Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 20, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Sean and Bev prepare to leave for London

    For a show that progressively became funnier and funnier throughout its season, this episode was pretty high on dramatic moments. However, David Crane and the rest of the crew do a great job of mixing in some comedy with it all. It's that uncomfortable humor that you laugh it even as you attempt to empathize with the characters over what happened.

    Matt LeBlanc hasn't exactly changed much over the course of these seven episodes, but he's certainly provided much of the humor. The fight between Matt and Sean after Sean learns that him and Bev slept together was awesome, and the way it just dragged on and on and on forever made it that much funnier. Also, the story that Matt told to Sean to cover up his lie was hilarious ("I hit a.... uhh, deer." Matt says as he looks at a plastic reindeer decoration)

    I also thought it was nice to see Merc as something other than a joking awful person.. although he eventually jumps back into that role, he went insane for a little bit as he thought about the pilots that the network had to offer. I liked him more as an angry aggressive executive then a comedian who makes fun of his blind wife and the accents of British people.

    Overall, I think that this show worked. They left the finale in a place where it could be picked up for another season, although I'm not sure the ratings are anywhere near good enough to warrant another one. But the finale left stuff up in the air and left some potential for some more episodes.