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ER follows the medical personnel and patients in the emergency room of Chicago's fictional County General Hospital. Created by best-selling author Michael Crichton ("Jurassic Park") and produced by John Wells ("The West Wing"), Christopher Chulack ("Third Watch"), David Zabel ("JAG"), and R. Scott Gemmill ("Jonny Zero"), the Emmy Award-winning series has completed fourteen seasons as one of television's highest-rated dramas. The doctors and nurses of County's ER confront the daily challenges of a busy urban hospital, including overcrowded waiting rooms, staffing shortages, and the impact of life-and-death decisions. While they teach the next generation of doctors, each must tackle the demands of their personal lives, at times unsuccessfully.
Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle

Dr. John Carter

Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney

Dr. Abby Lockhart

Goran Visnjic

Goran Visnjic

Dr. Luka Kovac

David Lyons

David Lyons

Dr. Simon Brenner

Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

Nurse Sam Taggart

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards

Dr. Mark Greene

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Fan Reviews (366)

  • New Fan-BIG fan!

    Hi, I'm new to the show here in the (believe it or not), and I love the show completely. I am mid stream with the story demise-blubb!!), but I am enjoying it immensely, and want to thank you guys for first class acting, script, production, story line, and hard work. Loving it all, so much so I am tempted to buy the whole series and watch it all from the beginning!! Considering the amount of rubbish thrown on TV these days, this series makes a refreshing change, so thank you all once again!! New fan, big fan-always!moreless
  • best show ever!!!

    I have watched every episode from every season and continue to watch them till this day. I am not a big tv watcher but this show has been the only one to keep my attention for such a long time. I still miss it! Have all the episodes and watch daily. My husband cannot fall asleep at night unless he hears the theme music in the background. He thinks something is wrong if it is not playing! LOVE IT!!!!moreless
  • Didn't watch after George Clonney left.

    but I did enjoy the first couple seasons and I watched the Series Finale.
  • One of the best hospital dramas I have seen. A long show which has introduced us a lot of people and situations - medical and personal.

    I used to watch this show years ago, back in the day when George Clooney and Noah Whyle still starred the show with Laura Innes. I was pretty young then, but I remember watching this with my mom late every Thursday night.

    I have seen glimpses of the show afterwards, these last few years, and although it didn't hook me, this is definitely one of the best hospital shows there is.

    The personnel is interesting, there is drama between them and in their lives, but still the hospital life itself is given room to flourish.

    While I'm sure there are many medical inaccuracies in this show - like in any other such show - they make ER believable, and in the end that is what guarantees a hit show, which this one definitely is.moreless
  • Same old story, time and time again.

    Alright people I usually do not write reviews on Television Episodes/Series but this show has bothered me for quite a while. I started watching this show a few years ago and I have to admit I liked what I saw, so I continued to watch but oddly after the first 50 or so episodes it began to just be the same old story . . . or rather a lack of one. The second the show started a "new" episode it had already become quite predictable. I knew alright this patient is in critical condition (what a surprise it never happens) and I figured they would die because most of them I've seen have died, and I was right they did. I need a good solid story to keep me and this show could not provide that, it was all over the place and never really gave a story or at least a consistent one. Every day a new episode came on you knew . . . alright same doctors, same drama, and of course the same ending . . . doctors would go home and it would all start again. Again this is just my review you can take it or leave it.moreless

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