Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 1

The Legendary Fist

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 22, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Gaff is escaping the General's forces with the Fist of Eon and battles many ninjas to keep on going. He runs into Black Beauty, and a huge battle between the two ensue, showing the 100 year struggle between good and evil. Gaff manages to escape and throws the box containing the Fist of Eon into a shaft in Area 13 of the Iron Tower and runs off. Meanwhile, Marty has eluded the security guards with an ES-3000 engine from 2174 and runs back to his home. Buttons, his robot dog, is waiting for Marty's signal and pulls the rope, letting a whole bunch of iron ploes roll down and stop the guards, but it is unsuccessful and they continue running. Marty creatively uses Button's tail to get across the broken bridge and they successfully return to the settlement. Charlie, his father, chides him for going into Iron Tower territory to get it. Meanwhile, Ally runs away from the Tower and Duke von Rhymer is enraged at this and orders the guards to bring her back. Marty sneaks off again with Buttons and goes to the Iron Tower. He sees a carrier plane fly over them and becomes jealous. Buttons then notices a girl on a hovercycle being chased by Iron Tower Guards, and Marty makes his move to help her. He pulls her into a crevice and as the Iron Tower guards are looking, a huge rock drops from the top, and Marty, Ally, and Buttons fall as the ground underneath them cracks open. Marty and Buttons try to find an exit as Ally tells Marty that she does not want him to help her because then the Iron Tower guards will come after him. Buttons emerges with the Fist and Marty tries it on. The Fist latches itself to him and releases a huge amount of energy that alert the guards. They find them, and the trio try to escape. As they are escaping, the Fist starts to react and Marty turns and knocks out one of the guard with a single punch. They keep on running but are tracked by Black Beauty's ninjas.