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Not enough Matt Leblanc

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    I've seen only 5 episodes, and despite the fact that I find it good, I think Matt Leblanc isnot present enough.

    I heard about the show because of him, he is doing all the promo, Episodes is linked to Matt Leblanc, but he is only the 3rd character (at most).
    I would be ok with it if we knew it, but I think a lot of people were expected Matt as THE main character, and he is not.

    I kind of understand on a marketing point of view. It's probably way better if you seel it under "Matt Leblanc, former Joey Tribbiani in Friends" than under "Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig, english actors quite unknown in Hollywood".
    Plus, Matt is american, which is probably better to sell in the US.

    But it's a bit like selling something by not telling the truth.

    Anyway, I like the show, it was just to say that I disagree with some methods of selling shows.

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