Season 14 Episode 10

300 Patients

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on NBC
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ER's 300th episode finds Luka and Abby hurriedly preparing to travel to Croatia after Luka's father passes away. Luka confronts Abby about the estrangement between them, and she eventually reaches out and asks for his help. A man rushes to the ER when his wife is seriously injured in a car accident, and finds someone very unexpected there with her. Julia holds a service to bless the ER and remember the patients that have been lost through the years.moreless

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  • It's all in the hands.....

    I have spent a great deal of time since this episode aired....contemplating how to review it. Very much in keeping with ER's 'tradition' of keeping the momentuous occasions like 100th and 200th episodes very low key, this one was outstanding. It brought a number of story lines to a head, introduced some new ones, without being tremendously silly. A camel in the bay? Come on...but it was kind of cute and very realistically done. I heartedly applaud the return of feisty and confident Sam. THIS is the Sam that intrigued me. Jumping on an out of control patient's back and going for the jugular with a hypodermic needle was how she was introduced. Smacking an out of control bystander with a medic's chart brought that Sam back full force. Heh. And I was intrigued with the apparent mutual attration between Sam and Gates. May they happily bond and ride off into the ER horizon with their twin dysfunctional teens. Heh. I was a bit disappointed in Peter Fonda's performance. I am not sure what I expected from him. It was standard Peter Fonda acting, I guess. The quietly understated characterization worked in 'Ulee's Gold' but not so much here. His wife of many years was dying for cripes' sake. Aside from the fact that a perfectly coifed Luka in a black turtleneck (the man is HOT) kept me from truly concentrating on one scene, Abby's story arc continued to rip my heart out. I had been totally spoiled to their scenes, thanks to a friend who clued me in after seeing the epi when it was screened at the Paley Center several days earlier. I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew every word that was going to be said. I was prepared....not. Maura Tierney is always good. Goran Visnjic is generally good. Together they are an unbeatable team. My heart was in my throat from the moment she slipped to the floor beside him and said she needed help till they were weeping sorrys to one another in front of the rain beating on the window. Dang.... But it was all about the hands tonight. Holding hands with someone you love. Clinging to the hands of someone who is leaving your life. Smashing it for a bit of comic relief. Cleansing your hands as you rededicate them for the work you do. Connecting - even through glass - as you prepare for the hardest separation ever. The closing shot of Abby driving away from the night Chicago skyline as Julia's words about getting back to the business of the living? Double dang. I have long said that I am first and foremost a Maura Tierney fan. Even though I have watched since ER's very first season, when she leaves the show, I will leave as a viewer. There is talk that the WG strike may squeeze a 15th season out of ER. Somehow, I hope it doesn't for Maura. I am tired of the Abby angst. I just want her to be happy. I don't even care if we hear her confession about her night with Moretti. Just show me the three of them - Abby, Luka and Joe - on a beach somewhere...holding hands....happy....together.moreless
  • ER's 300th episode is a good mix of drama, tragedy, silliness, nostalgia and a bit of hope for the future.

    Best scene 1: Abby finally asking Luka for help. I like the slow pace of the scene and the strong emotions shown in it. She tells him about her alcoholism, but he knows her well enough to see that there is something more she needs to tell him. He is waiting for her to open up, she doesn't want to say more, they cry, he blames himself, she says it's her fault. Powerful and meaningful scene!

    Best scene 2: The hands on the car window...........

    Best line: Abby: "This is the way we do it together. You have to help me do it alone."

    Bitter-sweet story: Car crash victims, mother & Down's syndrome son. The woman is DNR, and the husband doesn't accept his son, but eventually the he talks to his son and promises to take care of him when the wife dies. Not the best acting I've seen, but a good story nevertheless.

    Funniest scene: Morris hitting Frank with a book.

    Silliest scene 1: Neela, Harold & Dubenko dressed in oriental costumes, with a camel.

