Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 8

The Fight Goes On

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 27, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

After his surprise victory over Ssampac, Marty wakes up with a huge headache and tries to get up but finds out that he's all covered with armor. He manages to walk over to the mirror and realizes it. Jenny walks in and makes fun of Marty's look, and then Marty sees Ally's broach and demands how she got it. A chase ensues and Marty ends up on the floor. The Orange Brothers come in and defends Jenny from Marty's threats, leaving Marty frightened. Back at CDF headquarters, Kelly tells Chief Gibson that the axe belongs to Scar, and the sword found near the Iron Tower belongs to Black Beauty, leaving Kelly clueless as to how Chief Gibson knows about this. Back in Orange Valley, Marty then realizes that the armor probably came out from the Fist of Eon and tries to find a way to remove it when he suddenly shifts to the broach. Marty thinks that Jenny stole it from Ally and tries to find a way to help her. He sees a ventilation shaft in the ceiling and decides to go up there and try to find Ally and Buttons after making sure that the guard outside his cell is not paying attention. Meanwhile, the ring announcer compliments Orange Mama's decision to put Marty in the Grand Wrestling Championship, but Orange Mama is not listening to what he is saying but rather is pondering about how she found a fighter like Marty and is the legend of the Fist of Eon true when Jenny comes in and requests that Ally and Buttons be brought to her room so she can play with them. Orange Mama allows it and sends the Orange Brothers to escort them. While Marty is in the shaft, looking for Ally and Buttons, Orange Mama goes into her secret library and discovers that he has the legendary Fist of Eon attached to his arm. Marty gropes his way around the shaft and hears Buttons' voice. Marty finds them and decides to follow them from above but is stopped when Sticks sends a puck up the shaft. Orange Mama welcomes Ally and Buttons when they arrive but tells Ally not to try and escape or else Marty might be hurt. Marty manages to return to his cell without the guard knowing and starts to think about making his move to escape. Meanwhile, Mr. Flowers is getting his robot, Number 5, fixed up. The mechanic goes on a rant when Mr. Flowers sees the wrestling poster. He sees Marty and decides to go to Orange Valley. Meanwhile, in the Iron Tower, Violet has just completed her retinal scan and listens to the Iron Tower escorts talk about Iron Tower rules when she sees the director, Billy, coming down the hallway. When Violet asks who that was, she finds out that he is second to Duke von Rhymer. When Billy arrives, Duke von Rhymer is shaken badly and tells him how Scar told him that all the General's parts must be found this week or else he will pay dearly. Meanwhile, Orange Mama looks on while Jenny plays with Ally and Buttons when the ring announcer comes in and shows her the poster he made for the battle between Marty and Red Star. But while Red Star is preparing for his battle, he is knocked cold by an unknown person. In the ring, Marty is waiting for Red Star to appear when he is thrown into the ring unconscious. When he turns around, he sees the "King of the Grand Desert Gang", Toa. The battle begins and already Marty starts out at a disadvantage, dodging and taking some huge blows while his punches do not even hurt him. After failing to hit his head and getting out of a body lock, Marty then finds his weakness, Toa's back. He successfully lands a blow on his back and tries to do it again but fails. Meanwhile, back in Jenny's room, Jenny and Ally play "Orange Valley," and Ally is trapped. Jenny then tells her where the secret exit is. While Marty is defending himself from the onslaught of blows from Toa, Ally tries to coax Jenny into leading them to the exit, but Jenny refuses because she does not want them to leave her alone. Back in the ring, Marty is shaken badly, and Toa is angry that Marty is not down after his Hammer Swats, so then he decides to end it with his signature but illegal move, hid Thunder Blow. Marty manages to escape it, and Toa charges his Thunder Blow when Marty manages to put the Fist on Toa, throwing Toa off. Marty calls on the Fist and launches Toa across the ring and knocks him out with the force on his back from the punch and the collision. Marty wins the battle and the armor disappears, drawing the attention of both Mr. Flowers and Steeljaw Jack. Toa manages to get back up, but Sticks knocks him out for good.