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  • An excellent CGI action series with an intriguing plot and incredible fight sequences

    This series is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember eagerly anticipating episodes of it weekly on Saturday mornings. Looking back on it now, it's definitely not perfect, but it's still without a doubt one of the best action series I've ever seen.

    The story follows a 12-year-old boy (I know the description says 11, but on the show itself you can confirm that he's around 12) and his dog buttons on their adventures in the far future. The boy, Marty, is the last surviving member of the eon family. His ancestor Eon sacrificed himself to defeat a tyrannical robot known as the General to end the 2nd Robot War. The mechanical fist, a machine with powerful abilities that Eon used to defeat the General, has been forgotten. The followers of the General have spent the last 100 years trying to rebuild the General so that once again robots can attempt to rule the world. In the meantime, Gaff, guardian of the Eon family, has been looking for the last heir to the fist. After meeting a teenage genius girl, Ally, Marty comes across the fist, and so the adventure begins.

    Plot: Eon kid's plot is surprisingly solid and is more complex than it appears at first. From the very first episode several different plot lines are introduced in the first episodes that are in actuality all connected to the central plot. Many different factions are involved, including the Eon family guardians, the General's followers, desert bandits, Oranga Mama's minions, bounty hunters, the Iron Tower staff, and the Government Central Defense Force, which all makes for an engaging story with a wide variety of characters.

    The pace is slow in the beginning but quickly picks up. Different plots unfold on screen withing the same episode, so it's very interesting. The story almost never feels like a loose string of fights, a trap some actions shows fall into, because the battles are integrated into the episode's story and feels natural. Even the parts where Marty is undergoing training is awesome because his training is just so cool. So yeah, not much to complain about here. Even the finale lived up to expectations, ending the series with a bang rather than a whimper, and giving everyone a chance to shine.

    Characters: In terms of cool and awesome characters with sick skills, the show has a lot to offer, ranging from the incredibly cool Steeljaw Jack to the agile agent Violet to the awesome Eon family Guardian Gaff, and many more. In terms of character depth the number is more limited. Marty's character arc is interesting, as he becomes more mature and responsible as the series progresses. His close friendship with Ally is developed very well. Ally herself was a really interesting character since she was a child prodigy who had been raised to carry out the plans of Duke Von Rhymer and thus had spent little of her life outside of the Iron Tower, where she lived. Her slow progress learning about the world around her as well as her terror of Rhymer, the man who trapped her her whole life, was done very well. Gaff was intriguing, and his strong sense of loyalty is displayed very well. from all the villains the one with the most depth was Khan, a warrior with a strong sense of honor and duty who genuinely believes he is on the right side, and whose philosophy I found interesting. His later rebellion against the General added to his character. A neat parallel was drawn between him and Gaff, both robots who were carrying out their duties but on different sides.

    Unfortunately, despite the many great personalities on the show, there were a few the show could have done without, namely Buttons and the three silly robots who try throughout most of the series to get Marty's fist. They often wasted time during episodes and I found myself skipping parts involving them. Buttons himself was annoying and was actually funny only rarely. The redeeming aspect of this group was how their subplot tied to Button's training from Master Zheng, but they were generally still pretty irritating.

    Action: The action in this show is incredible. It's easily one of its best aspects. The choreography of the action scenes are brilliant, and they are fast paced and really get you excited and involved. There are thankfully no long explanations on how each opponent fights, just awesome action. I've rewatched many of the fight scenes multiple times and they still thrill me. Episode 12 and 13 in particular have some of the best action in the series. What's also really interesting is that the show obviously draws from Asian martial arts and American boxing techniques when it comes to fight scenes involving those, it really adds to the action.

    Animation: Here the series doesn't shine as much as it does in other areas. The animation isn't bad, but it's not Pixar-quality either. It works really well for the robot characters (who have some sweet designs) but doesn't translate as well for the human characters, and at times the animation and sound accompanying it was a little off.

    Music: Pretty good, there were some tracks I really liked.

    So, overall, I highly recommend this show. It's not perfect and parts of it could be improved, but it's still a highly enjoyable watch that I come back to again and again.. Both young and old can enjoy it, so give it a try if you get a chance!
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