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  • Laughter heels

    Love this show. Can't wait to get off work to watch it
  • series 3

    I adore this show but was bummed by the character that has taken mercs job . has really ruined my experience his character is horrible and just dread it when he is in a scene .He just dosnt fit! I want merc back at least hes warm and humourous unlike this one he makes my flesh crawl
  • Now this is a show

    I find this show refreshing and a love it! I really like Matt Leblanc even in his tv-show "Joey". The is great text and the character interact really well together. As i am watching the show i feel for the characters and i hope that they achieve their goals. Lets hope this show stays as good as it is! i cannot wait for the show to return. One of the last comedy shows at the moment i tune in for!
  • Best show of the 21st century!

    Creative, great direction, great text, funny stories, best stars in convincing roles, just amazing. I could watch more than 5 episodes a day! Just hope they continue the show
  • take the sexual stuff out please

    good show and good plot but i don't like the unnecessary forced sexual scenes and jokes they often put in the show, they should just get rid of that. the show does not really need that.

    What happened to the finale!!!
  • Fun TV series, very difficult to download on torrents :-)

    So you tried to invent a series that will not be easy to download from torrents ...

    Well you made it ! :-)
  • The tension is what makes it work ! I loved SEASON 3

    I am only catching this up as it is summer and there is almost nothing on TV now.

    I am not really a big fan of Friends. I watch it sometimes but again Matt was never my favorite character even on fans. However I really liked this show. Season 1 have some less interesting episodes in the middle. I loved the pllot and the end so I was wondering why. I think the show only works when there is tension between Matt and Sean and Beverley It might be fun to watch 1 episode of Matt and Sean being buddies and hanging out but it will not work beyond that. I am on season 2 episode 2 now and I loved it more and more, at the end of season 2 episode 2 it seems Matt might be winning back Sean "love" so I am not sure it will continue to be funny. I will watch the whole season 2 and post another review. Likelihood is I will watch season 3 when it begins Jan 2014. The show might work better though if it was the summer and there is less competition and the laid back style of the show might suit summer better.

    I must say Matt is probably one of the few actors who can do something so despicable as screw someone's wife and yet make himself so likable that you want to forgive him ! Wonder he is like that in real life.

    I am loving Season 3 ! I dislike the new guy replacing Merc but everything else is really funny !
  • I am enjoying season 3 more than the last 2

    I like the changes in this season. It's hard for me to laugh when there is this much drama.. the fact that things are starting to look better and that ass hoel merc lapidus is gone is actually making this season much more funny in my opinion because it feels like "the season where everyone gets what they deserve" and i find that much more funny than undeserved pain. the new replacement for Merc is a little odd but I have a feeling it gets better.
  • The show is not funny this year !

    This was the funniest show on TV until now.

    Matt is hardly in the show, and he doesn't seem to have any funny lines.

    The guy that replaced Merc SUCKS. The show spends way to much with Merc's old Assistant!

    She is beautiful and funny but not in large doses.

    Lets get this back to being funny.
  • Its all right

    I think the show is great but I think Matt Leblanc is just coming up short in my opinion.
  • MORE!!

    Six Episodes of Episodes is NOT enough! I can't wait until January! July feels like forever ago! More Joey now please!!!!!!
  • Brilliant

    Clever, funny and through all the mockery it reminds us of values and principles that people have long forgotten about.

    I love this show, it's tough, raw, fascinating and in one word: Brilliant
  • great show

    Love it. The British couple and their story is really good. Season 1 was good and Matt is so awesome in this show. I cant believe Im waiting for the next episode ever since I watched the first season! I cant wait... Matt Leblanc has really done it well this time... AWESOME!
  • Absolutely Perfect!

    I should have gotten to this one sooner but it's better late than never, right? I absolutely love everything about this little show and I just started watching yesterday and finished the 1st season finale a few minutes ago. The leading duo is entertaining, Beverly is my favorite one on the show. Even Matt LeBlanc is great (he annoyed me a lot on his spin-off show 'Joey'). Showtime is having some really great shows on their schedule so it's slowly becoming my number one network. And let me just say this - about 99% of this show is TRUE. Scary, right?
  • Matt LeBlanc is back!

    Friends is one of my favorite sitcoms, and since I watched him on that show, I knew Matt LeBlanc was a great actor. In this new show, Matt LeBlanc is still really funny, plus the show is really entertaining and the plot is really smart.
  • Actually I'm amazed that the show got renewed for another season. It's too British to be a hit in the states.

