Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Episode Six

    The Good:

    -Beverly's attitude toward Morning makes perfect sense, considering everything she's seen. It serves as the final straw to whisk her off to London.

    -Beverly drives on the wrong side of the road.

    -Matt and Beverly finally succumb to their odd, sexual tension that's been building from the minute they started hating each other.

    The Bad:

    -Merc's relationship with Carol seems like it's meant to be funny, but plays off as confusing. Perhaps if there were indicators that she must sleep with him to stay at the network, it wouldn't seem so strange.
  • Matt and Bev hang out

    I would say that nothing much happened in the episode until the very end, where the entire season took a crazy turn. And that's not a bad thing by any means.

    The episode picks up pretty close to where the last episode left off. Morning worries that Bev is mad at her so she shows up at Sean's house to talk to her. Sean tells her not to do that, and Bev, of course, sees them talking and immediately assumes the worst. I hate how half of the scenes in TV shows could be solved by just sitting and talking. But nobody does that. We then reach the scene that we saw at the beginning of the entire show, which I'm glad happened. It's a scene that we already know about, so it'd be lame to end the episode or the season this way. Instead, that opens up the rest of the episode for tons of development.

    Sean and Bev are split up throughout the episode; Merc and Sean have a dinner, where Merc isn't quite as irritating as he usually he, but he does his darndest to appear this way. Meanwhile, Matt and Bev hang out at Matt's house and discuss Sean and Morning until it eventually turns sexual and the two end up.. you know, doing it. The irony is that Sean never did anything with Morning, which creates a very interesting twist going into the finale.

    I certainly wouldn't call this episode straight out funny, but it was at least slightly entertaining and eventful.
  • 106

    As I have been saying recently, Episodes is one of the best kept secrets on TV, and this was another strong episode, if you will, but not in the way the show is usually good. This was a very dramatic installment, and it showed how great buildup leads to great results. All of the tension mounting for these characters led to the decisions tonight, but of course there were some laughs along the way such as Matt having a "semi" and anything Merc said and Sean's responses to those things.

    Definitely excited for the season finale now. More people need to start watching Episodes because they are missing out. Stars are being born in the US in Tamsin and Stephen and Matt is having a career-redefining role here.
  • 106

    Why did they have to sleep together!? Why!? I know the season finale next week is supposed to be eventful, but now it's just going to be dramatic, and definitely not the light-hearted type we know this show for. I really did not want this to happen, sure it was great for shock value and development, it's just, WHY?

    I cringed when Matt & Beverly kissed, it was just so wrong. Pretty much, this show jumped the shark with this episode as early as the sixth episode of the series. I loved the tie in to the first episode, but it's just become so cliche. Beverly suspects Sean is cheating so she leaves him and sleeps with Matt (the guy who she hates), then the next episode will be her finding out that Sean didn't do anything with Morning, and she'll have to pay for her mistakes.

    This is not the kind of drama I would like to see on this show. This episode lost a lot of points for that reason, and for that reason only. Other than that, we got a couple of good gags, but I'm just not loving where this show is headed right now.