Season 12 Episode 22

21 Guns

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • one of their best finales

    action, emotion, drama and heartache: everything you'd expect from ER. Still delivering quality episodes 12 years in, I couldn't have asked for more. The shoot out was the OK Corral and was done beautifully. Starting out slow and eerily silent with Sam's awesome cue to Abby ('Abigail') and rocketing into high action shooting and ducking for cover. When Sam's ex pulled open the van door to reveal Alex inside I literally got chills. Abby slumping to the floor while Snow Patrol's 'Open Your Eyes' swelled and Luka watched helplessly had me screaming at the tv and counting the days until the premiere. Bravo.
  • Shots fired in the ER!!

    Possibly the best ER season finale ever!!! Criminals brought in as patients attempt to escape and do a pretty good job thanx to an indider they have in the form of a fake trainee nurse. From then on the Drama and the action steps up a gear with a full on gun war in the middle of the ER.
    This in easily the best season finale this show has delivered in its 15 year run, the final 5 mins were amazing, i was on the edge of my seat and when the credits began rolling with so many questions unanswered i almost died!!! Was Abby Dead?, How was Sam going to escape with her son?, would Jerry surive? Who would discover Luka tied up and was he ok? What was going to happen??
    Overall Brilliant Drama, Brilliant Action, Brilliant Acting, possibly the best ER episode ever!!!
  • A very exciting episode.

    This was a great episode - very cleverly plotted and the way the motion was set and thing started to work - it was amazing. I never expected anything like this - the action, the danger and I think maybe the most shocking moment was when we saw Alex taped up. The man has to be crazy - kidnap his own child this way. It was horrible.

    And the ending - I really liked it. The music, the way Luka was so helpless to see what was going on and do nothing and then Abby - collapsing before his eyes and he could not do nothing.

    Great season ender.
  • I feel like it's 2000 again, a fine return to form...

    If you have a conversation with someone about favourite TV shows and you mention ER as one of yours, you are likely to talk to someone who used to watch the show but has given up on it.

    "Oh I stopped watching when George Clooney left," they might say, or "it's not the same as it was." Well I suggest showing them this episode as an example of how fine a show this is. Sure, the format is in excess of 13 years old; sure, a lot of the original characters we have known and loved have gone (Sherry Stringfield's departure this season was atrocious, she hadn't had a decent storyline for a while so I am unsurprised , but as an original character she deserved a better departure - I hope to see Susan Lewis return on day soon...)

    But the one thing this show can produce is original loveable characters, and NO character or actor is bigger than the show, the departures of Mark Greene and Carter (and Clooney to a certain extent) have proved that.

    This particular episode was stellar. Stellar writing, stellar screenplay, stellar performances. Maura Tierney (Abby) is exceptional as Abby, but I believe it is Linda Cardellini (Sam) who absolutely shines in this episode, as she has throughout her time with the show (a shame that the child actor who plays her son was replaced, for continuity purposes).

    In my opinion this episode is a true return to form, not since the season 6 two parter "Be Still My Heart/All In The Family" have I been so on the edge of my seat with adrenaline, ER should be available on prescription as a stimulant...
  • abby is in the shoot out and passes out bleeding on the floor of a trauma room.

    this episode is absulutly amazing and so exciting.i was hooked through out the episode and waited eight months to see what happend. i had never been so hooked and drawn to a tv program like i am to this one. it has got to be the best episode so far out of all twelve series. it was just so amazing and was left so well. i haven't missed an episode since i saw this one. i cant wait to see what they do next. i love this series now and every episode seems to be better than the last one.i am definetly going to watch er until the last ever episode.
  • A bit out of character and over the top

    Looking back at this episode, it doesn't hold up as well as most. I fully agree that there were some fantastic special effects and stunts in this episode. We don't normally see that on an average episode of ER. However, the main storylines were dwarfed by some really unpleasant characters and storylines. I absolutely hated the funeral for Michael. It was very tasteless and unpleasant. The fact that Pratt was the only one from the hospital was horrible to watch. Even Mark's funeral brought back a few characters. This one was almost hidden from sight.

    Unfortunately, the biggest disappointment for me was the main storyline with Luka, Steve, Sam and the fellow prisoner and his girlfriend. This whole storyline felt overly written and just as a way to show just how bad Steve was. It was meant to be a period to Sam's rather tiresome relationship with Steve. Truthfully, while Sam did make an attempt to draw attention to the escape, it was a bit too little and too late.

    The photography and stunt work was stylized and rather a tip of the hat to some current filmmakers. It just felt rather out of place on ER. I do applaud them trying to energize the show and do something else, but it was just another cliffhanger. I'm not sure we need to see a cliffhanger every finale.

