Season 8 Episode 12

A River in Egypt

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • This episode reinforces many story lines that are ongoing. The 'shock' factor is provided by Chen returning as an attending, and Sandy Lopez kissing Kerry in the ER.

    John Carter is stuck in the middle of his parents and having to deal with his mother's guilt and drinking/drug taking.
    Mark Greene is trying to be a good father to Rachel, and will not let her decide that she wants to go back to her Mum when things don't go her own way. He is also struggling to keep Elizabeth happy, as her patience is stretched.
    Abby calls the police out when her new neighbours fight in the night and the wife, JOyce calls out for help. Joyce doesn't want to press charges, but later comes into the ER with a damaged ankle.Abby tries to help her, but Brian (husband) comes to pick Joyce up and she leaves with him.
    Kerry had started a relationship with Sandy Lopez, a firefighter, but when out in public she had walked out of sight of colleagues. This infuriated Sandy, who came to see her at the ER. They disagreed about Kerry coming out in front of her work colleagues and Sandy kissed her in full view of the desk. This episode doesn't have any resolutions, it just builds up the tempo on a number of scenarios for these characters in particular. It is effective in building the picture, but not memorable in any big way.
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