Season 13 Episode 13

A House Divided

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • Goodbye, Kerry Weaver, you'll be missed!

    The title of this episode is about conflict: * Gates vs Ray - on the snowmobile accident victim. They are just like two little kids.
    * Gracie vs Alex - about dicipline. That boy needed to be told off.
    * Abby vs Luka - on how to treat a patient. It's obvious that she can't take orders from him.
    * Ray vs Neela - basically about Gates. Poor Ray is jealous.
    * Gates vs Meg - about his moving out. She is using all the tricks in the book to make him stay.
    Most emotional scene: Kerry and Abby saying goodbye to each other in the locker room. I've never had the feeling that these two characters were such great friends. I feel that this scene was more about Laura and Maura, the actresses, saying goodbye, because there were true real life feelings of friendship coming out. And that line, "Carter was bawling like a baby when he left", I found that very funny. Excellent scene!
    Second most emotional scene: Kerry saying goodbye to Luka. This scene also made me feel as if Laura was saying goodbye to Goran. Luka lifting Kerry slightly off the ground when hugging her, and the tears in Kerry's eyes – it all felt very real to me. Nice touch to make them look back to the story with the exploding oxygene tank in Luka's first episode (in season 6). So long ago and so much has happened since then.... Good powerful scene: Ray telling off the stupid stepfather. Good on you, Ray!
    This episode ends with several cliff-hangers: * Pratt is taken to the police station.
    * There is a fire in Sam's apartment.
    * Meg is trying to commit suicide.
    * Abby is coming home (just after Eddie telling her who he really is) to find that Curtis Ames is there..... Chilling!