    On the plus side, the aftermath of chaos was done really well and the ER's attempt to save Jerry was admirable. We got to see Morris step up and take charge and that was great. Also, Maura Tierney was terrific in her last scene when she collapses. The full horror of the day came in that scene with her lying on the floor and the ER being unaware of her condition. Plus, the Snow Patrol song was a perfect choice!
  • Greates episode ever!

    wooow then I first saw this episode I couldn't help but feeling withdrawn to see what happen next but since here in my country I have to wait a lot to see the next season and I couldn't figure out exactly when they will show it I enter the net the same day and downloaded the next episode cuz I couldn't help it I had to see what happened.
    The story of this episode was superb the writer should be given an award or something, also the director, and of course the actors, and every body who done something in this episode cuz it was greeeeeeeeeat. I felt sorry for Abby when I saw that she was bleeding and I became scared for the baby and when I saw Kovac trying very hard to release him self to try to save Abby and their baby my eyes became tearful

    I can't continue u should see it Ur self
  • Unbelievable. Best episode ever.

    I watched this episode after missing th few running before it. However found it easy to pick up what was going on.
    Was a bit ..boring at the beginning, just seemed like a regular day in the ER, then when everything starting happening, Abbey almost getting shot, i was on the edge of my seat, almost pleading for nothing to happen to the baby. I felt for Sam when she found her son kidnapped in the back of the van and was almost forced in.
    Then when Luca see's Abbey collapsing but cant do anything to help her, it was killing me.
    A fabulous episode, one of ER's finest.
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    This is a great episode! The star is a little slow, but it gets better. Sam callikn Abby 'Abigail' was a really smart move, but then Steve and his friends star shooting everywhere, and one of the bullets hits Jerry.
    Gallant's funeral was really sad!
    The final scene makes you really nervous, because Abby is on the floor, bledding, Luka is paralized in the next room, and it ends like this, so we keep wondering if baby Joe is gonna be ok, if Abby is gonna be ok...
    The music Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol was perfect for the final scene!
  • Best episode of ER ever

    One of the best pieces of fictional drama I've ever seen on television and without doubt the best episode of ER so far. The content, of course, is harrowing but the overall pace and editing of the episode is unparalleled, leaving the viewer with the hugest of cliff-hangers (I stood staring with my mouth open at the television, speechless) as primary characters are left marooned in life-threatening jeopardy! What also really set this episode apart from the others was the soundtrack in the closing scenes - every time I hear the track I remember the danger the characters were in and it gives me goosebumps. An amazing and tantalising piece of television, bravo to all involved.
  • If you aren't a big fan of heart-pounding action that throws you on the verge of tears--this episode isn't for you...

    Wow! Where do I begin?! I have to start off by saying that the previews for "21 Guns" had me counting down to the very hour before the finale! I almost couldn't bear the anticipation that was flowing through my blood for this episode! Although it seemed a bit far-fetched with the whole scheme of a "shoot-out" in the middle of the ER, the episode, in my opinion, really held me down until the last second! I couldn't leave my seat even for a few minutes just to go to the bathroom or get myself a drink...yes, I was that captivated by it! Luka being paralyzed, Abby falling to the floor, Jerry being shot, Sam and Alex swiftly taken away by Steve and his accomplices -- all of this was just TOO MUCH to register right away in my mind! I have never had so many conflicting emotions all while watching one episode of ER...or any other TV drama episode for that matter! This is a must see ER classic! Two thumbs way up!
  • WOW!

    Every minute of this brilliant season finale was awesome!
    This had everything an episode should have and it was directed fanstastically, it was full on action and so suspensful although the end kept me in tears. No one expected what was coming and BANG!
    I've watched this show since it's tenth season and almost every episode was perfect and wonderfully directed and deserves to have a long run!
    This episode kept me in suspense the whole time especially when Abby fell to the ground and her partner was sitting in the room next to where she was trying to get her attention and watching her fall. What a tearjercker! It was the end that got to me most how almost everyone was dead. Overall an excellent final with full on action and suspense!
    I can't wait for the next Season to begin!
  • =D

    I loved this episode, I saw it on Moday because I live in New Zealand, although I'd already looked ahead on the net and found out what happens I still was really anxious! The writing for this was really good, after so many years ER still remains the best thing on television.
  • Amazing final episode who made me hold my breath!

