Season 1 Episode 0

24 Hours

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 1994 on NBC
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Pilot: A typical day filled with traumas packs the ER. Under pressure from his wife, Chief Resident Dr. Mark Greene considers leaving County to join a private practice that would give him a much higher salary. When a building collapses, multiple casualties are brought in. New medical students start their ER rotation, among them John Carter, an inexperienced third-year student. As the day continues, Dr. Peter Benton operates on a patient with an aortic aneurysm, a procedure normally performed by senior staff; and charge nurse Carol Hathaway is brought into the ER after a suicide attempt.moreless

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  • Welcome to the ER

    A brilliantly well done pilot episode for one of the most popular, and never ending shows on tv.

    I, like many fans. Think the show was better in the early years, the characters were perfect for example. They all 'fit', and so did their relationships with one another. We learn plenty of how it is to be a doctor, no sleep or off-time that's for sure (My dad is a doctor and mom a nurse)

    Mark Green; Mark is just a wonderful character, rich of emotions and extremely likeable. I loved his scene with John Carter and pretty much everything his character does. Doug Ross; Although his character doesn't flesh-out in the series premiere, he still comes off as the talented, intelligent and very likeable character. You can obviously see how much he cares for Carol.

    Susan Lewis; She's just great, funny and adorable. One of the best scenes of the episode is when she tells a patient he has got about Six months left, and he breaks down and hugs her. Peter Benton; Admittedly, I think he has a lot of ups and downs. I think he's very demanding, and sometimes irritating. But then again, he's a very necessary character and far from uninteresting. His choice of operating and saving a man's job made me win him over.

    Carol Hathaway; She was originally meant to die in the pilot. I really like her character, as does everyone else. Her suicide attempt was striking, but interesting. I'm just glad they didn't let her die.

    John Carter; The New Guy. I gotta say, he made me crack-up many times. I love this guy, I find myself relating a lot to his character, even when he was a dork. All around, a touching piece of television. And a freekin' great pilot.moreless
  • Great Start to an amazing show

    i think this is the best show ever... i hope it gets a season 15 because the show is still going strong and this pilot episode was fantastic... i mean the drama and the comedy also Dr john carters first day ... he looks like a baby i mean in season 12 i think when he does that special episode, he looks really fit in that. i think this show is quite funny even though its supposed to be a drams but Dr Benton is funny too especially when he was finding out about a patient from carter and then asked whats the mothers name was hat was funny and Carter was so cute looking through his notes trying to find it and Haleh... she has lost so much weight since season 1 she looks better in the later seasons but she still is funny.moreless
  • It hard to say how to summarize the whole event since it would be best to see it personally to keep your mind wonder.

    its very interesting and mind boggling with alot of high points and stimulating scenes. Nice plotting and very realistic approach. It is like being in the real Emergency Room in any given hospital. Nice portrayal of characters and interesting personalities. Good too see next time. Positively realistic and convincing episode. I cannot wait till next episode and what other obstacles that they might encounter and what other things they might need to solve in the nick of time. It would much be better if there would be alot of more new cases and interesting, unique cases next time. Anyways kudos! to the first episode.moreless
  • it's very great !

    I like this serie! is very good !

    I love the doctor John Carter and the doctor Luka Covac.

    And the nurse Abby Lockar.. es great!

    doctor weever.. him have very good..

    the emotion of this serie is very impactant.. ever happend something that we have the bord to the crazy jajaja

    I don't know .. this serie captive..

    honestly we will have a movie of this because i believe that have much audience...

    and now have much people around the world.. is very famouse because captive to much people...

    I feel very good look this serie, because intrigue myself.. I wanna be a doctor in me future ! because ever and ever I like feel that I salf to the people.moreless
  • A great beginning for something that lasts...

    I had already made it to season five second half when I had change to see the first season including this episode and after seeing quite many episodes and now see the beginning - it has even more special meaning. The way the introduce all the characters and try to make their story going - showing us how wonderful and interesting people they are - it was done wonderfully.

    All the familiar things, with some things that later were not there - all the atmosphere. I adored the idea on showing 24 hours - all what happened. Benton doing what he thinks was the best. Greene struggling with everything. Carol committing suicide - I was so glad they kept her in the show as she defenetly become one of the most interesting char for seasons. And Carter - the same Carter we will see later and who treats his student like.. and now.. being the same - not knowing much.. but he coped quite well

    Stunning episode, very special and beautiful irony after seeing more episodes as a look back where it all begin.moreless
Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Mr. Parker (uncredited)

Guest Star

Holly Gagnier

Holly Gagnier

Tracy Young

Guest Star

Paul Benjamin

Paul Benjamin

Mr. Ervin

Guest Star

William H. Macy

William H. Macy

Dr. David Morgenstern

Recurring Role

Christine Harnos

Christine Harnos

Jenn Greene

Recurring Role

Glenn Plummer

Glenn Plummer

Timmy [Rawlins]

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Mark Greene's wife is studying for a bar exam at the end of the month (March), but the Illinois bar exam is only offered in February and July.

