Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 3

The Journey Begins

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 06, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Marty's biological dad talking to Charlie in a dream, telling him to have Marty flee and gives him the Eon family crest. Charlie sees him go and hopes he does not regret his decision when Black Beauty shows up and takes him away. Marty then goes to Mr. Flowers, Charlie's boss, to get some more gil after figuring out that Crystal City is over 10000 miles away and driving there is not a good idea and want to use the Interdesert Express. Meanwhile, CDF forces move in and try to arrest Steeljaw Jack, a notorious criminal on top of the wanted list, but Steeljaw Jack manages to escape. Back to the gang, Marty tries to bargain for gil when Mr. Flowers sees a poster warranting for Ally's retrieval and tries to look at Ally. Marty sees it and takes off, then Mr. Flowers realizes that Marty's also wanted. Buttons read the flyer and rips the flyer to shreds. Meanwhile, the Bullybots are being held captive by a bike gang while Marty tries to fix the engine of his land rover to no avail. The bike gang catch up and bothers the group to the point that Marty takes out a biker. The leader of the bike gang then comes and begins to confuse Marty, throwing him off. A fight between the two fighters ensue and Marty is shaken badly. George, a fighter robot, steps in and takes out the gang and the leader and take Marty and the gang to Crystal City. Marty then sees a "Wanted" flyer and tries to get off the truck. Meanwhile, Steeljaw Jack arrives at the Iron Tower and offers to take care of Marty and bring Ally back for the money. Some Iron Tower guards stop them, and George manages to hide them in a back room in his truck and allows the guards to inspect his cargo. Marty and the others are relieved to hear that George is not turning them in. Meanwhile, back at the Iron Tower, Duke von Rhymer offers Steeljaw Jack 10 million gil and then another 10 million after capturing Ally. Back on the truck, the others stop for a while to help George unload his cargo. He teaches Marty some countermoves and ways to get around certain techniques. They finally finish unloading their cargo when Mr. Flowers arrives with his robot. He sends his robot, called "Number 5." George steps in and defends Marty and the gang for a bit but ends up getting trapped under some of his cargo. Marty steps in and gets his attention. A game of cat-and-mouse ensues and Marty tries to help George, but the robot manages to get through. Marty takes him out in one punch, but the robot stands up again and begins to counterattack. George advises him to counterpunch the robot and he does so. Mr. Flowers runs away and the gang help free George. Gaff then appears and sees what Marty did and leaves, knowing that one day, they will meet.