Season 1 Episode 5

Episode Five

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 06, 2011 on Showtime
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Matt takes Sean and his co-star Morning to a charity event where Sean and the actress discover their mutual feelings. Meanwhile, Carol and Beverly smoke pot and talk about the men in their lives.

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  • Episode Five

    The Good:

    -Carol gets humanized. She plays hopelessness and inadvertent selfishness with equal skill. Finally, someone from the network becomes weirdly likeable.

    -"I HATE L.A. I'm sick of the sunshine and the Mojitos and I'm tired of feeling fat when I'm NOT fat."

    -Sean and Morning have a moment, but the traditional route is not taken. Instead, Beverly catches Sean masturbating to Morning's sex tape.

    The Bad:

    -Despite a few twists and turns, the pace still feels sluggish.

  • 105

    Good episode of Episodes, and it even brought us substantial development. My favorite line of the entire episode: "Blind. Blind... it was as if I was being punished!" I honestly could not stop laughing at that line, Carol said a couple of other things that were insensitive and hysterical.

    Speaking of insensitive, Matt opening the wine bottle in the middle of a rape seminar was just hilarious. Things got strangely dramatic at the end there, and with a seven-episode season, you can tell Episodes is building for something big.

    The end was quite strange, and I didn't know whether to laugh at it because he went back to see the video or to feel bad for Beverly. Of course Matt was the funniest tonight though. Overall, good installment.moreless
  • Fun episode.. but I felt a little too awkward

    I'm all for some awkward moments in my TV shows, but there was just so much going on here, and the comedy was missing the whole time. Sure, Matt LeBlanc had some okay lines, but for the most part, I was feeling almost embarrassed for these characters. There's only two episodes left, and we're about where we left off when the season began, so it's obvious things will get pretty chaotic. But this episode fell flat to me.

    For one, the whole "rape prevention" party lead to way too many easy jokes and it didn't help when Merc came in with his blind wife, and Merc made more jokes about Sean being British and his wife being blind. Merc is one of those guys good in small doses, and the show has trouble using him sometimes.

    I did like any contact between Matt LeBlanc and Sean.. it's always funny when they get together, and Matt's hate for Beverley (aka Betsy) is always worth a laugh. Besides being incredibly hot, Mircea Monroe doesn't really do much for me as Morning. It's obvious that there's going to be a rift between Sean and Beverly over her, but it's just not that interesting to me. Plus, the horribly awkward moment at the end should've been a great shock, but instead, it was just a weird and embarrassing shock. Of course, I could be over-exaggerating, but when you take into account all the other arguments, weird awkward references and other stuff, it just didn't feel entertaining.

    I hope the last two episodes are better than this one was.moreless
  • 105

    Episodes has become one of my favorite shows, but on Super Bowl Sunday the crew gave us a real filler episode. Nothing of note here, other than a brief tease of a Sean and Morning affair, which I am sure will either be teased again or happen with Betsy walking in on it.

    Matt didn't really say anything that funny, and I found the scenes with the female cast smoking to be particularly boring. Just not a lot to this show and it felt like the script was really rushed in my mind. Still a little funny, but you expect more from this show.moreless
Rhashan Stone

Rhashan Stone


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Jane Perry

Jane Perry

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Genevieve O'Reilly

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Oliver Kieran-Jones

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    • Carol: (talking about Merc's wife) You wanna hear something really pathetic? I've actually become an expert on ocular blindness. I'm online constantly reading all the latest research and so far, there is really no hope... that I... (starts crying) I just keep dreaming that someday, some doctor somewhere will find a cure and give that poor woman her sight back so he can fucking leave her!

    • Matt: Wow, I didn't know you two were gonna be here.
      Merc: Oh, what are you kidding me? Jaime is the co-chair of this whole thing!
      Sean: Oh, congratulations!
      Matt: Wow!
      Merc: Yeah, she's pretty amazing. She's been working her ass off. For the last six months, all I've heard is rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape! It's enough to make you wanna do it.

    • Merc: Honey, it's Matt LeBlanc and his pal Chim Chim Cheree!

    • Beverly: All I'm saying is, that was a choice. She could've gone in the back to change. Or... here's an idea... she could have just have turned round. But no. She decided that was the perfect moment to bring out the bazooms.
      Sean: Bazooms?
      Beverly: Yes. Technically, those aren't breasts. They're bazooms. You can look it up in The Big Book of Tits.

    • Sean: It's you who doesn't get it. Of course he's not gonna invite you to things. He knows you didn't want him for the part. You talk to him like he's an idiot. And, lest we forget, you hate him.
      Beverly: Still, that's no reason not to invite me.

    • Beverly: I hate L.A. I'm sick of the sunshine and the mojitos. I am tired of feeling fat when I'm not fat.
      Carol: You're not fat.
      Beverly: Thank you!
      Carol: Am I fat?

    • Beverly: (discussing Morning's ageless look) How does she do it?
      Carol: I've heard injections.
      Beverly: What sort?
      Carol: Some kind of serum made from Chinese babies.
      Beverly: Oh, that's horrible. Do we know where she gets it?

    • Sean: (talking about Morning) Why do you think she likes me?
      Matt: I'm telling you... the way she's always... playing up to you.
      Sean: That's not what that is. I'm her boss. It's my show. She has to be nice to me.
      Matt: I'm not nice to your wife.

    • Matt: Who said anything about cheating? I'm talking about a little thing.
      Sean: Yeah, a little thing is still a thing.
      Matt: Nah. Like is a hand job cheating?
      Sean: Yes.
      Matt: A hand job?
      Sean: Yes.
      Matt: You know what a hand job is?
      Sean: Yes.

    • Carol: Oh. Hello. A donut.
      Beverly: From the garbage?
      Carol: Yeah.
      Beverly: Anything touching it?
      Carol: Just... garbage.
      Beverly: All right.

    • Sean: Oh, I ran into our old P.A. Andrew.
      Beverly: Oh, little baby Andrew! Ohhhh, what's he doing here?
      Sean: He wrote a movie they're making with Matt Damon and Keira Knightley.
      Beverly: That little prick.

    • Beverly: So what is this charity thing that I'm not invited to tonight?
      Sean: It's for rape.
      Beverly: It's for rape?
      Sean: No uh no, it's not FOR rape, it's not pro rape, it's to prevent it or to take care of women after it or I dunno, rape is involved. You wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway, there's this whole wine tasting thing.
      Beverly: Wine tasting and rape?
      Sean: And I believe there's a singer!

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