Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 10

The Maxes Attack

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 10, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Marty, Ally, and Buttons make their way through the tunnels of Orange Valley in search of the exit. Within the storage room, they run into Sticks, one of Orange Mama's henchmen. Marty gets separated from Ally and Buttons and is forced to fight him, but Tony, one of the Grand Wrestling Tournament champions, intervenes and injures Sticks badly. He turns on Marty and forces him to fight. He transforms when Tony threatens to crush Ally, who is hanging off a box overhead. A battle ensues and Marty manages to stop Tony by calling on the power of the Fist to launch them up and have Tony hit his head on the hanging box. Ally and Buttons are amazed at Marty's transformation and continue to find the exit but they run into Jenny, who at first does not understand why they left her. After realizing that Marty wants to see his father, Jenny shows them the door that leads to the desert. They run into Orange Mama, who begins to take them back into their prison cells, but Tony shows up and tries to kill Marty. Marty, Ally, and Buttons manage to escape after one of the Orange Valley robots defends them, but Jenny falls and nearly gets killed as the robot falls over. Marty saves her and tips to robot back onto Tony. Orange Mama realizes that Marty's intentions are good but is interrupted by the arrival of the Iron Tower guards. Orange Mama realizes their intentions and calls upon her robots to defend them, and a huge battle ensues between Orange Valley and the Maxes (the Iron Tower guards). George arrives and takes Marty, Ally, and Buttons and tries to escape but are nearly stopped by the Maxes. Thanks to Orange Mama, the Maxes are forced to retreat and she thanks Marty for saving Jenny. In exchange, she lets them go and gives them 2 Gigas robots so they can continue their journey to Crystal City while George stays back so she can repair his knee. As Marty and the gang leave, Steeljaw Jack finds them and begins his mission in returning Ally back to von Rhymer.
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