    OK, when I first started watching the show I really enjoyed the two main characters (I'm talking about the British couple!!) but through the season Matt really grew on me - he was so dreadful in Joey and my least favourite character in Friends but he's rather good at playing a dumb American :D

    This show isn't the greatest show ever being on television and there are several shows on air which are better or even were better and still got canceled but it good fun to watch and if you'd like to spend a nice afternoon simply watch it.
  • One of the best sitcom around at the moment. Can improve, worth watching!!! :)

    I love this show. In my opinion Matt LeBlanc run the show but other actors are good too. Matt is awesome. More screen time for Matt will make and keep this show in top for sure. Series has been renewed by Showtime and BBC for the second season of nine episode. There is still so much to come. Can't judge more about... But not funnier than F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. Can improve :D
  • Episodes is in My Top Three Shows -

    What a clever, smart, show this is. It is very rare that I have a 'MUST NOT MISS" show.

    Americans may not 'get it', but for American writers, they have rally nailed the differences in American/English characters. Matt is brilliant, as is Tamsin and Stephen Mangin, just brilliant.

    The rest of the cast, spot on. It is made by the BBC, so may keep on producing it for the rest of the world :)
  • The first season was slow at times, but I'm excited for the 2nd season

    The way that season 1 ended was perfect. Now that the characters are set I'm eager to see where they take them. I'm not actually sure where Sean and Beverly will fall in terms of their allegiances with the actors - they have different reasons to hate everyone that works for them.
  • Elegant and simple, yet really good

    I just love the show! It's a light and refreshing comedy that brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Simple and elegant, really funny show! And the best part, it's not at all tacky!
  • Started up slow, but I'm loving the second part of the season!

    It built up slow in the beginning, but by the end I was really loving this. The scene where Matt confesses to Sean about Beverly is great, it makes me laugh every time.

    There's still some "Joey" in there - for real and for poking fun at - but Matt is a lot more complex. I like that there's a bit of an edge to him and it's not all goofy kindness or plain superficial evil. I'm watching the last episode and I don't know how it's gonna end, but I'm curious about the next season ;)
  • I gave the 1st season a shot, and it wasn't worth my time.

    The 1st 5 episodes were mildly entertaining. Matt Leblanc acting like himself is such a novel idea. Its funny that you can getting an award for acting like yourself. His character was a flawed but likable character until they destroyed it when he sleeps with his best friends wife. At that moment I was done with this show. Why do they ruin likable characters with this nonsense. Beverly is no better. Lets see, 3 main characters, 2 of them are complete scumbags. Fail!
  • Great show, British humor meets American fun.

    Okay, so there's no real curse upon the Friends alumni, but one might argue not all was good after that show ended. Well, I admit I needed some time to warm up to 'Joey', but in the end I liked it. With that being said you cannot compare it to 'Episodes', and that is defnitely a good thing, because it has way more depth and also humor then 'Joey'.

    I'm neither American nor British, but I have always had a big soft spot for British humor, and that is what carries this show along. But of course there's also American humor, and in my opinion they really work perfectly together here. And I gotta admit, I like the occasional vulgarity too, brings a whole lot more realism to the table.

    As for the leads, it's great fun to see Matt LeBlanc play himself along with being dirty and using the F-word every once in a while. As for Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, they're absolutely hilarious. And people who think she hasn't got any comedic timing, well, you should get your eyes ar even your brain checked, because she's just perfect. I also come to like Kathleen Rose Perkins a lot, so for me the cast is just great.

    With all that being said I admit I cannot quite see where the show is going if there should be another and maybe a third season, but that's also the fun in it, not knowing what happens.

    I do hope though that Showtime will hang on to 'Episodes' and give it a chance.

    Great show!
  • I love it! its such a great refreshing show.

    Oh man! This is the first classy well acted comedy in ages!Ive seen both the first and second episode, and i just love it. Yes, it dosent have that enoying machine laughter thingy that goes on after avery stupid remark. It is much more subtle, soft and well thought. Its both so wonderfully funny and disturbing at the same time, it makes you want to laugh but at the same time it makes you hesitate, you dont know if it is appropriate or not. Like the whole scene from where Matt decides he wants the part and he goes all smooth and cunning on them. He plays that so well, and her reaction when he ask if she can act, i had to see that over and over again. The big thing with this comedy is that it is not forcing it self on you, with joke after joke after joke, like most comedies does, almost desperate for approval. It feels so natural and cool. The actors are not archetypes, they feel unusual and exiting. Well i hope you will be able to see it, and i hope the american public will able to appreciate it, but i doubt it.
  • Decent but that's all there is to it

    When I first heard about Episodes, it sounded great. A mixture of dry British wit as well as more obnoxious American humour, and starring respected actors such as Matt LeBlanc and Tamsin Greig as well as being created by the same people who created Friends which was, in my opinion, the best comedy ever to have been made. All the ingredients were there but somehow it comes out feeling a bit bland.

