Season 8 Episode 12

A River in Egypt

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on NBC

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  • Huge favores

    This episode left me contra versa feelings. There were good storylines like the one with Susan and the inmate and the question she raised - they saved that man so that government could waste money on him and then kill him. And those bruises.. what was going on?

    Carter's family troubles. The way he is on the middle and the past is hunting with everyone. Specially the mother side of the storyline this episode - it was convincing. But.. Deb storyline.. It really made her look so bad and those two - she and Weaver. There will be much hard blood, quite sure. And I did not liked the Lopez/Weaver storyline either even thought I am sure it was great deal and well done but somehow - it did not get to me. Greene and his sudden revelation about his daughter - does he think that trying harder will help? I am sure we will see what comes up.

    And Abby's neighbors storyline - it... sad but true