Season 1 Episode 0

24 Hours

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 1994 on NBC

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  • Welcome to the ER

    A brilliantly well done pilot episode for one of the most popular, and never ending shows on tv.

    I, like many fans. Think the show was better in the early years, the characters were perfect for example. They all 'fit', and so did their relationships with one another. We learn plenty of how it is to be a doctor, no sleep or off-time that's for sure (My dad is a doctor and mom a nurse)

    Mark Green; Mark is just a wonderful character, rich of emotions and extremely likeable. I loved his scene with John Carter and pretty much everything his character does. Doug Ross; Although his character doesn't flesh-out in the series premiere, he still comes off as the talented, intelligent and very likeable character. You can obviously see how much he cares for Carol.

    Susan Lewis; She's just great, funny and adorable. One of the best scenes of the episode is when she tells a patient he has got about Six months left, and he breaks down and hugs her. Peter Benton; Admittedly, I think he has a lot of ups and downs. I think he's very demanding, and sometimes irritating. But then again, he's a very necessary character and far from uninteresting. His choice of operating and saving a man's job made me win him over.

    Carol Hathaway; She was originally meant to die in the pilot. I really like her character, as does everyone else. Her suicide attempt was striking, but interesting. I'm just glad they didn't let her die.

    John Carter; The New Guy. I gotta say, he made me crack-up many times. I love this guy, I find myself relating a lot to his character, even when he was a dork. All around, a touching piece of television. And a freekin' great pilot.
  • Great Start to an amazing show

    i think this is the best show ever... i hope it gets a season 15 because the show is still going strong and this pilot episode was fantastic... i mean the drama and the comedy also Dr john carters first day ... he looks like a baby i mean in season 12 i think when he does that special episode, he looks really fit in that. i think this show is quite funny even though its supposed to be a drams but Dr Benton is funny too especially when he was finding out about a patient from carter and then asked whats the mothers name was hat was funny and Carter was so cute looking through his notes trying to find it and Haleh... she has lost so much weight since season 1 she looks better in the later seasons but she still is funny.
  • It hard to say how to summarize the whole event since it would be best to see it personally to keep your mind wonder.

    its very interesting and mind boggling with alot of high points and stimulating scenes. Nice plotting and very realistic approach. It is like being in the real Emergency Room in any given hospital. Nice portrayal of characters and interesting personalities. Good too see next time. Positively realistic and convincing episode. I cannot wait till next episode and what other obstacles that they might encounter and what other things they might need to solve in the nick of time. It would much be better if there would be alot of more new cases and interesting, unique cases next time. Anyways kudos! to the first episode.
  • it's very great !

    I like this serie! is very good !
    I love the doctor John Carter and the doctor Luka Covac.
    And the nurse Abby Lockar.. es great!
    doctor weever.. him have very good..

    the emotion of this serie is very impactant.. ever happend something that we have the bord to the crazy jajaja
    I don't know .. this serie captive..

    honestly we will have a movie of this because i believe that have much audience...
    and now have much people around the world.. is very famouse because captive to much people...

    I feel very good look this serie, because intrigue myself.. I wanna be a doctor in me future ! because ever and ever I like feel that I salf to the people.
  • A great beginning for something that lasts...

    I had already made it to season five second half when I had change to see the first season including this episode and after seeing quite many episodes and now see the beginning - it has even more special meaning. The way the introduce all the characters and try to make their story going - showing us how wonderful and interesting people they are - it was done wonderfully.

    All the familiar things, with some things that later were not there - all the atmosphere. I adored the idea on showing 24 hours - all what happened. Benton doing what he thinks was the best. Greene struggling with everything. Carol committing suicide - I was so glad they kept her in the show as she defenetly become one of the most interesting char for seasons. And Carter - the same Carter we will see later and who treats his student like.. and now.. being the same - not knowing much.. but he coped quite well

    Stunning episode, very special and beautiful irony after seeing more episodes as a look back where it all begin.
  • A fantastic pilot episode

    Some random thoughts:

    I really enjoyed the episode actually, more than I thought I would. I assumed I'd find it out-dated, but instead, I enjoyed the pace, the dialogue was as good as ever and for a pilot episode with a few main characters we managed to get some insight into each of their characters. Like Benton's surgery was so Benton. I think Doug was extremely one-sided still. Carter was obviously the least recognisable. I think of him in two stages mostly - young fun learner and old weary (boring ) leader. BUT he didn't seem the curious fun Carter we get early on quite yet. Haleh looked SO young.

