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  • Death in Argentina...

    I first watched this 13 episodes mini-series when it first aired here in Chile on HBO Latin America a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked to it, this series has a great mistery, emotionally damaged characters and a villain so psichologically disturbed that makes this show so interesting to watch... if you have a good stomach and like this kind of stuff. There's a lot of blood, tortures, even cannibalism... The main characters are the good guys Renzo Marquez an ex-cop now working as a taxi driver, Laura Santini a psychologist and Marina Segal (you can see her very late in the show) a member of the police force with a dark hobbie. And of course, the bad guy, Bruno Costas, the psycho-killer... everyone is linked to a tragic event that happened 5 years ago. You can still see this series here in Latin America on the channel "A&E Mundo" or you can buy the DVD (I don't have it yet, can't wait, though...)
  • HBO Latinamerica really did a great work with this miniseries.

    Even though this miniseries was the first production of HBO Latinamerica they really knew what they were doing. This miniseries opened a door for more latinamerican productions that are made with high quality not only by HBO but for others such as FOX. The plot was very original and interesting, the actors were great at doing their job specially Julio Chavez and Cecilia Roth, who has a pretty big and succesful career in films. Antonio Birabent took the role of Bruno Costas and it made of it a memorable role, you actually could feel the madness within him. The directors also did a great job in taking the story to the screen.
  • Intelligent, exciting dark psycho thriller with well-crafted script and fine characterisation. Well worth a watch.

    I started watching this show on SBS Australian multi-cultural TV and thought to myself what a great series this is. The only barrier to it being a very widespread and popular TV show is that it is Argentinian with English subtitles - I know there are a lot of people who don't watch subtitled programs. I thought the idea behind this series was interesting - a serial killer who has an interest in a case gone wrong from five years ago, who wants to kill the people involved in that case. This is a very dark psycho thriller and not for the faint hearted. I admit I've only watched the first episode so far but was very taken in as the ideas are original (even though I kept thinking of the movie Se7en in some scenes). The first episode features flashbacks to the incident that went wrong from five years ago and the protagonists involved in it.

    Do give this show a watch as it is intelligent plotting, story writing with very strong characterisation. I hope the second episode is as good, as I am really exciting and looking at this show as a way to fill up my Monday nights,