Season 13 Episode 13

A House Divided

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • Looks like we're leading up to an intense episode..!

    My thoughts:

    Pratt--so saw that coming.

    Guess I was wrong about Ames, though I should really start reading spoilers, but I like feeling absolutely oblivious upon watching new episodes.

    Tony--I'm getting so sick of med students and interns attempting to show up their superiors. Why is everyone so cocky? Can't we all just get along?

    Ray--Way to step up and take control! ;)

    And of course, Ben/Sam, block-of-wood(Alex), and his experimentation with pyromania. My first thought, after the inital "wtf! Don't just stand there while your house burns!" was wait...Ben and Sam are doing the dirty upstairs. By the time Alex thinks to tell them that they're trapped in a burning inferno, they probably won't have any chance to throw some clothes on before escaping. How embarrassing.

    In a way, I don't blame block-of-wood for his idiotic actions. I mean, we have always known that he was a little unbalanced, and seeing as he has only just recently witnessed his mother shooting his dad (and we all know that that has already had such adverse effects on him) and then him having the knowledge that Sam has alreading claimed herself a new man and is likely banging him upstairs (sorry for the crudeness). Do we really expect him to sit around and do nothing?

    One word of advice to him though: if a glass of wine has *flames* inside of it, it will be *hot*. Do not attempt to pick the damn thing up.

    Very good episode, though.
  • Very strong ending

    So, I think the episode did not promised to be as good as it was. The most of the episode was very annoying conflict between Ray and Gates and they took it not only out of each other but in patience and their parents - so a lot of bad blood. And it does not go easier for other. Abby and Luka are quite fighting about a patient she has and she worries. Sam and her kid.. a trouble to trouble. Really not good to watch..

    And then comes the end - it saves everything. Start with Abby discovering who the patient was. Then Brad being arrested.. Sam's kid playing with fire.. the phone call Gates gets and what Abby discovers in her home.. and it is Weaver's last day...

    So.. all it together... brilliant
  • Goodbye, Kerry Weaver, you'll be missed!

    The title of this episode is about conflict: * Gates vs Ray - on the snowmobile accident victim. They are just like two little kids.
    * Gracie vs Alex - about dicipline. That boy needed to be told off.
    * Abby vs Luka - on how to treat a patient. It's obvious that she can't take orders from him.
    * Ray vs Neela - basically about Gates. Poor Ray is jealous.
    * Gates vs Meg - about his moving out. She is using all the tricks in the book to make him stay.
    Most emotional scene: Kerry and Abby saying goodbye to each other in the locker room. I've never had the feeling that these two characters were such great friends. I feel that this scene was more about Laura and Maura, the actresses, saying goodbye, because there were true real life feelings of friendship coming out. And that line, "Carter was bawling like a baby when he left", I found that very funny. Excellent scene!
    Second most emotional scene: Kerry saying goodbye to Luka. This scene also made me feel as if Laura was saying goodbye to Goran. Luka lifting Kerry slightly off the ground when hugging her, and the tears in Kerry's eyes – it all felt very real to me. Nice touch to make them look back to the story with the exploding oxygene tank in Luka's first episode (in season 6). So long ago and so much has happened since then.... Good powerful scene: Ray telling off the stupid stepfather. Good on you, Ray!
    This episode ends with several cliff-hangers: * Pratt is taken to the police station.
    * There is a fire in Sam's apartment.
    * Meg is trying to commit suicide.
    * Abby is coming home (just after Eddie telling her who he really is) to find that Curtis Ames is there..... Chilling!
  • Like good old times....

    This is the best episode of this season so far, and finally, a very good one, like I expect from a series like ER.
    This episode leaves several plots open, and us, the viewers, glued to our seats.

    Not to mention the fact that it is Kerry's last performance (as a series regular, at least). For a long time and especially since Carter left, she was my only reason for watching the show. I really don't think things will be the same without her. I know, her character was explored from all angles, and what else was left for her to do? Or in what ways could she grow more?

    But, in my humble opinion, since next season will be the last, she should have stayed until the end. just for nostalgia, appearing from time to time.

    It actually has a feeling of a season final, with great cliff hangers for the suspense. What a great episode. We haven't had one like this in a long time. and just when I was about to give up on my favorite pivotal series.

    I can't wait to see what comes next.
    A must watch piece of TV!!
  • In this wonderful, eventful episode, all I can think about is how Kerry's gone.

