Season 9 Episode 5

A Hopeless Wound

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC

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  • Its Halloween in the ER, but only Abby and Carter dress up! We meet Paul Nathan, a student on sugical rotation, who has Parkinsons.

    Elizabeth has a number of new surgical interns, but one doesn't show til late and gets sucked into a bad night in the ER. He has Parkinsons, a fact that Elizabeth only finds out late into the night, when Abby tells her. She does not want him operating in her surgery.
    This makes an interesting juxtaposition with Romano returning to work and practising his skills on a pig. He also tries to save a man from having the whole of his leg amputated due to infection. He and Elizabeth have a quiet moment, when he tries to get close, but she does not want his advances.
    She is very grateful to him at the end of the shift though, as he has retrieved her lost wedding ring from down the drain in the scrub sink.
    Kerry is very moody, probably due to the hormones she is injecting to help her get pregnant. She over-reacts to a newborn who is not going to survive, but Luka allows the baby to die.
    Luka has upset Chuny, and Abby, as nurse manager, has to deal with the issue. She points out to him that now Chuny, last week, patient's Mum, and before that radiologist, perhaps he better be more sensible, Or deal with it better.