Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 12

The 10 Woodenmen

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 24, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

As Marty and Buttons walk through the hallway, Marty is fascinated by all the wooden men, but Buttons begins to think that no one is there so they should turn back. As Marty chides him for his cowardice, the floor under them suddenly collapses, and they fall into a seemingly bottomless pit. As they fall, Marty suddenly hears a voice, telling him to call upon the Fist of Eon to help him. Marty successfully activates the Fist and manages to fly upward to a protruding rock and hang on with one hand and holding Buttons in the other. As they hang there, Marty begins to wonder just who was it that told him to use the Fist. The voice tells him to look around for an exit and proceed. Marty finds an opening behind him, and after throwing Buttons towards it, activates the Fist again and sails toward the exit with Buttons. As they continue to walk, Buttons notices an old man standing in front of the door. Marty asks him where the Grandmaster is, and the old man points to the door. As Marty thanks him, he vanishes, along with Buttons. As Marty wonders what happened, Ally has been captured by Duke von Rhymer. He wants the revival of the Gigantor to proceed immediately, but the head scientist gives him the bad news: Ally does not want to revive the Gigantor. Von Rhymer loses his temper but calms a little when the head scientist proposes an idea that will get Ally to do it. Back in the training grounds, as Gaff watches over the training grounds, Marty enters the door in search of the Grandmaster and Buttons and comes across a weird machine. As he examines it, a wooden pole pops out, and the machine begins to work. Marty avoids the first couple but gets pinned to the wall as the mysterious voice he heard tells him that in order to receive the training, he must go around 100 times. As Marty complains about it, Buttons and the old man are inside the machine, running it on manpower. The old man watches as Marty tries to traverse around but stops after going around once. He gets serious and cranks the speed. Marty traverses around as best as he could but he falls short and collapses on the ground out of fatigue. The old man wakes Marty up with a knock on the head and continues to drill Marty on avoiding attacks. He gives Marty his first piece of advice: learn the enemy's movements and attacks and avoid them; attacking and counterattacking are secondary. Marty catches on quickly and in no time, goes around 99 times. The old man notices and is impressed and stops the machine after Marty's final lap around, wiping Buttons and Marty out. Marty proceeds through another hall and finds the old man again and asks him where the Grandmaster is. The old man points toward the door and vanishes again when Marty looks back. The old man complains as he hangs on the ceiling about tricks like this and is surprised when Marty finds him. He finally reveals to Marty that he is the Grandmaster. Marty does not believe it, and, as Grandmaster Zhang speaks, escapes and looks at the small statues that are in the center. As Grandmaster Zhang talks about the rigorous training, Marty finds another door and walks through it only to get beaten up by a wooden statue. With the two small statues in the center, Marty begins his training with Grandmaster Zhang, imitating the statues and building strength and agility. He fights wooden men trained in various types of martial arts while Grandmaster Zhang comments about the wooden men's indestructibility and tells Marty to find their weaknesses. He is also put through various tests, like running across wooden poles with weights in each of his hand, testing his balance, and deflecting heavy projectiles blindfolded, testing his reflexes. While Marty's training proceeds, Dr. Chen meets with Black Beauty and Scar, assigning them the mission of killing Marty and Gaff. At CDF headquarters, Chief Gibson dispatches their top commander, Captain Magnum, to find and make sure the General's forces do not wreak any havoc. As Marty continues his training with the wooden men, Gaff finds that some of the General's soldiers are approaching the training grounds and moves to stop them. He defends the dojo from both Scar and Black Beauty, dealing with all kinds of attacks, whether it is a double-sided, projectile, or formation attack. He manages to rid the soldiers and deals with Scar and Black Beauty. As Marty passes the second to last test, Gaff begins to tire out but still stands and continues to fight the two loyal soldiers of the General. Marty proceeds to the final test with the armor as Grandmaster Zhang tells him of the final test, revealing to Marty that not even his father passed this test, only his ancestor Eon passed it. As the door opens, Marty gazes up in awe at the giant wooden statue that he has to defeat. Will Marty pass the final test and be worthy of the Fist of Eon?