    I don't like Sam, she's just totally uninteresting. Luka and Sam always, almost, fought about something but now when they're not together they seem to get along well. I don't really know if Sam would tube in the person who got drugged, maybe she would, but it was Luka. So she tried and I'm REALLY happy for that. Otherwise he would be dead.

    The Gallant funeral couldn't be more sad. Neela's just so mad, I think. Which she have the right to be but maybe he's funeral isn't the best day?

    And the end comes and I really wonder what's gonna happen. The ER teaser keeps giving me bad feelings and there's a voice inside me telling me that this can't end good. and it didn't.
    Abby pass out when she's on her way to get a thorax seal to Jerry and Luka sees her but he can't do anything. It's horrible and I cry. Open your eyes really fits to this moment and suddenly the credits roll. Am I supposed to wait the whole summer until September to know what's gonna happen!? How am I supposed to survive?
  • Everybody is just doing their job and then WHAM chaos ..!

    The scene with Luka in the nursery was priceless ..trying to put a crib together,talking to Abby's belly..his less than romantic was all good.
    Th cold shoulder treatment when they got to work was cute but it left them sort of at odds with each other and then all the chaos ensued...
    I felt really bad for Sam she was terrified of what was going to happen and when Mary stabbed Luka with Vec ..I was gut-renched watching him being intubated by Sam knowing that she probably couldn\'t do it.
    Jerry being injured was sad but he saved the little boys life by taking the bullet himself...I knew Jerry would be okay with that in a strange sort of way. Abby\'s scene where she faints and her blood stained hand appears in the window near Luka was could feel his anger and frustration at not being able to help her!!!!! I wanted to jump into the TV screen and untie him my self.
    Great cliffhanger!
  • Lives are changed forever, Abby hits the floor and her baby´s in danger while Sam and Alex are kidnapped by Steve. an excellent episode both writting by david zabel. ER continues to be a great show after 12 seasons, looking forward for the season pr

    i think this episode was one of the best episodes of the show. the whole 12th season was very exciting: the relationship between Luka and Abby, Neela and Gallant´s wedding, John Leguizamo´s special guest star, Abby being pregnant, Pratt going to Africa and of course the season finale. I think the executive producers have done a fine job with the story and the carachters of the show, hopefully this will keep going on season 13. i would like to see more development on Ray and Kerry also on the "relationship" between Morris and Albright. Great show, still one of the best of tv
  • Brilliant

    this has got to be one of the best episodes of ER ever!! i loved it but it did make me cry at the end because you don't no what's going to happen to Abby!! Seeing Luka (who still looks incredibly hot to say he nearly died) tryng to get to abby who had collasped was just heartbreaking!! The best cliffhanger ever on any season of ER, which proves its still going strong after 12 years!! Hopefully Abby will be ok and her and luka can live together- im such a romantic but i have wanted them to get together for a long time- it's like Gris and sara on CSI!!
  • The mother of all cliff-hangers.

    Season 10 finale: Sam, Alex, and Steve cliffhanger; season 11 finale: Sam, Alex, and Steve cliffhanger; season 12: finale: Sam, Alex, and Steve cliffhanger. Again?

    This time there was much more than Sam, Alex, and Steve.

    Luka proposed to Abby, she shot him down wanting to only have one major life change at a time. Anspaugh questions Weaver's judgement and Luka's ability to manage the ER. Morris refuses patients on his last day. An incompetent EMT trainee follows Sam around, but turns out that's not all she is.

    Steve stages the ultimate jail-break, getting brought into the ER after a fight with fellow inmate Rafe. Turns out Mary is part of the plot and injects Luka with Veck, putting his life in danger. I think everyone worried along with Sam as she struggles to intubate Luka.

    Sam drops hints about the situation to Morris - who doesn't get it - and Abby, who tells the police leading Rafe and Steve to open fire. In the chaos, Steve and company make off with Sam and Alex - who they has snagged earlier in the day.

    During the shootout Abby hits a cart belly first and hits her head and Jerry takes a bullet. The anguish increases as the episode ends with Jerry's life in the balance, Abby unconcious on the floor, and a frantic Luka intubated and tied to a gurney.

    This is definately an episode to keep you coming back for more.
  • The saddest most nerve-wracking episode yet..Not Knowing About Abby and her baby, what was going to happen. And seeing Luca squirming and trying to get loose so badly to get to Abby..Was heartwrenching..(spoilers) for those who haven't seen it

    Well it is the first episode i've seen in a long time, i have to be honest. I haven't been able to keep up in a while..but man at first i couldn't even believe Abby was pregnant. lol..but it just showed in this episode that Luca really loves Abby. But yes, the shooting. I always loved Jerry. For him to be shot like that was hard to see. But we can't lose him. But most importantly, we can't lose Abby or her baby. I mean Luca already lost a wife and two kids. He can't lose abby, or his and abby's baby too. I guess we can't lose anyone. We already lost Michael as it is.

