Season 4 Episode 22

A Hole in the Heart

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 14, 1998 on NBC

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  • Good end for not so good season.

    This season was overall much weaker than the last one, as we had quite many not so attractive filler episode, specially at the beginning, but this ending made it little better.

    The first the main drama goes around Doug and his decision to detox a baby. His mother is happy and wants to get detoxed too. Doug not seems to believe her too much but it looks positive for the baby and mother and for Doug as the mother is not going to complain. But Weaver does. She is so sick about everything - that she runs around, does what is needed and nobody understand or cares.

    The real blast comes when a man, who we see in ER in the beginning of the episode, comes back, blood every where. It comes out that he has just shot his family but there was not enough bullets. The staff troubles to save the family life and we are left in the point where they are all sent up to OR. Exciting episode, action and brilliantly done.
  • Dr. Corday's career problems show her true personality and Dr. Benton's as well. Dr. Carter really is growing up and developing. Dr. Romano's character is frustrating, but makes one want to see more.

    Well done. This is a seaon finale. It made every anxious to see the first show of the next seaon. Women especially want to see Corday face off with Romano. We see a side of Benton that is long over due. This touches on real issues - drug abuse, loss of a dear spouse, etc. The tension between Dr. Greene and Dr. Ross is great. I am glad that Keri finnaly stands up for herself. They should have given her first consideration for the position of Chef of Emergency Medicine. She was right to get angry and quit as acting.