    Carol's attempted suicide and subsequent treatment took up all of seven minutes, which I guess is approptiate, as Juliana was only supposed to be a one-episode character, yet I still would have expected to see a little more depression from Mark as he continued the rest of his shift. Being well used to ER workers' accidents and deaths over the thirteen seasons, this was surely the incident with the least emotion attached after the initial shock.

    That said, it was strange but nice to see the doctors actually...participating in medicine away from the patients, if that makes sense. Like when we saw Susan with the testubes, and Bentons' visits to the X-ray people - we don't get that these days. Neither do we often have the camera focus on non-cast members as much as it did this episode. The lounge was full of hospital staff we don't know, and sometimes we saw closeups of nurses who aren't cast members. That was nice.

    Jerry seemed more sarcastic than in later seasons - maybe cause he works as a double act with Frank usually.

    I love Timmy and Wendy.

    All in all a nice introduction to the ER and it's staff.
  • The start of something great!!!

    The start of something great!!! With this episode ER begans and all the stories about: Mark, Susan, Peter, Carter, Carol, Doug, Jeanie, Kerry, Elizabeth, Cleo, Del Amico, Lucy, Abby, Luka, Malucci, Chen, Romano, Pratt, Neela, Sam, Morris, Ray, Gates and all the guest star to, I was shocked when I saw carol incoming to the ER in a try to suicide herself, she is so cool, I hope this 14º season will be more drama than 13º season, I hope ray comback with a protesis I don't care he is the best doctor and I hope Neela be good to
  • A very strong pilot episode.

    24 Hours was a very strong pilot episode for a series that has been running for thirteen seasons. This is by far one of the best episodes because it has all of our favourite original characters are there as they will be for 3 seasons. In the third season one leaves (hint her actress' name has an "S" in it). This two hour season premiere was just wonderful! The storyline really shows who these doctors are as they work at the Cook County General ER in Chicago, Illinois. You also see the dark side that these doctors and nurses may have. Ross snaps at a patient's mother, Hathaway tries to committ suicide, and Carter wants to re-evaluate his decision to be a doctor. Just absolutely stunning!
  • the episode that started it all...

    It is a very unique episode from beginning to the credits. It starts in a normal day in Cook County General`s ER and developes into one of the best episodes of the show. I can`t think of a better episode to start ER. We meet the new surgical student John Carter, We meet the nice doctors of the ER: Mark Greene, Doug Ross and Susan Lewis. Peter Benton as the resident whom Carter will follow to learn, and the great nurses of ER. Patients come they treat them and it all seems like a normal day with jokes, arguments.. It all changes when the beloved nurse Carol Hathaway is brought into the ER, overdosed. Funny, exciting and shocking.It`s a true classic!
  • The PILOT that started the first 13 seasons. They filmed this in a closed LA hospital which they magically turned into life. Michael Creighton at his best.

    Its 5AM and Mark Greene is sound asleep. He is awoken by the night nurse who states a patient is requesting him. Its Dr George Ross who has had a few too many on his "night off". Thus begins the fast paced ER of Chicago's Cook County Hospital. We are quickly introduced to Dr Peter Benton, Sherry Lewis, Nurse Carol Hathaway, and finally 3rd year med student Dr John Carter, who is wet behind the ears. He doesnt even know how to administer an IV. This is the ER show that it was meant to be. TRAUMA in an ER!
  • I didnt really like this one

    I now this was the first episode but I never really liked it much at all. I guess that I like ER more when its a bit lighter and funnier and this was just like a lot of angst and everything. plus Ive never really been a fan of Carol and she was really rubbish in this episode for obvious reasons lol. But anyway, I would have thought a show like ER would have a better beginning than this one cause normally the start of a series is like way better than the hole thing but with this it was like maybe one of the worst episodes I think.
  • Just reading it mad me relize how unrelastic the eposiode was

    Let me just say in short that doctors don\'t have time to rest or hardly ever the ER is always busting with action and to be able to take care of all the patants don\'t you relize when one is taken care of moor then likely another patient well fallow that is why the ER is never closed
  • Welcome to the ER.