    Kerry Weaver left. She really left. And I always tought she'd stick around to the end. She's going happy, with a new love, her adorable son and a the prospects of a great new life. But I don't know what ER'll be without her. Kerry was the last one from the amazing first years, the character that changed most, the one we loved to hate. Eleven years. And with Kerry goes Laura Innes, an amazing actress we had the pleasure of accompaining for so long. At least she went with sweet goodbyes. With Abby it was just so touching it made me cry, Ray's was funny and Luka was a mixed feeling of she's doing what she has to do and how come you did that, Kovac? But "Come here, you big Croat" is probably going to become one of the classic lines.
    Goodbye, Dr. Weaver. We'll miss you.

    Also, Eddie's Abby's dad! Poor Abby, with parents like him and Maggie, it's no wonder she had so much problems in her life. His appearence and the cliffhanger, with that maniac Ames in her apartment (if he hurts her, Luka or baby Joe, I'll kim him) will definately make everyone want to see the next episode.

    And I can't believe two things: Pratt's in jail (very good storyline by the way, finally a brand new thing) and RAY had a STORYLINE. I loved him fighting with Neela and Gates (he's too good for her, at least now) and with the boy's stepfather. Go Dr Barnett!

    Gates with Sarah and Meg was really sweet, loved his "sympathetic doctor face". I'm really starting to like him, what I don't like is Neela with him. And finally, Sam has a new love (yeah! Plus, Ben is SO cute and SO sweet), a new roomate (Gracie just rocks!) and a maniac son. Maybe he's Ames' long lost child, that kid's trouble. Amazing episode, just don't know how good the next one's going to be without the "and laura innes" at the end of the credits.
  • Terrific episode! That cliffhanger was overwhelming!!!

    Kerry leaves the ER for good... that is the sad news. Even though she was sometimes unbearable, she added heart to the series once in a while. I'll miss her... Now that she's gone, a lot more responsibility is on Kovac's back now. Finally, it seems Neela and Tony will have a time for themselves... until something bad happens to Sarah's mom. Ray treats with a rather lousy stepfather that only cares for his son, who's actually responsible for the accident in which he and his stepbrother were involved. Pratt gets arrested because he gave away all those medicines to the church. Sam has problems with Alex, he's probably still traumatized with his kidnapping and all that... he provoked a fire at his home! The guy Abby met at the bar is actually her father! Like... OMG! And then she returns home, obviously overwhelmed because of his recent conversation with his father... and finds out that Curtis Ames is in their home... Ames tells her to call Luka... and the episode ends there... O_O I wanna know what happens next!!! DX

    Lots of impressive things happened... I love episodes like this.
  • OMG OMG OMG ames is in the house, abby has just found out Eddie is her dad, and pratt's been arrested! phwoarr!

    PHWOAR!! wot an episode!

    i loved it, from the beginning to the end.

    Pratt being arrested was goood, and i didnt mind the disagreement between gates and ray, though it was a bit stupid!

    I had the tissues out for when Abby and Kerry said goodbye.. so sad!

    I completely think abby was right to react the way she did to eddie! I always thought Eddie was Abby's dad, so tht was no big suprise.. BUT my god Ames!!!! oooo i am so blummin excited now for MOTH, i cant beleive he was just sitting there! really exciting, and i think he could of had car keys in his hand? its a possibility .. Just a FANTASTIC episode, and in my books second best to bloodline! !
  • Amazing episode! Dr. Weaver's (aka Laura Innes) last episode was heartwrenching just because she's a honorable veteran of this show. I really hope she's going to stay on to direct, she's so talented!

    This was an impressive, well written ensemble episode. Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting it at this point in the season it was quite a cliffhanger. But I suppose ER's fate for this season up until recently was undetermined, only because us fans and a great season kept it strong as it deserves. Even the promos didn't do this episode justice. It mentioned the last 5 minutes couldn't be missed, but networks will typically use that kind of advertising to get us tuned in. Seriously, look at the last five minutes. Intense! Pratt is arrested, Dr. Weaver leaves the ER, Gates live-in "friend" is having a medical emergency in front of her daughter, and most importantly Ames is holding Abby and Joe hostage, proving that Luka was not imagining his stalking all along! Great work on the producer/directors, etc. part as the last scene when it scans to Ames sitting on the coach, I thought I saw a presence there but I couldn't be sure until it all unfolded. Excellent cinematogrophy ER!
  • This episode is Kerry Weaver's last episode. There is a lot happening in the ER and every character really has something going on.

