Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 16, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Episode Two

    The Good:

    -"You want me for the old, fat guy's part? Thanks." "WE don't want you." "Again, thanks."

    -Beverly vs. Matt. The two butt heads with funny and surprising results.

    The Bad:

    -Merc is so awful. He's not even charming, so the idea that Carol is sleeping with him seems preposterous.
  • 102

    The second episode of Episodes here tonight and while things flowed a little bit better, it was a bit of a step back from the pilot if you ask me. Matt LeBlanc was really made to play this role. Yes, the arrogant, exaggerated version of himself as he had a number of great lines, ("Who even knows what a headmaster is?") and he just gave the lead characters the perfect person to play off of. I am curious to see what the actual show looks like in the end.

    Decent showing here, but I think the show needs to be a bit "zippier," for lack of a better word, to retain viewers. The slow British style is funny, but it may not translate fully to some members of the audience.
  • Sean and Beverly meet with Matt LeBlanc

    Another pretty solid episode of Episodes, although I still am not hooked by it. It has funny moments, ones that make me forget about the awkward British humor that sort of gets lost in translation, but they're not as prevalent as one might hope. I'm not asking for a show that gives you ridiculous laughs on a minute by minute basis, sort of like its neighbor Californication does. However, the dry humor and the regular typical American humor clashes more times than once here, and sometimes, it makes you wish it would go one way or the other.

    I really liked Matt LeBlanc in this episode.. in the premiere, he was sort of relegated to doing absolutely nothing, while here, he was given more lines and we got to get an idea of what he would be like. And as some other websites and blogs mentioned, he does a great job of seeming like a genuine guy and an idiot. People are always going to connect LeBlanc with Joey, but perhaps we can get a better idea of his acting style with this show. There's a great blend of awkward moments and serious ones that make his character stand out here. The moment where he admitted to seeing a documentary about kids with Tourettes and laughing at it when the kids swore was a realistic a-hole moment, something that we might be able to connect with on both sides.. we can see why Matt may think it's funny and why Bev finds it insulting.

    The one problem, as I mentioned before, has a little something to do with the pacing. We get the typical dry British humor that's funny in its own way and then we get the sometimes cheap humor of America, personified by Merc. John Pankow does a great job in the role, and I loved him at first, but today, he seemed extremely cruel. The fact he has a blind wife and fake-hangs himself when she starts telling a story, knowing she can't see him, seems a little harsh even for a grimy executive like him. If the show could focus a little more on the relationship between Sean, Beverly and Matt and a little more on making the show without letting Merc and others pull away the attention, it could work.

    Right now, I'm still intrigued by the show. The ending had me laughing hysterically, and the writing is certainly impressive. It just needs to get through these early growing pains and grow into its own show.
  • Solid episode, but I just cant get into it.

    Watching episodes is leaving me with a funny feeling that talent is being wasted. A really amazing cast (Stephen Mangan and tamsin greig should be enough to make any show enjoyable) are left hanging a little with a script that just isnt getting it done. The second episode was ok, just ok. Matt le Blancs performance isnt really lighting anything on fire just yet, but I am willing to give him a few more episodes and chances to prove me wrong before writing him off. I dont know if anyone felt the same way, but it sometimes feels like this show is trying to take the best bits of the office and extras and slap them into one show. Awkward cringe moments, mixed with useless and often poorly done cameos. I will continue to watch this show in the hope that its just a slow burner. But for what it has going for it, I feel it should be a little more enjoyable than it actually is right now.
  • 102

    Way better than the pilot in my opinion, things were at a faster pace, and I was laughing almost all the way through this episode. After watching the pilot, I stopped watching, but I decided to give this show the benefit of the doubt, and I'm so glad I did.

    Matt Leblanc was hilarious here, and I really see him going far with this show (farther than his stint on "Joey"). The best and funniest part is that he's playing himself, so he really can do anything he wants, he can really put himself in to the role.

    The last scene was absolutely hilarious, completely tied in with the whole tourettes conversation earlier. More hilarious scenes include the boss picking on his blind wife and finally the hilarious conversation between Sean & Carol. I'm really beginning to like this show, great second installment!