Season 12 Episode 22

21 Guns

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Pratt enters the ER in a suit. Jerry, Chuny, Ray, Morris and Kerry are gathered around the desk as he approaches. Jerry and Chuny ask about sending flowers or attending, clearly surprised they've been told not to; this conversation is obviously about Gallant's funeral. Pratt tells them there will be a memorial service next week, but today is a family-only graveside ceremony. Ray notes "And you," to Pratt, who replies she needs someone to lean on, and tells Ray he and Gallant were close. Ray's face clearly reflects the wish he was the one Neela was leaning on. Morris tells Pratt to wish her well, and Kerry assures him Neela should not even consider returning to work until she's ready. As Pratt leaves, Jerry tells Kerry that Dr. Anspaugh's office has called, and he's waiting for her.

Walking away from the desk, Kerry approaches Haleh, who has a young woman with her. Haleh introduces her as Mary Warner, an EMT trainee. Mary says she's there to "take vitals or whatever" for credit. Kerry's pager beeps and she checks it, and distractedly agrees. Mary shows her a form that must be signed as Haleh asks what Kerry what she'd like Mary to do. Kerry suggests Mary shadow a nurse, and leaves hurriedly. Haleh shows her how patients enter the ER, then they chat about why Mary chose to be an EMT, a recent decision, as she walks Mary toward Sam. Sam is cleaning the mouth of a patient with some very ugly teeth. Haleh asks Sam to let Mary observe her; she's got an accident victim to tend to. Sam's got a meth-mouth to clean, but Haleh leaves Mary with her, saying she'll come get her soon. Sam explains the meth causes the tooth enamel to dissolve, and jokes the patient hasn't been flossing. Mary, somewhat oddly, tells him he really has to floss every day.

Pratt stands outside the ER entrance, waiting for the limo to take him to Gallant's service. Ray joins him, asking how Neela is doing. Pratt assures him Neela is doing amazingly well, and Ray notes she's "tougher than she looks." Pratt agrees. Casually, Ray says he'll try calling her again, but Pratt feels she needs some space. Ray fumbles for words, as Pratt suggests he shouldn't "complicate" things for Neela; he's picked up on Ray's feelings. The limo pulls up, and Pratt notices Neela is not in it. Capt. Evans tells him she's asked they go on to the cemetery without her, that she's not up to it.

The camera pans up an occupied bed, as the ratting of paper and a banging noise are heard in the background. As we see Abby awaken, alone in bed, we hear Luka's voice from the next room, clearly agitated as he talks to something or someone in Croatian. The banging and paper rattling continue as Abby lifts her head to see what's happening. A he calls whatever has him so annoyed a duck's backside, still in Croatian, the camera pans around to Abby's point of view, and we see Luka in jeans and t-shirt, crouched in front of a nearly-finished crib. Abby sits on the edge of the bead, listening to Luka as he sighs to calm himself, and begins to read the English-language directions in Croatian. Abby, in her white pajamas, walks across the hall into the freshly painted room where Luka is struggling with the crib. He's clearly working on the baby's room. As she enters the room, Abby jokes "Bob Vila, look out." Luka looks up, assuring her the crib isn't finished yet. She thinks it looks pretty finished as Luka moans in exasperation, rubbing his eyes. Abby looks around the room and decides he's either been working fast or she's been sleeping for days. We see Luka with his hand over his eyes, as Abby asks how his insomnia is; he's probably been working all night. Luka tells her he keeps thinking about Gallant and Clemente as sits on a small love seat behind him, staring once more at the directions to the crib before dropping them. He's got a lot on his mind. Abby picks up a stuffed panda and sits beside him. Luka drops his hand on her thigh comfortably, as she looks around the room. He explains he painted the room yellow because they don't know if the baby will be blue or pink. Luka leans over, talking to Abby's belly, asking the baby whether it will be blue or pink. He knocks gently on her belly with his knuckles and says hello as though trying to get the baby's attention as Abby studies the panda. She wonders aloud whether pandas are creepy, and drops the panda. Luka, humoring her, agrees they're terrifying as he settles his head more comfortably, one hand on her belly, as she runs her hand up and down his back. The scene reflects total ease on both Luka and Abby's part: they've done this before. The camera comes in close on Luka's face as he continues to talk to the baby, now in Croatian, asking again if it's pink or blue. From above him, Abby acknowledges they don't say much about how they feel, but she wants Luka to know how much she loves "this, all of this." Luka squints quickly as if he's asking himself if she just said she loves him, and listens quietly, his head still on her belly, as Abby swallows heavily and continues. Somewhat hesitantly, she observes that since they're on the verge of a life-changing experience, and that they haven't been as specific about their relationship as they could be… Abruptly, Luka cuts her off, acknowledges she's right and suggests they get married. Abby looks surprised, as though she wonders what she just heard, but says nothing. Luka hesitates a moment, then grimaces: that didn't come out the way he'd planned. He waits a moment more, then looks up at her, looking intently to her eyes as she flashes a quick smile, their faces close, and we cut to the opening credits.

