Season 1 Episode 7

9 1/2 Hours

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 1994 on NBC



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    • Haleh: You are late, Mookie James!
      Mookie: Guards wouldn't let me in.
      Haleh: Get here earlier. J-0-B. Job. That means be on time!
      Mookie Don't sweat me! (puts his arm around Haleh) How much money does these doctors make anyway?
      Haleh: Thirty thousand a year.
      Mookie: That's all?
      Haleh: Underpaid, overworked. Get used to it.

    • Susan: I think I'll shove my sister in front of a train.
      Carter: She burned out your ignition switch?
      Susan: Yeah. I had to hot-wire it to get to work.
      Carter: You know how to hot-wire a car?
      Susan: Learned it from one of Chloe's boyfriends. He's in Joliet. Grand theft auto.

    • Haleh: (to Mookie) This is Dr. Benton. He's going to be your supervisor. That means if he says "jump," you ask "how high?". Got it?

    • Langworthy: Do you know what your problem is?
      Benton: No, but I have a feeling you're willing to tell me.

    • Carter: I know someone who'll fix your car.
      Susan: I'll worship you forever.
      Carter: Maybe you could just help me get into an OR.
      Susan: Hmmm, I think they're up on three.
      Carter: Dr. Benton always forgets me.
      Susan: Carter, important lesson in life--he who asks, gets; he who doesn't, doesn't.

    • Mae Benton: Carter? You got people in Tennessee?
      Carter: On my father's side.
      Mae Benton: I think his people owned our people.

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