Season 13 Episode 13

A House Divided

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • In this wonderful, eventful episode, all I can think about is how Kerry's gone.

    Kerry Weaver left. She really left. And I always tought she'd stick around to the end. She's going happy, with a new love, her adorable son and a the prospects of a great new life. But I don't know what ER'll be without her. Kerry was the last one from the amazing first years, the character that changed most, the one we loved to hate. Eleven years. And with Kerry goes Laura Innes, an amazing actress we had the pleasure of accompaining for so long. At least she went with sweet goodbyes. With Abby it was just so touching it made me cry, Ray's was funny and Luka was a mixed feeling of she's doing what she has to do and how come you did that, Kovac? But "Come here, you big Croat" is probably going to become one of the classic lines.
    Goodbye, Dr. Weaver. We'll miss you.

    Also, Eddie's Abby's dad! Poor Abby, with parents like him and Maggie, it's no wonder she had so much problems in her life. His appearence and the cliffhanger, with that maniac Ames in her apartment (if he hurts her, Luka or baby Joe, I'll kim him) will definately make everyone want to see the next episode.

    And I can't believe two things: Pratt's in jail (very good storyline by the way, finally a brand new thing) and RAY had a STORYLINE. I loved him fighting with Neela and Gates (he's too good for her, at least now) and with the boy's stepfather. Go Dr Barnett!

    Gates with Sarah and Meg was really sweet, loved his "sympathetic doctor face". I'm really starting to like him, what I don't like is Neela with him. And finally, Sam has a new love (yeah! Plus, Ben is SO cute and SO sweet), a new roomate (Gracie just rocks!) and a maniac son. Maybe he's Ames' long lost child, that kid's trouble. Amazing episode, just don't know how good the next one's going to be without the "and laura innes" at the end of the credits.