Season 9 Episode 11

A Little Help from My Friends

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • Well-rounded episode

    So sad about Kerry, and it was nice to see Abby there for her. There were some key funny moments in there: When Romano asks did anyone ever bother to verify that there are medical schools in Croatia? When Lewis responds to proof that there is god with I can't even prove I paid my gas bill, And Abby's reaction to the electro-ejaculator.

    All of this stuff was great but I agree with the others when I say it's kind of contrived. I think the show is losing some of it's grit and is trying to be catchy instead of poignant like it used to be. They did a decent job with Weaver, but it just seems like they threw this in in one episode so she's back at square one. It's a damn shame because the actors atm are incredibly talented.

    It's also worth noting that no one in this show is happy. I mean can't anyone get some peace for a minute? Weaver hasn't had anything good happen to her, Abby is okay but just finished with her brother and mom, Luka is depressed, Pratt's brother got stabbed... All of the other characters are just okay, and when something happy does happen the hardly spend any time on it. It would just be nice to see some fun happen around makes me miss Doug and Carol or when Elizabeth and Mark were falling for each other because they seemed to brighten things up. Or even with Kerry and Lopez or Carter and Abby they could have shown them having happy moments or growth instead of just implying that everything is good... I just miss when the show used to make me smile. When it comes to everyone's personal lives, the show has gotten really droll.
  • Moving...

    Weaver... she loses her baby and.. oh, it was so moving on her storyline. She continues working and tries to help others but she is on the edge and almost collapses. And the way Abby is there for her... and later that girl. It is beautiful.

    And Kovac - oh, it was somehow really great. The way he reacted and Romano.

    And Pratt - oh, his brother's story is now more told and we understand more about that char. And the way Carter acted and those words in the end - about asking help and not showing weak. It was so beautiful.
  • I have to say that Season 9 was the season that this show started to lose me. Most episodes just makes you feel that their plodding along, desperately trying to reach for the former glory of the previous seasons. This one is an exception.

    Together with the previous episode, this one is clearly the best from season 9. We have classic Romano lines ("Did anyone even bother to check that there are in fact medical schools in Croatia"), funny scenes (most of the ones involving the geriatric and his gold digging wife and the math student on Ritalin), disturbing scenes (the child molester) and the scene where Carter demonstrates that the E.R is a team who looks out for each other.

    But the best scene in this episode is when Kerry tells the deaf woman what has happened to her. The way she tells it in sign language and the expression of pity on the deaf girls face is gut wrenching. What I also realize with this episode, is how unnecessary Corday's character has become. I didn't miss her at all, in fact, I was downright glad she wasn't in the episode at all. I just don't like the character she has turned in to, and it's clear that the writers don't know what to do with her anymore. Sending her back to England would have been a perfect ending for her. No disrespect to the wonderful Kingston, it's not her fault. If only the rest of season 9 could have upheld this quality.
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