Season 9 Episode 12

A Saint in the City

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Carter refers to "...a pile-up on I-40." Interstate 40 is a major east-west freeway that passes through eight states, none of which is Illinois; it runs through the southern part of the country from the Mojave Desert at Barstow, California to the coastal city of Wilmington, Delaware.

    • Goof: David, the young boy who was thought to be abused, tells Weaver that he and his dad would watch Starsky & Hutch on Nick at Nite, when in actuality that particular show has never aired on Nick at Nite.

  • Quotes

    • Romano: Okay, cowboy, I've got a vascular surgeon, an anesthesiologist and three surgical residents waiting upstairs in a OR suite that rents for five grand an hour.
      Luka: He wants to stay with his wife.
      Romano: Well, isn't that touching.
      Luka: She's dying.
      Romano: Yeah, well, if she doesn't die faster, he's going to be dying with her.
      Luka: I've explained all that.
      Romano: I'm going upstairs. If he's not up there in five minutes, I'm going to take out your spleen!

    • (discussing a fundraiser)
      Carter: You sure you want to go?
      Abby: Definitely. Free canapes. What is a canape anyway? Don't worry. I'll use the right fork.
      Carter: Next time we'll do something fun. Next time we'll do something that you want to do.
      Abby: Oh, you mean like miniature golf or bowling? Things my people enjoy doing?

    • Susan: Call psych. The sun goes down and the nuts come out.

    • Kerry: Luka, why is Jessie Callahan still in trauma 1? I'm curious because you pronounced her dead an hour ago.
      Luka: Her husband would'nt go up to the or unless she passed so I unhooked her leads and pronounced her. Why?
      Kerry: Good God! What happens when he comes back down from surgery and finds out his wife is still alive?
      Luka: I'll tell him it was a miracle!

    • Lewis: I just want to go home and get into bed. What do you think the odds are that Antonio Banderas will be there waiting for me?

    • Abby: (to Carter) You just signed a check for ten-million dollars. I write a check for over $100 and I get a stomachache.

    • Romano: Come on upstairs sir, where the good drugs are.

    • Reporter: Have you ever heard of the First Ammendment?
      Weaver: Have you ever heard of an awake colonoscopy?

    • Alderman Bright: (about Romano) I was on the committee that hired that man.
      Weaver: He's an excellent surgeon.
      Alderman Bright: Tragic about his arm. A lot of people downtown wish it had been his head.

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