Season 4 Episode 17

A Bloody Mess

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 1998 on NBC

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  • What happens if we play with out lives... Chase finds it out.

    Oh... Maybe the most important thing in this episode is Scott story. That poor boy is struggling with the cancer. He gets over it, he gets it back. But he wants to fight. Jeanie has given him a reason... and that is maybe something he did not have before but I am also not sure if Jeanie understand the risks that will have.

    Chase is back in picture and to be honest I am surprised. I was so sure he will never wake up - he was in so bad position and maybe it would have been better for him.

    Morgenstern comes back.. :)
  • ...

    This was another enjoyable episode from the ER, with a few nice little mini story-lines.

    1. I enjoyed David's return to work, and his subsequent discussion with Kerry - it's easy to see here, that much as Kerry might do bad things, she is one of the best in hospital administration. Their philosophical debate on how much you should connect with patients was also interesting.

    2. The girls' night was fun - this is what ER of late misses - spontaneous outings and friendships between hospital workers that might not be blaringly obvious in the ER.

    3. The teenage girl who sought help from Carol was a decent mini-plot to tie-up a few minutes, though I'm not sure if it will continue? It's certainly good to see the clinic patients every now and again, so we have an idea of what Carol is doing with that work.

    4. I can see that Doug is getting ambitious, and good for him. I certainly agree that it's right children like Scott should control their pain medication, but it's true, he should communicate with the others more.

    5. Poor Scott! He's definitely become more likeable since his first appearance. I love the way Jeannie is with him, their relationship seems very special, especially when he caught her crying. I feel sorry for his father as well, of course. Clearly this will be one of those depressing story-lines, I can't see them taking it anywhere except death.

    6. The pressure on Corday is starting to heat-up - Romano was such a jerk. It's interesting to see her relationship with Greene at this early stage, before the events of later seasons.
  • I feel so sorry for Scott but not Chase.

    Scott Anspaugh is one very strong little kid. I feel so sorry for him. The part is acted very well and you really connect with the character and this storyline.
    I admire Jeanie for becoming involved in his life when she knows it will not have a happy ending. It takes a very strong person to be able to do that.

    I don't feel sorry for Chase at all because he had a choice. I do feel sorry for Carter because he tried to help.

    The girls night looked a lot of fun but as usual Benton changes his mind at the last minute and it was a matter of wrong place at the wrong time again.
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