    • When Carol is brought in to the ER after her overdose, she is treated aggressively but does not respond well, remaining in critical condition. Dr. Morgenstern and Dr. Greene discuss whether or not to continue treating her, and how the situation is affecting the staff. Greene wants to continue treatment, and Morgenstern responds with "you set the tone," meaning that no matter what Greene decides, he should proceed with confidence, and that his leadership will get the staff through this ordeal. This phrase would later be said by Greene to Carter in the Season 8 episode "Orion in the Sky," when Greene leaves the ER for the final time. It is then said by Carter to Morris in the Season 11 episode "The Show Must Go On," when Carter leaves the ER to be with Kem in Africa. Carter also says it to Morris when Carter returns to the ER in the Season 15 episode "The Beginning of the End."

    • Upon exiting the OR after initiating an unsupervised surgery but being complimented by Morgenstern, Benton gives the memorable fist thrust that was repeated in the opening credits for many years. That gesture was not in the original script; it was improvised by Eriq La Salle.

    • This episode, as well as "Day One" and "Hit and Run," all begin the same way, with one of the main cast members being awakened in Exam 8 at the end of the hallway. In this case, Mark Greene is woken up by Lydia. (In an apparent homage to the pilot, Lydia wakes Archie Morris in the in the exact same way in the very last episode of the series, Season 15's "And In the End...".) This episode also ends similarly to how it begins, with another scene showing Lydia waking up Mark in Exam 8.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (while treating an extremely flirtatious patient for first-degree burns on her inner thighs)
      Liz: Your touch is nice.
      Mark: This medication will make you feel a lot better.
      Liz: Your fingers are very long. Long and strong. I wanted to change first and put on some underpants. I knew you'd be seeing my underpants. And touching them.

    • (while treating Carol)
      Lydia: (to Carol's roommate, who had called 911 and came with Carol to the ER) Why'd she do it?
      Mark: It doesn't matter why she did it. We don't ask that about any other OD that comes though these doors, and we don't ask it about this one.

    • Morgenstern: The unit's looking to you, Mark. You set the tone.

    • Rachel: Hey, Dad, look!
      Greene: Oh, look, a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.
      Jenn: I gave in. What can I say? You're late.
      Greene: Sorry. We had a big one. Building collapsed.
      Rachel: Mommy's reading about tarts.
      Jenn: Torts.

    • (Mr. Parker has just found out he most likely has only six months left to live)
      Susan: Mr. Parker, if there's one thing you learn in my job, it's that nothing is certain. Nothing that seems very bad and nothing that seems very good. Nothing is certain. Nothing.

    • Little boy's mom: (about Doug Ross) He's very handsome.
      Haleh: He knows it.

    • Ross: (to mother of battered child) How dare you treat your child like this? He's a little kid! I try to be understanding in my job, but lady, this just stinks.

    • Benton: John Carter?
      Carter: Yes, sir.
      Benton: Peter Benton. You the surgical student?
      Carter: Yep. Third year.
      Benton: Good. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together so let me show you around so you'll be oriented. This is the admitting desk. If you need someone paged or a chart called up, you do it here. This is Timmy. Don't shake his hand, he's afraid of disease. This is the way to the lab. We do crits, counts, spin downs. Chemistries are marked with these slips and left at the front desk. Mark everything "stat" whether you want it fast or not. The Chem lab is 7022. The Heme lab is 6944. Memorize it. Everybody gets an IV the minute they walk through the door. Use an angiocath with a 16 needle. You need a large bore in case they're bleeding and you need to transfuse them. Do you know how to start an IV?
      Carter: Uh, actually, no.
      Benton: I thought you were third year.
      Carter: I am, but all I've done is dermatology and psychiatry.
      Benton: The well-dressed specialties, huh?

    • Carter: I thought I was going to be sick. (pause) I'm sorry.
      Greene: Don't ever say you're sorry. See, there are two kinds of doctors: there's the kind that gets rid of their feelings, and the kind that keeps them. If you're going to keep your feelings, you're going to get sick from time to time. That's just how it works.

    • Greene: (to Carter) By the way, I went to medical school with Dr. Benton. He used to get sick all the time, so don't let him give you any crap. You'll be fine.

    • Benton: That's it? Anything else?
      Jerry: Well, I've got a bit of a problem. My throat's been acting up.
      Benton: You need to see a doctor.

    • Jeff Barr: Are you married?
      Susan: No, I'm a doctor.
      Jeff Barr: Well, then listen...
      Susan: Take it easy, Mr. Barr. You wouldn't want to fall on your face twice in one day.

    • Morgenstern: Dr. Benton is the best resident we have. You learn everything you can from him, except attitude.
      Benton: (to Carter) He didn't mean that.
      Morgenstern: Yes, he did.

    • Benton: (having first spotted Carter) Oh, no! Would you look at this?
      Greene: That's the first tailored white coat I've ever seen.
      Benton: Isn't he lovely?
      Susan: Lovely.
      Greene: Do you think he knows anything?
      Ross: He knows how to dress.

  • NOTES (13)