    But yes, ER still has it. That thing that keeps you wanting more and more. And they showed it in this episode. I wanted to see this finale live, but with my cable network. Well let's just say my cable sucks..or atleast that channel. But it is the best episode i've seen thus far this season, even though i haven't seen much of it. This episode is worth watching. But i reccomend you watch it on a tape or something after the new season has already aired so you can watch immediatly what happens next. Otherwise you're going to have to wait too long. Every minute is long

    So to end this little episode summary to those who haven't watched it. Luca is stuck in suture room nr. 3..because he was injected with a drug that paralized him..he was tied to a bed. Even though at the end of the episode he can move.. He's still tied up and unable to go anywhere but luckily wasn't there during the shooting..Sam, well Sam is in deep trouble. Steve was brought in, along with a fellow mate he had a fight with hence they were the ones that caused the shooting. Sam was the one who intubated Luca, she got the chance to help Luca but that meant he had to walk Steve out with a fellow mate, pretending they were done for the day.. Sam was held by Steve during the shooting. While the criminals left the hospital, Sam asked Steve to let her stay behind and to think about Alex. Steve already has, he opens the door to find Alex tied in the van.. Sam runs into the van to Alex and off they go. Sam's a hostage now.. As for Abby, during the shooting, she jumps down, but you clearly see her fall against something. At first we only see a head injury. She seems fine. While doctors are working on Jerry, she feels dizzy. While she goes into the other room to get something for Jerry. Again she feels dizzy, and sees that she's bleeding from under. Luca sees this from the next room, he's just bind not blind. Abby feels more and more dizzy and we see her fall to the ground...Luza sees this and tries to fight as hard as he to get loose and help Abby..The episode ends with Abby on the floor.
    On other occasions, the funeral for Michael is held. And Neila is grieving...No one else that i know of got hurt during the episode. Or not that i recall..
  • you could do nothing but put the pieces together when the show was near its end. Surprising. This episode left you sqiurming, wondering if Luca was gonna die. If Abby and her baby was going to Survive. Tragic. It left a huge Clifhanger.

    2 prisoners come in, one happens to be Sam's ex. A new nurse who messes everything up. Kovach asking Abby to marry her, along with her pregnaut. The "new nurse" takes one of prisoner to the back room, she knows the plan and so does the other. Sam is sitching her ex up, he tells her the plan, but before she knows the plan, she takes him to the back room also. The " new nurse" sticks a needle in Kovach, inserting Vech, to paralize him. Why? He knows there is something going on in the back room. He can't BREATHE, now what? Sam tries to help him breath, which she does, but its time to go. Sam gives a sign to Abby when leaving, Ok, Abigail? Then it goes, gun fires, Abby crashing her head to the floor, but what no one knew, Abby wasn't ok, she was about to hemoridge.
  • This is up with the Best of ER episodes

    everything about this episode was amazing. the shot sequence, the Kid pinching an injured Jerry, Alex tied up in the car, Neila Telling off Mr. Gallant, Luca watching as Abby collapsed, Morris Leaving! it was all so well done. I just hope Jerry and Abby are Ok and on the season premiere that they don't focus on Sam too much. The Camera movement was perfectly fitting. and when Jerry was spurting blood I almost started to cry and then Abby collapsed and I was covered in Tears. Then new Steve was incredibly annoying but I was able to look past that but i still wish clemente was still on,
  • Loved it! It was very intriguing.

    I thought that this episode of ER was very well written. It kept me interested thoughout the whole show (they all do) but this one, I couldn\'t take my eyes off the t.v. I liked how after the shootout it seemed like Abby would be okay but at the end she wasn\'t.I also enjoyed the relationship between Jerry and Timmy (the strawberry kid). It was funny when Timmy pinched Jerry after he was shot to take his mind off the pain just like Jerry did to him when he came in. I can\'t wait to see next season because I bet it will be even better.
  • ...Wow...

    A fantastic episode, and I cannot wait for the next season to start. Hopefully with some good news about the lives of some of the characters.
    I am saddened about the future of Abby's baby. I really hope that everything turns out okay but I doubt it...
    But apart from that, this episode is really great. A favourite of mine definatly!
  • wow ER is the best show EVER and this episode by far has to be the best yet! i was so excited and amazed after i watched it!

