Season 13 Episode 13

A House Divided

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Kerry leaves County General to move to Florida. In the Season 7 episode "April Showers," when she's at the airport having drinks with a man she just met, she mentions that she always wanted to move to Florida to escape the ice and snow of Chicago.

    • Luka: I still remember my first day. An oxygen tank rocketed through the ER. Almost killed me.
      Kerry: Well, no one said this was the safest place to work.
      The scene Luka is describing is from the Season 6 premiere, "Leave it to Weaver." Though it was filmed on Goran Visnjic's first shooting day, it was not actually the character Luka's first day in the ER; later in that episode, when Carol responds to Luka's comment that he doesn't feel trusted, she notes that he has now worked at County two or three times.

  • Quotes

    • Abby: ...I just wanted to say that I think that you've probably seen me at my best and, uhm, at my worst. And even though we didn't always see eye to eye, you helped me go from a nurse, to a med student, to a doctor, to a mom. (she fights back tears)
      Kerry: I'm the one that's supposed to be upset here.
      Abby: I know. I'm sorry!
      Kerry: You were always there as a nurse and a doctor, and most importantly, you've always been here as my friend.
      (they hug each other and start crying)
      Abby: Do you think this happens with the guys when one of them leaves?
      Kerry: Carter bawled like a baby when he left.
      Abby: Ha! (she pauses) I'm gonna miss you.
      Kerry: Thank you.

    • (after a little fight between Luka and Abby about the treatment of a patient)
      Sam: Well, it looks like Abby was right, and Luka confirmed the diagnosis, radiographically. Good work team!

    • Abby: Twenty percent of all pneumothoracies are missed on x-ray. You taught me that.
      Luka: Nice to know you were listening.

    • (after Kerry and Luka say good bye, she walks out of the ambulance bay for the last time, then stops and turns back)
      Kerry: Luka! (he turns toward her) Take care of this place for me!
      Luka: (with a gentle smile) I will.

    • Kerry: (ignoring Luka's outstretched hand, she reaches up to hug him) Come here, you big Croat!

    • (Abby turns around as she holds and comforts a crying Joe, and is startled by Ames sitting in a living room chair)
      Ames: Call your husband.
      Abby: I... I just did. He's not picking up.
      Ames: Call him again.

    • Gates: You can't stay mad at me forever.
      Sarah: Why not?
      Gates: Because of this.
      Sarah: What are you doing?
      Gates: It's my sympathetic doctor face.
      Sarah: You look stupid.

    • Gracie: All the women in our family are the same. We're very fertile, allergic to chestnuts, prone to bladder infections, and have the same damn gene that predisposes us to bad boys.

    • Gates: (on the phone) It's Dr. Gates, from the ER. That's "E" for "Emergency!"
      Neela: Are you holding for a consult?
      Gates: No, I called the "Hot Surgeons Chat Line."

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