Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 23, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Episode Three

    The Good:

    -"Five?! Are we doing it twice?"

    -Morning's laugh, and her age. Her laugh is mysteriously outrageous, while her age is just mysterious.

    -"It's enormous, like a sea creature...it could attack a city." It's nice to see that Matt LeBlanc can make fun of his manhood.

    The Bad:

    -Carol is somewhat likeable, but all the people at the network are mostly unlikeable. Any time spent with them feels excessive.
  • Matt and Shawn go to Vegas

    For me, Episodes isn't necessarily a show that I have the need to jump right out and watch the night it airs. It's definitely a funny show, but it doesn't have me running to the television at 9:30 to watch it. It doesn't feel like the show can go too many places after this first season, and if it does, I'd be surprised.

    However, there are plenty of things to like here, first and foremost, the relationship between Matt LeBlanc and the two other lead actors, Shawn and Beverly. That's become the crux of the show and if they can focus on that growing relationship, the show will remain great. The more we focus on Merc and how awful he is, the less good I feel about the show.

    I thought the moments where Matt LeBlanc was acting sort of like a goofy man-child were hilarious.. him calling Beverly "Betsy" over and over again was perfect, mostly because the writers set it up so he would say it at the most inopportune moment.

    Overall, not a bad episode of Episodes, but I'm still not 100% hooked in. Maybe over time, it'll hit its peak. But right now, it's at least a harmless half hour of funny TV.
  • 103

    It seems like this show is just getting better and better by each episode. Matt Leblanc continues to be the best thing about this show. What I like about this show the most is how realistic it is, a view on networks these days, all soulless networks.

    We also got a lot of laughs, don't think I got as much as the last episode, but still, I could not stop laughing. It's an American show with a British-style format. I loved Matt's conversation with Sean about the lesbian role. Sean & Beverly are getting quite a culture shock here.

    Overall, a really good installment, and I think with this episode, I can call myself a full-fledged fan (as early as the third episode, I know).
  • Best one yet

    If anyone still had doubts about this show they were surely erased today as Episodes had a ruddy brilliant (as Sean and Betsy would hate you saying) episode here tonight. Usually the large man part storyline bothers me, but it was funny to here Sean's reaction to Matt's "gift" and then for Matt to use it against Beverly later on.

    Showtime has a unique and creative show here, but more importantly they have a really funny program here. A lot of their comedies have too many serious scenes, Episodes knows to limit those. Instead you'll get the boss of a network saying "nipple nipple" to one of his employees and a hockey coach approving of leaving a kid in a locker.

    Great episode here tonight.