Season 12 Episode 22

21 Guns

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC



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    • Kerry: You know, I'm not down there, Donald. I don't run the ER anymore.
      Anspaugh: Which leads me to a second issue. The board has concerns about Dr.Kovac's ability to manage the department.
      Kerry: You're not serious.
      Anspaugh: Are you satisfied with the job he's doing?
      Kerry: He's doing the best he can with what he has.

    • Rafe: I'll send you all to hell!
      Morris: You kiss your cell-mate with that mouth?

    • (Morris is making a memory tape.)
      Abby: Smart, uh, efficient, uhm, loyal friend...
      Morris: Sexier.
      Abby: Sexier?
      Morris: Something, something about my charm. Like: A man whose charm with women is matched only by his sensitivity with patients. Yes! Action.
      Abby: This is stupid. Forget it.
      Morris: What? Abs! This is it!
      Abby: Abs?! Don't call me Abs!
      Morris: I am out of here today, you're not gonna have Archie Morris to kick around anymore.
      Abby: Abs?!
      Morris: Can't blame a guy for wanting to carry around some fond memories.
      Abby: You're not going to Kilimanjaro, Morris.

    • Abby: I just... let me get through one humongous life change at a time, o.k?
      Kerry: Luka? Got a minute?
      Luka: Yeah. (to Abby) Sometimes it's easier if we lump them all together.

    • Abby: (Before she leaves Timmy with Morris and Jerry) Take it easy, Timmy.
      Timmy: Easy? I'm a freaking strawberry!

    • Abby: Cold shoulder huh?
      Luka: Well, not exactly the answer I was hoping to hear.
      Abby: Well, not exactly the best proposal I've ever heard.
      Luka: How many have you heard? (Abby turns away) Hey, hey. OK so, you don't, you don't know what you want this to be, how committed, how not committed...
      Abby: No, I just don't wanna get married for the sake of being married. I tried that once.
      Luka: Don't we love each other?
      Abby: It's not about that. Of course we do!
      Luka: Look, don't you think we should stay together forever?
      Abby: I don't know if anybody should...or can.

    • Abby: Listen..I know we don't say it, because I guess that's just how we are, but I hope you know how much I love...this. All of this. (hesitates, then continues) But since we are on the cusp of this hugely life-altering event, and we haven't been as specific as we could be about us, um, about our relationship... (trails off)
      Luka: (abruptly) You're right...let's get married.

    • Zadro: Hey, Jerry, man! What did you do?
      Jerry: I'm a big target. Tell Frank I can't cover for him on Friday.

    • Kerry: What the hell happened here?
      Ray: The OK Corral.

    • Abby: Is it just me or are pandas kind of creepy?
      Luka: They're terrifying.

    • Morris: I call no more kids. I'm sick of getting bit, kicked and pissed on.
      Abby: I guess that means you stopped dating too, huh?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Abby: Fassbinder!
      Abby yells this to Morris after he literally tells her what to say for his video. It is not a Croatian word, like Morris thought; Rainer Warner Fassbinder is a movie director with a very disciplinary work method.

    • (about Luka trying to build a crib for the baby)
      Abby: Bob Vila, look out.
      Bob Vila is a television show host and commercial pitchman for Sears. He is best known as the original host of the PBS home improvement show This Old House.

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