Act One
Kerry enters a hospital boardroom, where Dr. Anspaugh is waiting for her. A large tray of fruit and note pads on the table suggest there's a meeting soon. Near one end of the table, a woman types on a laptop computer. Kerry greets Anspaugh, apologizing for not realizing he wanted to have what she terms a pre-meeting. Anspaugh explains he wanted to talk before the upcoming medical executive committee meeting. Kerry looks a bit surprised. Anspaugh is concerned about the aftermath of Clemente's actions, which is more than he anticipated. He reads a letter from an attorney threatening to sue the hospital on behalf of a patient who lost a toe under Clemente's supervision. Kerry feels the case was handled appropriately, but Anspaugh notes the family sees "an opportunity." At this point, Kerry looks uncomfortably at the transcriptionist, and asks to speak to him privately. Anspaugh refuses, citing hospital policy for the need to record their conversation. Annoyed, Kerry notes defensively that Clemente was cleared by the impaired physician's committee and never tested positive for drugs. Anspaugh isn't sure it matters: Clemente is on a list of bad doctors the state maintains, and Kerry should have known. She insists she needed an attending quickly, but the board feels she wasn't sufficiently diligent before hiring Clemente. Anspaugh presses her about his situation in New Jersey, which Kerry angrily insists was a vague and unsubstantiated. Anspaugh's having none of it; he thinks Kerry should have been more aware of Clemente's performance in the ER. Kerry begins to distance herself, insisting she's not in charge of the ER. That leads Anspaugh to a new issue: the board's concerns about Luka's management of the ER. Kerry is clearly surprised Luka's performance is being questioned. Anspaugh asks if she's satisfied with Luka as Chief. Now feeling fully under attack, Kerry answers safely and politically: Luka is doing "the best he can with what he has." Uh-oh.

Abby and Chuny stand alongside a gurney in Trauma One. Luka, in scrubs, stands opposite, Haleh alongside him. Luka has his head down, reviewing a chart and giving medication orders. Abby reviews her treatment with him, looking a bit bemused. There's tension in the air. Luka completes disposition orders; it's a terse conversation as Luka avoids looking at Abby. As Luka leaves, Chuny and Abby look after him curiously, and Abby follows him out. She finds him standing in the hallway, reviewing an x-ray. She gently chides him for giving her the cold shoulder, but Luka's not too pleased with the answer he got to his proposal and starts to walk away. Abby counters it wasn't be best proposal she's ever had; stung, Luka wonders how many she's had. Abby throws up a hand in exasperation and turns to walk away, but Luka calls her back quickly. He leans on the counter, now at eye level with Abby. Struggling to be reasonable, Luka tells her he's confused by what she wants the relationship to be, or how much commitment she wants. She talks over him, insisting she just doesn't want to get married for its own sake, that she's already done that. Confused, Luka asks Abby, "don't we love each other?" Abby emphatically insists they do. Luka continues: then shouldn't they stay together? Abby's not sure how to answer, wondering if people can, or should. It's a new idea to her. From a distance, Morris calls Abby, distracting her briefly as Luka stares at her, disappointed. Gently, Abby asks him to let her get through one change in her life at a time; Luka chews on his thumb, unsure what to say. From behind him, Kerry calls to him, wanting to talk. He stands up straight, acknowledges Kerry, then turns to Abby once more, quietly telling her that he thinks it's easier to take on life changes all at once. They look at each other for a moment more, the issue still unsettled, before Luka walks toward Kerry.

Luka and Kerry chat about the improvement in her hip as they walk up the hallway to a quieter spot. She tells Luka she must attend an emergency Risk Management committee meeting, regarding "the Clemente situation." Luka is unclear what situation, given he's fired Clemente. Kerry tells him about the lawsuit creating problems for them both. Luka seems surprised it involves him. Kerry reminds him he runs the department, but he counters that she hired Clemente before he became Chief. Kerry knows, since she appointed him. Luka's face indicates is having a hard time believing what he's hearing. In a bemused tone, he asks, rhetorically, if he should have fired Clemente sooner. Kerry feels the warning signs were there, and Luka could have done so. As she answers, a tall cart with supplies passes between them, marking the metaphorical divide between them. The implications of what Kerry says hit Luka, and he wonders if he's going to lose his job. Kerry deflects the question by telling him he might not be Chief had she not recommended him, then suggests they "get through" the aftermath. Luka watches her walk away, his face grim; he knows this isn't going away soon, or for him, easily.

Pratt knocks on Neela's door. She peers out, wrapped in a sweater, her face tear-stained. He gently chides her for standing him up, and she says she's not going. He tries to reassure her, but she knows if she goes, she has to say goodbye to Michael and forget. Pratt doesn't believe she has to, but Neela tells him she's already begun to forget things about Michael. Unsure what to say, Pratt asks to come in. They sit together, as Neela talks. She keeps asking herself why Michael went back. Pratt gives her a pat answer: he did what he needed to do, but Neela's not buying it. He died young, and horribly. Pratt presses the point: Gallant wanted to do something meaningful, that most people couldn't imagine themselves doing. It's something, Pratt tells her, that he's come to understand of late. He assures her no one wants to forget Michael, and that the ceremony is about remembering.