    The series started off extremely well. The first three episodes showed Sean and Beverley's hugely successful British sitcom being completely destroyed by American executives. This was wildly funny and had a real feel of Extras about it, which is another comedy that I love. There is something so entertaining and transfixing yet at the same time, cringeworthy and horrible about watching people dreams being smashed and coupled with dry humour with a good dollop and American obnoxiousness to laugh out, it was a winning formula.

    However, as the series went on, it became less about the show and more about the characters. A whole episode was focused on Matt LeBlanc's marriage. Does the audience really care about how his marriage fell apart? Not really. A lot of focus was also put on Sean and Morning which was good at first, but the longer it went on, the less I cared. It was extremely drawn-out for something that never happened. The audience would now find themselves only watching about 5 or 6 minutes about the show being destroyed each episode, which is a real shame as it was the best thing in the series.

    Also, the humour became worse. Sean and Beverley had less to be sarcastic and witty about and the American humour took centre stage. This can be coped with in small dollops but when this kind of humour is being thrown in your face, watching becomes awkward and uncomfortable.

    All in all, I think Episodes biggest downfall was the two different cultures it has been aimed at. British people are never going to find American humour that funny and vice versa so a mix didn't really satusfy either audience making the whole series feel a bit lost.
  • Matt LeBlanc Really still Got it To Make u Laugh Like a little kid

    Gr8 show i really liked it however the show needs more comedy scenes ,, also they did not use all matt le blanc talents ,, . another thing, I didnt like the British male writer guy ,, wasn't that funny ... but i think they can work better at his char ..i bileave the show worth watching really ,, and gr8 story ,, and was so happy to see matt leblanc again at the screen he really is a gr8 comedian actor , Hope u all get to watch it and very exited about session 2 xo xo Matoly .
  • it is very.... not funny.

    i started watching it only because of Matt Le Blanc and David Crane. i assume most viewers did the same, after all, Friends was just... AWESOME.
    Joey was kinda funny too. I actually had some chuckles watching it. Since it was cancelled, I can only assume Episodes will be cancelled as well, since it is "abysmal".
    When I first watched the trailer for the show, I didn't laugh at all. But i thought i'd give it a shot, since it's Matt Le Blanc who is returning to the show.
    The first episode was completely disappointing. I wasn't sure if what I thought it was a joke was actually a joke, and Matt Le Blanc showed up for less than 30 seconds. on the Head Master's audition, I saw the cast members laughing as part of their roles, but i really didn't understand what was so funny about it. I thought i'd give it a second chance, but in the 2nd episode, even with Matt Le Blanc there, i didn't get the feeling it was a comedy. I still didn't know when to laugh. This show seems more like a very bad drama. The UK and the US all together have about 360 million people, and Episodes could only get 2.6 million on the first episode. The amount of viewers in the later episodes only decreased. There's a great chance this show could be cancelled.
  • A show that has some laughs but nothing memorable of sustainable across a single episode.

    This show has a great premise. Take a great UK show convert it to a US one and watch a Network destroy it. It happens (Just look at the US version of Skins!)and this really should work on the condition that you get a strong cast and good writers. But strangely this show has both and is simply REALLY average. The first episode was to put it bluntly horrible, the second was an improvement but still not all that funny. In fairness this show is getting better, the problem is as I am writing this we are on Episode Five which had some genuinely funny momments, if largely unmemorable, but we only have two eps left. Should we really have to watch over half a season to feel like we are getting any real pay-off.

    If there is a real positive to come out of this show it is that most people have been wrong all these years in thinking Matt LeBlanc is a poor actor, he isn't. He plays the Hollywood bad boy very well and provides a lot of the sparse laughs in the show. The Two british leads are also really quite good but their dialogue really does sound like a bunch of yanks trying to write two classy british characters. All in all if you are thinking of tuning into this show my advice would be to give it a miss. There is some good stuff here but it is wedged between so much mediocirty and tedium you do have to ask whether it is worth it. I will watch til seasons end but I need to see so much more to even warrant a 2nd season let alone whether I will tune in or not.
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