Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Four

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 30, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Episode Four

    The Good:

    -"From everything we've heard, she was acting in that play when Lincoln was shot."

    -Matt vomits on Beverly after they have a bonding moment.

    -Matt speaks Spanish with the Lincolns' maid. They discuss how Beverly is difficult.

    The Bad:

    -Matt's ex-wife is rude. Apparently, everyone in L.A. is completely rude. It would be nice to find a character who's friendly, but still a part of the Hollywood scene.
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    Another good episode of Episodes. Just a very satisfying and realistic installment. What I did realize about this show is how unexpected it can be at times. From Matt throwing up on Beverly to Sean saying "Matt, pants," just a lot of unexpected laughs tonight.

    Also we got some serious scenes as well with the Matt losing the custody battle. I honestly think that Matt Leblanc holds the show together with his quick wit and just hilarious one liners, but Sean & Beverly aren't far behind.

    I'm liking the love-hate (mostly hate) thing between Matt & Beverly, I wonder if it's build up for something. Anyways, good installment with a lot of memorable scenes. "Which one is your car!?" Hysterical.
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    David Crane and company do it again with yet another strong installment of Episodes. When the football season ended I did not know what the reason for Sundays even was, but Episodes has quickly filled that void for me and now I look forward to it every week.

    Drunk Matt LeBlanc was one of the funniest things I have seen all week and it is great to see him really going all out on this show. I was not a fan of Friends, I did not find Joey funny in particular, but the actor has been doing a strong job in the one role that only he can play. His bickering with Betsy was great here today, as it always is.

    Episodes is one of my favorite comedies on TV right now and I really hope people start watching this show. From the unbelievably cheesy scenes of the pilot of Pucks, to Matt not being able to find the car, this is one of the best things going on TV right now.
  • Matt gets drunk, loses his kids, and its Sean and Beverly to the rescue to pick him up!

    For me, this was definitely the best episode of Episodes; it had plenty of laughs, most of them making me laugh right out loud instead of simply chuckling, and there was also some great character development for Matt LeBlanc, who seems to be finding the role of a lifetime in playing himself. In fact, I thought he stole the show in this episode.

    That's not to say that Bev and Sean didn't have good lines.. their back and forth is amazing, some of the best on TV, and I'm surprised at how well the writing is week in and week out.. however, Matt LeBlanc had some incredible moments. When he referenced Peter Pan and said, "I'm f****n' full of whimsy," I had to pause the episode to stop laughing.. it was a perfect drunken line, and there was plenty of that to go around.

    There was also some great moments near the end, with Matt seeing his ex-wife (who has some great lines of her own) and his kids.. it shows that LeBlanc has a great dramatic side.. and that's what makes the final moments of the episode so disappointing.. to go from that touching end to the raunchy irritating LeBlanc from previous episodes was a bit disappointing, but at least we know the show seems to be on a roll. Unfortunately, the ratings are pretty low, so hopefully people can show some faith in the show and keep it around.
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