Abby, through the lens of a video camera, describes someone in glowing terms, somewhat insincerely. We see Morris holding the camera, making a video about himself, it appears. He asks Abby to talk about his charm and be sexy. She finds it stupid, and walks away. Morris follows her, calling her "Abbs." It's his last day, and he wants some memories. Abby reminds him he's only going seven blocks away. Morris defends his video-making as Abby razzes him about his approach, calling him "Fassbinder." Clueless, Morris wonders if that's a Croatian word, having to do with him and a goat. Behind Morris, Jerry brings in a small boy, Timmy, dressed in a plump strawberry costume. Morris turns and talks to Jerry and the boy, who ate too much at a school party. Morris passes the case on to Abby, he's not treating any more kids.

Zadro brings in an old man found semi-conscious in a car, accompanied by two older women. Abby hurries to take the case, sending Timmy to the curtain area. Jerry takes Timmy to a nearby gurney, and makes strawberry jokes with him. Timmy's stomach hurts, so Jerry pinches him. Timmy yelps, but Jerry jovially comments at least he's not thinking about his stomach any more.

Abby walks toward an examining room alongside Zadro and the gurney, as the two ladies tell him about Mitch, the older man. They knew something was wrong when he didn't show up for a church group bus trip. Abby checks his responsiveness to pain as the ladies explain that they prayed, and were lead to him. Abby assures them they'll do their best to save him.

Sam is now in Morris' camera range, and struggling to find something to say. Mary appears in the viewfinder, telling Sam that "Holly" needs them. Sam leaves with Mary, turning to remind Morris about a patient needing a rectal, one more Morris doesn't think he has to do on his last day. Sam asks if there are any patients he's willing to examine. "Hot chicks!" says Morris. A short way down the hall, Mary shows Sam some vitals she's taken on a patient. It's obvious to Sam that Mary has no idea what she's doing when she both misuses terminology and records a BP that would make the patient nearly dead. Sam corrects her, and Mary covers by claiming to be new at it all. Sam encourages her to get help if she needs it; they enter the examining room where Abby is seeing to Mitch and the older ladies. Abby quickly barks orders to Sam as she intubates Mitch. Sam asks the ladies what happens, wondering about his medication. They assure her he wasn't drunk, but might be taking medication for his pressure. Abby wants him paced, and orders compression. Sam tells Mary to start CPR as she prepares the pacing equipment.

Ray examines Timmy as Jerry stands nearby, chatting with the boy about being a strawberry in the school play. Jerry remembers being a munchkin before he got so big. Ray calls out his assessment of Timmy, which seems fine, then asks if a popsicle will help. Jerry makes another strawberry joke, before he goes in search of one. Morris enters the scene again, now filming himself meeting Dumar and a new patient, Rafe, with blunt head trauma. His head is bandaged and he's dressed in prison coveralls, accompanied by a prison guard. Rafe shouts at an unseen person, as Dumar explains: Rafe was injured in a prison fight, and the second prisoner involved is right behind them. Still avoiding problem patients, Morris orders him to Trauma Two with Ray, as Rafe continues to shout at someone off camera. The second prisoner rolls in for Morris to assess; it's Steve, who's shouting back at Rafe. Olbes gives his vitals over Steve's shouting, and tells Morris he may have ripped open his stitches from the appendectomy. Morris greets Steve, and examines Steve's bleeding incision before sending him down the hall with the assurance Ray will be with him soon.

Mary does CPR on Mitch as Abby works on him. Something appears wrong with his heart. Sam hears Steve's voice and turns; we see Steve roll by outside the examining room. Luka enters behind Mary, asking what's happening with Mitch. Abby runs down the details as Sam, who looks curious, watches Steve. Luka looks at Mary, still giving CPR, with displeasure, and asks what she's doing. CPR, she explains as Luka snaps on gloves. He feels she can't be doing much good with her technique and when she doesn't understand the terminology he uses, he orders her back. Luka takes over CPR, and asks Sam and Abby who she is as though he wonders why anyone so incompetent is near a patient; tartly, Mary asks who he is. Sam explains why Mary is there. Annoyed, Luka tells her she should have shown Mary the right way to do CPR. Breathless from exertion, Luka introduces himself to Mary by name, then as ER Chief. He tells her that as long as she's there, he's going to train her a bit, then explains the proper technique. Mary looks at him with a teenaged smirk on her face as Luka continues compressions, clearly displeased.

Pratt sits in the limo, staring out the window. He turns his head to look at Neela, sitting alongside him; she's lost in her own thoughts, staring out the opposite window. They're in a cemetery. Sitting in the jump seat, Capt. Evans looks uncomfortable. He tells Neela there will be a military honor guard, as requested. Neela is surprised, and asks who made the request. It was Gallant's parents, Evans says. Pratt thinks it's something Gallant might have wanted. Neela looks away, and Evans continues, discussing the reception after the ceremony. Bitterly, Neela says no more than to comment on the canapés. Cut to black. THIS RECAP NEEDS FINISHING. WANT TO GIVE IT A TRY?