    Silliest scene 2: Gates fights a man in the trauma room him and Harold sits on him.

    Nostalgic scene: Julia's blessing ceremony with the ER staff, to remember their dead patients:

    Gates --- Joshua, the Fazio-Londes boy.

    Morris --- Willis Peyton, the DID patient.

    Neela --- Teller, the street kid.

    Pratt --- Charlie Metcalf. - I love that episode, "Time of death" !!!

    Luka --- Curtis Ames.

    Abby --- Nate Lennox, the ALS patient and her med school mentor.

    Good show! Congrats, ER, on your 300th!!! I wouldn't say no to 300 more!moreless
  • Abby comes to terms with her alcoholism while confiding in Luka, Sam has some excitment on a paramedic run, and the staff of the ER reminisces on some of their more memorable patients.moreless

    By far, this episode was tremendous - the best of season fourteen.

    Guest star Peter Fonda had an admirable performance as the husband of a dying woman who he learns has been visiting their biological son with Down Syndrome. In fact, all three in that storyline had magnificent scenes, especially the scene in which Peter Fonda's character meets with his son for the first time. It was extremely moving and touching.

    Meanwhile, Sam is riding shotgun on an ambulance ride when she and her partner are blind-sided by a drunk driver, who then strikes a little girl. While a crowd of bystanders gather, a few begin jeering and eventually pummeling the incapacitated drunk driver. Sam responds by striking one of them across the face with a piece of medical equipment.

    Later, Julia assembles the ER staff in the lounge while presenting a blessing and remembrance of past patients the staff has treated over the years. By this time, us viewers are shown flashbacks from each individual doctor as they (and us) remember the patients who had the greatest impressions on them (and, even us).

    Lastly, Abby emotionally confesses to her drinking problem with Luka. Abby then takes the first big step in her healing by agreeing to enroll in rehabilitation.

    Through the drama, there were some light moments - who would have guessed there'd ever be a camel in the ambulance bay (with Neela and Dubenko dawning Christmas Nativity attire)?! Or who would have guessed that Frank would be the 300th patient?! ...All thanks to Morris, of course.moreless
  • Facing the problems

    To be honest, it was little weird for me. I have so far watched for season 8 and decided to take a little peak forward and watch one of the latest episodes. In this kind of condition, where I only knew some of the characters and not many what was going on - it was confusing but to be honest, really enjoyable. It was a good episode, I think. All the ceremony thing - it was really beautiful and the scenes between Abby and Luka - there is so much troubles, even when they are married and she just seems, not to cope with anything what is more than little stressful, always giving up, always pushing others away.moreless
  • Will Abby ever get her act straight? Hopefully she will get the help that she needs. Luka has really grown to be able to put up with how Abby has treated their marriage. However, I really feel bad for how Abby was treated by Dr. Moretti.moreless

    This was a milestone of an episode, but it would have really been nice to see some older characters return for a visit. I really enjoyed the part in the lounge when previous doctors and patients were remembered. It would have been nice to see flashbacks of Dr. Greene, Dr. Ross, and of nurse Carol Hathaway. I think that they played a big role in the ER and really got the show to where it is today. I can not believe that it has already been on for 300 episodes. I look forward to more episodes, but I doubt we will see another milestone any time soon.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Pierce: My name is Pierce.
      Lowell: My name is Lowell.
      Pierce: Oh... (shaking hands with Lowell) Lowell, I'm your father.
      Lowell: (almost crying) Nice to meet you.

    • Julia: (as names of deceased patients roll on a screen) The names of those who passed on while under our care. We take time from our busy day to pay respect to the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters who are no longer with us. Think of one patient who's changed you in some way. Hold them in your memory. (Gates thinks of Joshua Lipnicki) Were they inspiring? Funny? (Morris thinks of Willis Peyton) Corageous? Did they challenge you? (Neela thinks of Teller) Teach you something about yourself? (Pratt thinks of Charlie Metcalf) Were they searching for something? (Luka thinks of Curtis Ames) Was their heart filled with love? (Abby thinks of Dr. Nate Lennox) As you hold them in your mind ask yourself: which of their qualities can be part of my life?

