Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 20, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

After sleeping together, Matt and Beverly lie in his bed. Beverly notices that he smells like cinnamon, and he explains it's a cologne called Joey after his Friends' character where he picked the scent for, but that never really sold. Beverly feels bad for cheating on Sean and tries to comfort herself by reminding herself that Sean did it first. However, Matt has to tell her Sean was not interested in Morning, but neglected to tell Beverly before they had sex and makes her freak out and deeply regret what she did.

Sean sits sad and lonely in their house while Florinda cleans the house. Beverly comes home in regret and apologizes to him for overreacting and not trusting him. They hug and Beverly tells him that she crashed the rental car and adds that was the worst that happened. They hug again and Sean notices that she smells like cinnamon, and she quickly answers she had a bun.

They shoot the last scene for the Pucks! pilot and Matt gives a wrap speech about how much he enjoyed working with them and that they hope the network will like their work.

Beverly and Sean are in the editor room watching the final cut of their pilot. Beverly is not pleased with their work. When Sean asks her if it's any better, she says it's shorter and he adds that there is less of it. They ask for the editor's opinion who agrees that it's shorter.

In a meeting to take a look at their new developments for the new season, Merc is outraged because he doesn't like any of it. He attacks Myra Licht, head of comedy, and tells her none of her stuff is funny. In his rage, he asks for someone to stand up and name one show they liked. Andy Button raises his hand and admits he liked the talking dog show and Merc fires him. Andy believes he is joking and laughs, but Merc tells him to get out of the room, so Andy packs his stuff and leaves. When Andy has left the room, Merc repeats his question, and Andy knocks on the window and shouts "the dog was funny!" Carol tells Merc she still likes Pucks! and adds that they haven't tested any of their pilots yet.

Beverly and Sean pack their stuff to get ready for their flight to London. Sean is nervous because they haven't heard anything from the network about their show. Bev sarcastically replies only he is able to see the good in nothing and adds she doesn't care and is happy to go home. The phone rings. It's Carol who wants to wish them a good flight. Sean asks about the show. Carol tells them she liked it, but admits it didn't screen so well at the network. She adds some liked it more than others and that Merc was one of the others, and Sean on the other side of the line silently pretends to shoot himself in the head and to die. However, Carol tells them the show is not dead yet because test audiences will see the pilot soon. Merc comes into Carol's office and joins the conversation. He lies to Bev and Sean that he thinks the pilot is terrific. When Beverly asks if that means he is going to pick up their show, he answers he would if he could, but they will have to see what the test audience thinks. He adds that no matter what, he will get them back to do something else together. When Sean asks why not this show, Merc just laughs and wishes them "fly safe" before he ends the call. Beverly tries to comfort Sean who tells her he will stop by Matt to tell him in person that their show is dead.

In Matt's house in Malibu, the two have a beer and Sean apologizes that they didn't make it work. When Matt takes the blame for causing everything that made the show worse like Beverly said, Sean wants to know when she said that to Matt and adds he didn't know they were even speaking to each other. They say goodbye to each other and hug. Sean remembers the scent and asks for another hug where he sniffs on Matt's neck. He asks about the cologne and adds Beverly smelled the same the other day. Matt pretends to be clueless and guesses Beverly went to a candy shop. Matt offers Sean his cologne which he stores in his garage.

In the garage, Sean notices that Matt's jaguar is missing. Matt tells him he had to take it to the shop because he had a little accident. Sean wants details, and Matt thinks a second, sees a reindeer on the rack from the Christmas decoration and tells Sean he hit a deer. He adds that deer came across on the wrong side of the lane, he hit the brakes and turned and the deer dented in the side of his car. Sean wants to know what happened to the deer, and Matt answers it loped away. Sean tells about Beverly's accident and realizes Beverly didn't give him the details of what happened. Matt reckons it was the same deer when Sean discovers Matt's inspiration for his story, the Christmas deer.

The two go back inside and Sean who put the pieces together asks Matt if he had sex with his wife. Matt admits and tries to explain how it happened. Sean gets more and more angry when Matt's explanation just keeps making it's worse and the two start screaming at each other. Matt says he's sorry, but Sean starts throwing Joeys at Matt and attacks him. The two start to fight. Meanwhile, Beverly calls Sean's phone and leaves him a message to remind him not to be late for their flight. At some point, Sean grabs a cactus, but before he can hit Matt, Matt uses another Joey and sprays it into Sean's eyes which makes him scream in pain and ends the physical part of their fight.

In Matt's bathroom, Sean tries to wash out his eyes. Matt wants to take Sean to a hospital, but Sean doesn't.

Matt brings Sean home where Beverly is already nervously waiting. Sean tells her not to touch him and Matt explains to Beverly that Sean found out about them. Beverly asks what happened to Sean's eyes and he tells her lover tried to blind him. She quickly answers Matt is not her lover and she actually feels disgusted she slept with him. She apologizes, but Sean just tells her he doesn't care that she feels sorry. She tries to explain she only did it because of Morning and him, and he screams back that there was no thing between them. Sean tells Beverly that he doesn't see them move past her infidelity and that he will move out as soon as they are back in London. Both start crying and Sean adds that she has broken his heart. Matt's phone interrupts. It's his agent and Matt has to take the call. When he has hung up, he asks if the two heard something from the network. Their phone start ringing and he suggests to take it. He picks it up for them. It's Merc and Carol who called to tell them that the test audiences loved their show and that tested through the roof. Even Merc is truly ecstatic about the numbers they got. He tells them to unpack their bags because they have some telly to make. When Matt has hung up, he shows his joy and tries to high-five them. Sean and Beverly are speechless.
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