Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 09, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Episode One

    "Episodes" might be fun if it can speed up its story. There are small moments of comedy, but it's mostly just a series of unfortunate events. So far, the Lincolns have simply gotten themselves into a terrible mess and there is not a clear reason why they're trying to stay in L.A. at all; they don't seem particularly interested in the money. The acting, however, is really superb and the story seems to be going somewhere exciting based on the introduction. Hopefully, it is worth the wait.

    The Good:

    -"Have you seen our heads? It's all we can do to not kick them when we walk!"

    -Julian has to audition for the role that he's already played.

    The Bad:

    -Merc is thoroughly unlikeable. There seems to be nothing redemptive about his character.
  • 101

    Definitely slow out of the gate, I'm not saying this show wont get better, but this pilot episode was rather lacking in some ways. I liked the opening scene, and how we go back seven weeks in the past, but this was just way too slow paced for my liking.

    Regardless of the great dry humor, I felt as though some scenes dragged on for too long, and the scenes could have definitely been utilized in a better way. I hope Matt Leblanc will help this show out next week. We've got an interesting and original premise, I couldn't help but be reminded of The Office while watching it, but like I said, it was slow out of the gate.

    Hopefully things are better from here on out, but all in all, this was a rather weak pilot episode. I definitely expected more out of it.
  • 101

    When this show was first announced I was very excited about it. The premise is not only interesting, but it is very relevant. You look at shows like The Office, Worst Week, shows that were lauded in their home country but have lost their voice in the US versions. And the pilot for this show touched on that heavily. The scene with the couple meeting the network executives, including the Til Death scene-stealing Kathleen Perkins, had me lol'ing moreso than any other comedy in awhile, but the first 10 minutes or so dragged the point on for too long. This show can be good, and I have no doubt that Matt LeBlanc will add a lot to it when he actually appears in a meaningful scene, but right now they have some work to do. If you do not appreciate the premise chances are you will not really care for this show.

    There were definitely some other good gags though. The problem with the gatekeeper at their community seemed like it was ripped from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was that good.

    I have faith in this show and something tells me it will only get better from here.
  • Premiere episode

    The premiere of "Episodes" aired tonight, and I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to seeing Matt LeBlanc on TV again. In a show like "Friends" where each member of the cast was memorable, I feel like Joey got pushed aside a bit in favor of typical Ross and Rachel plots, as well as Monica and Chandler ones, but Matt LeBlanc was certainly a good actor. And now, he gets another chance to change that "Joey" image, but I was surprised to see he was only in one scene tonight. That meant the premiere episode was to ride on the shoulders of two actors who I've never heard of or seen before... and I must say, I was definitely impressed.

    The show's premise is that a British couple, Sean and Beverly, are invited to America to re-make their show, Lyman's Boys. The man who invites them is a sleazy producer named Merc who steals many of the early scenes ("I want to have sex with your show AND these berries!"). He wants to remake the show, even though he's never seen it, and Sean and Beverly begin the process of adapting it.

    It would ruin the fun of the show to give away all the little moments, but I'll say this: there are some horribly awkward moments a la Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie and other similar shows.. but this show isn't necessarily like all of those. The TV executives that Sean and Beverly deal with are all hilarious and completely air-headed (including one woman who says in a dazed voice, in response to their show: "It's... hilaaarious.")

    The show certainly exceeded my expectations but it's still not quite at the level that makes me want to keep returning. I will return, of course, but as a show that follows something like Californication, it's not as must-see for me. But the show does well without Matt LeBlanc, and it'll be cool to see how it does with him.
  • those poor people

    I just loved the looks on their faces every time they got hit by some new American reality... talk about cultural clash. Knowing that their relationship might end because of this whole mess made me feel somewhat sad so it took out a little of the humor of the show but it was still ok. I also would have liked to see more of Matt Leblanc but the Brithish couple managed to hold their own... I liked the fact that they looked so down to earth real (not too much make up, no fancy suits, no inhuman figures, just normal people) and they seemed almost naive compared to the americans. all in all it's to early to tell if it's going to be good or not but... no worries as Merc is harder than a rock..lol
  • Razzie award winning pilot

    I found a secret trap at the bottom of the barrel. It leads to a world that should have never been discovered. That forbidden realm is ruled by the king of all rotten TV shows : Episodes. The apple had a worm and it wasn't even alive. Seriously I can't possibly comprehend how such an abomination was aired on Showtime. People who have created it should be fired. And people who have fired them should be fired too. In fact the network should sell itself for $1 on some auction website. A sitcom ? I only laughed one time at the end of the bath scene but it's because I was about to lose my mind. The very first minutes I instantly wanted to switch off my TV. Funny ? Pathetic ! But it took me a while before realizing that it would never improve. Stopping before I reached the end probably saved my life. In fact for the very first time in my life reviewing an episode feels like a journey through hell so maybe I'm already dead. The apple, the worm and the reviewer. A new script for Showtime ! Worst the actor we all expected never showed up. During the brainwash I think I saw him for a few split seconds but I was surely hallucinating. In fact I have forgotten his very name. Episodes residents shouldn't be named, it could summon an other episode. One, two, three… After writing more than 200 reviews I thought I had seen the worst but that show opened a box that should have remained closed.
  • Excellent and Edgy First Episode

    The episode starts as it intends to go on with an edgy fight between Sean and Beverley with a few gags that you may not laugh at but certainly they're amusing and entertaining. It is not quite sure what they are arguing about but all becomes clear when we are taken back in time seven weeks.

    What ensues is really a telling of how the couple came about to be working in America on the remake of their hugely successful sitcom. Merc provides laughs although perhaps not quite as many as he should but he immediately set himself up as a plank by saying he could 'have sex with the show' and then it later being revealed that he hadn't even watched it. The people working in the office are exactly how they should be: American. The reason why this is so funny is because Sean and Beverley are British. This wouldn't have worked with American actors playing them as their dry wit and constant outrage and the Americans' incompetence is wildly entertaining.

    We didn't see much of Matt LeBlanc this episode but we did find out that he is now playing the lead role in the show. I'm hoping that once he gets introduced, the show will go from strength to strength as at the moment the signs are looking good.

    The show has a very 'Extras' feel about it with the couple playing the Gervais-esque role of drying to use sarcasm and dry wit to express his feelings of outrage and disbelief. Extras is a show I find hilarious so if this is anywhere is good (and my feeling is he will be) then it will excellent indeed.

    This premiere of Episodes may not be the finished article but I enjoyed it greatly and there's a real sense of anticipation for the series to progress and find its groove.