    • Abby: I started drinking again.
      Luka: When?
      Abby: The night Joe got hurt. And I (long pause) can't stop.
      Luka: I thought when I came back, we just had to get used to being married again. But then things didn't get better and I thought... (long pause) So what do we do?
      Abby: I need to fix it. I need to go somewhere, a facility, with professionals, and get better. And I need to believe it this time, and I need you to believe it. (long pause) And I need you to help me. (another long pause) So... so, take Joe... go to Croatia, for your father, while I do that.
      Luka: (incredulous)You want us to go without you?
      Abby: Yeah, I just...
      Luka: But you're his mother!
      Abby: I know that! I know that! (pause) But I haven't been a very good one. And I honestly don't think I can be until I deal with this.
      Luka: Can't we do this together?
      Abby: This is how we do it together! You have to help me do it... alone.
      (long pause)
      Luka: That's it? (pause) Is there anything else...
      Abby: (looks at him for a long moment) What do you mean?
      Luka: ...that you want to tell me?
      Abby: (turns away) I know... I just... I was out of control, I got... out of control... and I... I did some things.
      Luka: What kind of things?
      Abby: Things I'm ashamed of.
      Luka: Okay, just tell me everything.
      Abby: (slowly shaking her head) Luka...
      Luka: After all this, after everything you don't want to tell me?
      Abby: Not tonight.
      (long, long pause; Luka sits next to her, breathes out audibly with pain in his voice, his face in his hands; he looks up, and there is another long, long pause)
      Luka: It's my fault, isn't it?
      Abby: No, don't. (both of them begin to cry) Please don't...
      Luka: I should have come home earlier, I shouldn't have left you...
      Abby: No! I should have been able to handle this!
      Luka: I broke my promise!
      Abby: Don't do that, okay?! Don't! I screwed up! I screwed up because I couldn't keep it together!
      Luka: (at the same time) I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so...
      Abby: This is my fault! It's my fault, it's me! And please, don't, don't. Just don't... (Abby places her hand on his back, and pauses for a long, long moment) I'm sorry.
      (they sit quietly together, in so much pain)

    • Sam: I don't care what anybody says Gates, I think you're a half decent guy.

    • (about Gates helping Sam with her attacker)
      Sam: Nice move in there. Are you okay?
      Gates: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. You know, I did a little cage fighting back in medical school, so...
      Sam: Good show. Good thing Harold was there to save your ass.
      Gates: Is that what happened?

    • Julia: You know, there's this story... (Abby shows annoyance at the fact that Julia's still talking to her) I know, I know, bear with me. It's about this little boy, who asks his mother, "Do you think I can pick up that big rock over there?" And she says, "Yes, I'm certain you can lift it, if you use all your strength." So, he goes over and he tries to lift the rock. He tries a bunch of times, until finally he says, "I couldn't do it." So she goes over there and together they lift the rock.
      Abby: (with sarcasm) Wow, that's great.
      Julia: (with patience) And she explains to him, that sometimes using all your strength means asking for help.

    • Julia: Everyone could use a blessing now and then.
      Abby: Or a memorial.

    • (after Gates knocks out the guy attacking Sam, Harold sits down on him as if he's done it)
      Harold: Not so tough now, are you?

    • Frank: (looking at the clock) Patient count is 299, triage is empty, and in ten seconds we'll be 100 dollars richer... 8, 7, 6, 5...
      (Morris slams a book down on Frank's hand)
      Morris: Start a chart on Frank; x-rays, ibuprofen... Yes! 300 patients! I won!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Morris: If we keep this thing cranking, we could hit 300. That's quite a milestone.
      This is an oblique reference to the series reaching the milestone of its 300th episode.