    This episode was great and definitley the best one this season. It left great cliff hangers and really makes you want to watch the next episode. So much was happening and I think that it was a great way to say bye to Dr. Kerry Weaver. The writers did an excellent job writing this episode, especially the scene between Abby and Kerry. There were a few refrences to older episodes which are always great, but there are a few storylines that are getting a little trite but some that I think that are finally starting to pick up. One happens to be the Ames drama but one that is getting a little old is Pratt and his trouble with the Church.
  • This was the best episode this season. Noone was left out, and we learned a lot about everyone.

    I start at the ending: Pratt arrested, Weaver leaving, Ray still loves Neela, Tony's ex-girlfriend is dieing in a car, Sam having sex, Alex burning up the house, and Eddie's Abby's father... and the last one is the best one: Ames sitting on Abby's couch. A lot was going on in this episode, and all of that was interesting. That's exactly why I love this show. I didn't like season 12, because I thoudht it was getting dull, but this season is getting better, and better. I can't wait for the next episode, to see, what's going to happen... So I really think ER is worth watching now.
  • New revelations and character growth abound in this episode.

    At first viewing this episode appeared to be choppy and out of sync, but it has been on this reviewer's mind since the closing credits. What a wonderful, thought provoking episode. Everyone seemed to be at odds with someone. Abby and Luka. Gates and Ray. Gates and Neela. Ray and Neela. Gates and Sarah. Sam and Alex. Ray and Pratt. Pratt and the Reverand. Sam and Ben. In the end....people were dealing...or not. I have been really delighted with the irecent insight into Ray's character....FINALLY! Several weeks ago we learned that he was a child of divorce. This week we were given a peek into his alliance with a step child...and an overbearing negative stepfather. Something tells me he has lived that story himself. I am curious to learn more. Then along came what I know will go down as one of my favorite ER scenes EVER...Abby and Kerry in the locker room saying good bye to one another. Kinda ranks up there with the Carol/Doug reunion?? Okay...maybe not but close. It was a poignant scene made even more so by the fact that I know MT and LI are good friends off camera. I just KNEW it was going to be good. They didn't disappoint me. And was the line about Carter crying buckets an inside joke? It didn't make any sense to me to bring it up like that. Hmmm. Hee...Sam's Grandma Gracie gots game??? Smack down with Alex in the ambu bay with Pratt and ray looking on?? That woman has EVERYone cowed! The episode moved along and I was relaxing thinking it was going to end with most of the issues resolved.... and then BAM! Abby's mystery patient reveals that he has been lying to her in a BIG way.....Pratt is behind bars....Sarah is hysterical on the phone with Gates about not being able to wake up her mother....Alex has accidently started a spreading fire on the coffee table of Sam's new apartment....and Abby has been confronted in their apartment, alone with Joe, by a menancing Curtis Ames. Roll credits and no new show for THREE weeks????? NO promo to tide me over??? Yikes! Nice job, ER production staff! Now where are my stressing pills???? Chocolate anyone?? Gonna be a loooooonnnnnggggg three weeks!
  • I can\'t believe Kerry left.

    Why did Kerry leave? She was one of the almost original characters left, and now she\'s gone. They should\'ve gotten rid of a character who has not been there long. I liked Kerry she was a good doctor and now she\'s not there anymore. It\'s going to be weird for me not to see her around much anymore. I remember how she used to be the boss. I hope she comes back for a few episodes in the future. Her baby sure did grow up since everyone saw him last. I\'m going to miss her. She was one of my favorite characters.
  • Sam's son goes creazy, tension arises between Gates, Neela and Ray. Abby discovers that the strange patient is her father and Ames is inside her house waiting for Kovac. Plus Carrie leaves the ER.

    I just loved this episode on of the best episodes of the season. I like the storyline between Ray, Gates and Neela. Gates has alot of issues and needs to give up on Neela. Ray feels that all hope is lost. Hopefully he and Neela find a way. As for Sam and her son I don't blame him for rebelling like that. He did have a criminal dad that kidnapped him and his mom and he say his mom kill his dad. I am going to miss Carrie's charcter and her professional that she brings to the ER. Good luck to her. As for Morris He knew he shouldnt have help the church out. He had doubts in the beginning so he should have stuck to his guns. As for Kovac and Abby. I think that something very bad is going to happen. Maybe her dad saves the day and Luka kills Ames. That is what I think is going to happen. Who knows lets wait till the next episode.
  • Excellent episode. Immensely enjoyable. It had more of the makings of a great cliffhanger and season finale than a middle of the season episode. Possibly the best episode thus far this season.