    OMG, what an episode. 21 guns was a fantastic way to end the series and it had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode!! i cant believe they ended the show like that, what a cliff hanger! is abby going to be ok, and what about the baby? i was so moved by lucas reaction to abby collapsing it just shows how ER isnt only about a hospital it is about love and friendship. i cant wait for series 13, and i eagerly antisipate the fate of the doctors and nurses hurt in the shooting!Well done ER another breath clenching episode!
  • One of the best shows they have had. It was going one way at the begginning and then out of nowhere it went completely the other way. Awesome episode!!

    I loved this because you were not able to see what was going to happen before it happened. They have had so many where parents come in and frightned little kids end up being the killers. You could just about guess the coming scenes, but in this one they started from the begginning of the show and worked up the plot where we felt like we knew what was going on and it turned out we didn\'t know anything. I loved not expecting the climax. It completely got me. And they left everyone in trying circumstances. Luka tubed handcuffed to the bed, Abby passed out against the door where luka was, Jerry shot, and who knows how many other bad things. It was a great episode. I can\'t wait to find out how it all turns out.
  • brilliant

    what about this episode ay! absolutly brilliant. how could they endit like that. luka intubated and tied up, sam and alex kidnapped and not to mention abby and the baby and the state they are in. i hope that she and the baby are going to be ok because abby is my favourite character and i don't want any thing to happen to the baby either. i can't wait until next yaer when the are showing series thirteen over here. this series and last ended up with alex missing even though WE know where he is. peculier. oh well. prepare for series thirteen. i think we are in store for some hard hitters
  • WOW! Talk about amazing this episode leaves you with such a cliff hanger

    I think that this episode of ER was one of the most exciting series finale I have seen this year. I can not wit to find out what happened to abby and her baby. I hope that her baby is okay. WIll they ever find Luka? will they notice that Sam is missing? Will Jerry be alright? These questions all went through my head once the show was over. Four months is way to long to wait to find out what is going to happen next. I have just recently started to watch Er and I am already addicted. I fell in love with it immediatly. I hope that this next season will do better then this last season because it would really be a downer, because i truly is a great show.
  • Ending 12th season

    This episode brought back to ER the old sequences that deserves viewers's attention. It is good to know that they can still write storylines like this one. Because the show is still good, but some of the carachters are not very interesting, which is probably why Abby and Luka got together. They are great. Maura Tierney is one of the best actresses ever credited on this show. The only thing that it is not very attractive it is because personally I don't think it is good to end a season without the conclusion of the facts around. A cliffhanger might be great and exciting, but to end up the episode with Abby sick, Kovac paralysed, among other atories... that is not great at all. But whatever, te show must recover the audience and maybe this is why producers decided to do this.
    Excelent episode.
  • Loved it! Great season finale. Hope that the baby lives and Steve dies!

    I just wanted to cry at the end... and I did. To see abby on the floor covered in blood and Luka in the room next to her, not being able to do anything.. i just.. I think It was paintful to watch; I hope that the baby don't die!So sad that he/she might be a premmie! I have to way until November to know, b/c I'm from South America, so the episodes get here month later..
    About Sam leaving with Steve, I hope that she kills him, b/c she's not gonna move on if he don't leave her alone!
    I think that this was the best episode of the season..
    I guess that now that the ER is being reconstructed... again!..It be more safe for the docs, cause I'm tired of seeing the poor things suffer that kind of trouble at work.
  • So many people think ER jumped the shark a long time ago. But this season they've proved that they can still write exiting storylines!

    I loved this episode! The part with Neela talking to Gallant's dad at the funeral was the only part I did not love. That scene has been done to death before.
    But everything else about the episode, Luka & Abby, Sam & Steve, hey even Dr. Morris was great. Man, he has really made a character for himself! Funny guy! :)
    The best part was the end of the episode. I don't think ER has shot a scene that great before. The shooting in the ER was like taken from a movie, it was so good.

    My favorite part was Luka. I have loved him since he first walked into the series in 6x01. Now he has finally gotten a new life on track, with Abby and a baby on the way.
    When I saw him making the crib in the teaser, I instantly remembered from ER ep. 150 that Lukas son Marko was found dead under his crib. That gave me a horrible feeling throughout the episode. The cliffhanger was Luka seeing Abby fall bleeding to the ground, while tied almost completely paralized to a bed. If Abby or the baby is hurt, I'm gonna freak out! Has'nt that man been through enough? I just wanna see him and his new family beeing lovidovi next year. Happily ever after.. But, we'll have to wait till September to find out. Can't belive it's starting it's 13th season next year. That's gotta be some kind of a record!
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