Season 9 Episode 5

A Hopeless Wound

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2002 on NBC



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    • Title: "A Hopeless Wound"
      The title of this episodes is mentioned in a conversation between Corday and Romano, when Corday is operating on the man Nathan diagnosed with cellulitis, a serious bacterial skin infection. Corday tells Romano that the patient has "a hopeless wound" and will have to have his leg amputated, but that he is young and should handle a prosthetic well.

  • Quotes

    • (Abby catches up with Carter)
      Abby: Hey. Hey! You changed!
      Carter: I just put on some scrub pants.
      Abby: Oh come on! You know Carter, my outfit is really starting to bug me, too! But we agreed to stay in costume the entire shift.
      Carter: Hey, I am.
      Abby: No, you're not! That's like half a costume, so it's like 50 percent commitment.
      Carter: Are you serious? Or are you kidding? Do you know what I've been dealing with down here?
      Abby: Yeah! Me too, and in pumps!

    • Romano: Elizabeth!
      Elizabeth: Uh, Robert, can we talk tomorrow? I really have to get Ella home.
      Romano: I thought you might want this before you left.
      Elizabeth: That's my ring.
      Romano: Amazing what you can do with a laparoscopic camera and a snip.
      Elizabeth: Thank you.
      Romano: De nada.

    • (Corday walks in on a surgery, where Romano is operating on a pig)
      Romano:Though even with one arm, I'm a better surgeon than the rest of the hacks in this hospital.
      Corday: Robert, you're not cleared to do surgery, even on farm animals.

    • (Chuny and Luka are arguing and walk by Carter, who is wearing a skeleton costume)
      Carter: Is there a problem here?
      Luka: Yeah, you got no guts!

    • Chuny: Labs on your baby. (throws them at him as she walkes by)
      Luka: Thank you!
      Abby: Glad to see you've made up!
      Luka: Hey, I'm being professional. She's the one having trouble. I warned her.
      Abby: Warned her about what?
      Luka: Nothing.
      Abby: Oh my God. You are such a jerk!
      Luka: What?
      Abby: You slept with her? That's what this is all about. What's your problem?
      Luka: Ey, one time.
      Abby: One time? One time with Chuny, one time with a patient's mother in radiology.
      Luka: Hey, you never complained!
      Abby: Yeah, I never let it affect my work. You two need to figure this out.
      Luka: So, what do you want me to do?
      Abby: I don't know, tell her you're sorry. Tell her it was wrong. Just fix it.
      Luka: I'm not gonna kiss her ass.
      Abby: That's how this whole problem started.

    • Luka: Are you wearing that for your shift?
      Abby: Yes. It's Halloween. You know, Jerry sent out a memo.
      Susan: Ooo. Naughty nurse!
      Abby: I'm not a naughty nurse.
      Susan: I like it.
      Abby: I'm not... It's like an old fashioned nurse.
      Frank: Looks naughty to me.
      Luka: So what, you're like a kurva nurse?
      Abby: What's that?
      Luka: How do you say, uh, sly, uh, tramp, whore...
      Abby: Yeah, I got it. You know, maybe I should've worn that school-girl outfit you bought me.
      Susan and Frank stares at Luka
      Luka: (laughs) Eh, she's making a joke!

    • Chuny: I'm not working with him.
      Abby: Why?
      Chuny: Because he treats nurses like idiots!
      Lukaism: Hey, if your boots fit!
      Abby: Shoes.
      Luka: Whatever.

    • (after Corday loses her wedding ring down the drain)
      Romano: Somebody call the Tiffany's Search and Rescue team!

    • Corday: I lost my wedding ring!
      Romano: Oh boo-hoo, this guy's about to lose a leg! I'd say chop chop, but that would be in extremely poor taste!

    • Luka: Maybe you could wear some Swaztikas with that outfit. You could be a naughty Nazi nurse.
      Abby: You totally suck, you know that?!
      Luka: Hey, careful! Creating a hostile work environment!

    • Romano: (to Corday) I know most people don't like me. I don't care. I don't like most people. But I'm good at what I do. I save people's lives, everyday. People who no one else can help. If I can't do that...

    • Weaver: Chuny, where's Kovac?
      Chuny: Don't know. Don't care.

    • (to Paul Nathan, about Weaver)
      Abby: Don't worry, she doesn't bite... much.

    • (Abby is wearing a sexy nurse's outfit)
      Drunk patient: I wanna go to heaven on the bosom of a beautiful woman.
      Abby: I don't think your HMO covers that.

    • Carter: Frank, where's your costume?
      Frank: I don't observe pagan holidays that celebrate devil worship.
      Abby: (taking the candy away from him) Well, this is only for satanists.

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