    First off let me say that I know most people believe the Alex character(Sam\'s son) is very weak and is unecessary. But I beg to differ. I agree that the young man who plays him is not the most appealing of actors but I think his storyline itself is very strong and realistic. What is happening with his character is heading in the right and logical direction. Alex was always a troubled kid, and going through what he has gone through would affect any kid mentally. His father was a deadbeat criminal who killed people, kidnapped he and his mom, raped his mother, and then he had to watch his own mother kill his father. No wonder he is more screwed up than ever. I applaud the writers and directors for going in this direction. It also helps put back some much needed focus to the Sam character as she almost became obselete after she broke up with Luka.
    Strangely enough, I think the weakest link in the entire show is the Ray character. Even though he is the coolest character on the show(yes, even cooler than Gates), he is virtually unknown. We know more about Morris\' character than we do about Ray\'s. All we know is that he use to be a part time bad boy rocker/doctor who bangs alot of groupies. He has been used simply as the pretty poster boy of the show with alot of style and no substance for the past 3 seasons. Character development is desperately needed for him and it seems as the writers were trying to work on that this episode but it is clearly not enough. I hope in the future we get to know more about him personally. They should also lay off his secret love for Neela for a while. It is clear that the writers and producers are setting us up for a Ray and Neela union come the end of the season(as they very well know that this is the people\'s choice),however, by having she and jealous Ray fight all the time that will only confuse Neela more. Lord knows she was confused enough after Gallant\'s death, hence her turning to Gates. I don\'t know how interested I am in Pratt\'s storyline considering that the whole problem will probably be solved in a neat enough way as not to get Pratt into to much trouble. It was more interesting to see how Pratt dealt with the problems in his personal life such as his gay brother, his long lost father(Danny Glover), and also his fledgling relationship with that sweetheart Olivia. However, I still think the storyline itself has its strengths. The most exciting and dramatic storyline is definetly Abby and Luka. The revelation of the Fred Ward\'s character as Abby\'s father just adds to the suspense. It will be fun to watch how the Luka/Aames conflict will be resolved. I can only assume from the cliffhanger at the end of this episode that it will end in heartbreaking fashion. This is turning into another great season. I can\'t wait for the upcoming episodes.
    P.S.- Sad to see Kerry Weaver go but it was time. As important as she has been to the show, she has been tremendously underused the last 2 seasons and sometimes I even forgot she was still on the show. Good luck to Laura Innes and thanks for 11 and 1/2 great seasons.
  • ER is back but Dr. Weaver is gone!

    This was another great episode! Ray and Gates fight over a surgery and the guy almost dies. Ray was wrong. I think he just didn't want to listen to Gates cause of his relationship with Neela. Although I was very happy to see Ray go off on his step-father. It looks like Gates might be getting a daughter. He is so cute with her anyways! But from what it looked like Sarah's mom tried to kill herself. She could just be doing it to keep Gates from moving! Abby finds out the guy she has been treating is really her father. Should have seen that one coming! Something you did see coming is at the end of the episode, Abby and Little Joe has a vister. It looks like Ames is going after Luka again through his family!
  • Pratt is arrested for felony drug promotion while Alex and his grandmother exchange slaps. After Sam tells Kip Perdue that she doesnt date anyone at work, he ends up staying at her home. The Neela Ray John Stamos saga continues. Abby meets her father.

    Better episode than the last few, however I must say too much happens to Abby in this episode. She runs away from her father (Fred Ward) who seems half in the bag and minutes later finds Ames in her apartment asking for Luka. If the writers can only stop with this Ray Neela John Stamos thing. Its old and it doesnt really do anything. Alex on the other hand should be sent away. Striking your grandmother is an outright horrible act. ALot of reaching goes on in the episode, again evidence to the show becoming too old.
  • This episode was just amazingly good. It was the best episode yet of this phenomenal resurection of the series.

    This episode was just amazingly good. It was the best episode yet of this phenomenal resurection of the series. Each storyline was equally strong. I'm sad to see Kerry go, I liked her, but at least they gave her a nice fairwell. I don't want to give away the ending, but that was amazingly unexpected. What a great episode. I can't wait for the next new one.
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