the pathetic excuses for shows that dominate children's television today. While at the beginning of its life as a show, Eon Kid has a few problems it will have to solve, but I am confident that it will, in future episodes and seasons, manage to conquer its flaws and provide quality entertainment for quite a while.