Eon Kid

Season 1 Episode 24

To the Iron Tower! Charge!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 01, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Marty starts his charge toward the Iron Tower and the General, bravely fighting the General's centaurs while the CDF forces try to hold off the Gigantor. When it seems bleak, the volunteers of Orange Valley, under the orders of Orange Mama, come to the aid and help the CDF forces hold off the General for a little longer. Captain Magnum then comes onto the battle scene and tell the CDF forces and the volunteer army of Orange Valley to back off. He stalls the Gigantor until the White Eagles come and try to stop the Gigantor with their triple laser attack that has enough energy to wipe out a whole city. It is to no avail and both armies take heavy casualties. As Marty continues to fight, he realizes that he cannot get into the Tower because the centaurs are blocking it off and have him on his toes, but Gaff and Shadow come to his aid and help him successfully infiltrate the Tower, where the General is waiting for him.