    This episode introduces us to the doctors and nurses of Cook County General Hospital ER in Chicago, Illinois. The episode starts by introducing Dr. Mark Greene: chief resident, family man and all around good guy. When we first meet Dr. Greene, he is awakened because his friend Dr. Doug Ross has come in on his day off inebriated. Mark hooks him up to an IV and has him sleep it off. We see, later on, just how much Ross cares for the kids he treats. Mark goes back to sleep, but is awakened again, which seems almost a second later. Soon, a building collapses and patients are brought into the ER. Ross has sobered up and helps. Later on, we see meet John Carter, a young eager med student who is assigned to Dr. Peter Benton, a dedicated caring surgical resident. We also meet Dr. Susan Lewis, who diagnoses a patient's life threatening illness. Carol Hathaway, head ER nurse, is later brought in after a suicide attempt. We find out that she and Ross were once together. Hathaway is not listed as a cast member, only a guest star. She was slated to die at first, but was brought back after high ratings on her character. While watching the inhabitants of the ER, we see just how much these people contribute. In my opinion, not many doctors are as nice as these people. This was a great starting point for this show.
  • This was a great pilot to get millions hooked.

    I love the pilot 2 hour episode for ER.

    We meet Doctor Greene and the staff at county Memorial in Chicago Ill.

    Doctor Green's wife wants him to leave the ER and go into private practice. He doesn't really like the idea because he doesn't think that feels like medicine.

    Carter a young resident is introduced to the fast paced life of the ER. He finds it all a little overwhelming. He has been assigned to Doctor Peter Benton, who isn't the nicest of people.

    Carol, a nurse in the ER takes an overdose of pills and the Doctors struggle to keep her alive.
  • Wow what a start!

    I have bought the DVD series and started watching ER from the start again.
    I forgot that Carol tried to kill herself and I was reading that she was not suppose to be a regular.
    I am so glad they decided to keep her on the show as I think she is great.

    I thought this was a excellent start to the show because it was so action packed and full of energy.
  • I think that the first episode was expected for the pilot it was not as good at the others episode things really started to pick up in the fourth season.

    I think that they could of done better like the other seasons well some episodes were better than others.In my mind the pilot episode of er scared the crap out of me I mean the way that they did things just scared me the way they did thinbgs in the year of 1994.
  • A great start to a great series.

    Pink scrubs. Carter as a med student. Jennifer Greene as a law student. Yvonne Zima is still Rachel Greene. Frank (Troy EVans) is still on the police force and not behind the administration desk. And scenes are shot inside an abandoned hospital, as sets have not yet been built.

    Going back, and watching the pilot all over again is a fun experience. It's fun to see how different everything looked. It is fun because the pilot had many elements that have been successfully used during the run of the show.

    Drama. It snowed. It rained. The rain was a nice background for when Susan reluctantly told a patient he had cancer.

    Having to save their own. Carole attempts suicide. The ER doctors and nurses have to put their emotions aside and rally to save her life.

    Leadership. Mark "sets the tone" and leads everybody through the horrific event of having to see Carole on a gurney. He keeps everybody's focus on the job on hand. "It doesn't matter why she did it. We don't ask that about any other OD that comes through these doors, we don't ask it about this one."

    Teaching and mentoring. Mark made sure to grab Carter to help out with a delivery. He makes sure that Carter has a hands on experience (literally.) We see how great a teacher he was. We also see the leadership from Morganstern that was handed sown to Mark. (The start of the "You set the tone" torch.) Later, Carter gets sick during a very bloody trauma. Mark gives him one of the greatest speeches in the history of the show, which Carter uses later on. Carter becomes a great mentor and leader, and it all starts here.

    Comedy. A child is in the ER because he swallowed the house key. It is the only key his mother has. We see Doug's laugh for the first time, that makes you laugh with him. The look of fear on Carter's first suture patient, because she knew she was his first. The look on Carter's face when he had a suture patient dressed as a maid.

    Family. (In two parts.) Part one, the conflict with family. Jennifer wants Mark in a private practice, so that he can be home more often. But Mark thrives in this environment, and cannot give it up. Part two, the family within the ER. The emotions are strong as they cope with their fallen nurse.

    Personal Growth. At the beginning, Carter had no clue on how to suture a cut, and by the end of his day, he was sewing them up like a pro. Peter has a life and death case and decides to start on a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurism without an attending. It was an ugly cut, but he saved a life.

    These are just few of the elements that the writers of ER go to time and time again. This is what makes the show so great, and one of my personal favorites.